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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ambrosiaambrosia Posts: 11
    It looks like you have to register on the Mazda website and wait for the rebate via email. Is that right? Can anyone tell me how long this takes? I plan on buying a new 6 this week but will wait if its a matter of days. If its weeks then I'll probably miss out as my current car may not make it that long.
  • drums1954drums1954 Posts: 20
    This is what I paid in the Chicago Area today, at Jacob's Mazda in Joliet, IL

    $24,850.00............S-Plan w/S-Plan Rebate and Dealer Cash
    2009 I-GT...Black Cherry w/ Black
    Remote Starter
    Moonroof Deflector
    Splash Guards
    All-Weather Floor Mats
    Cargo Net
    Chrome Fuel Door
    Protector Paint Protection

    Tax @7% $1739.50
    TTL/Doc Fee $300.00

    OTD $26,889.50
  • thejohnpthejohnp Posts: 1
    I can't say how much about their new car pricing, but as far as service goes, I'd recommend Sutherlin Mazda up in Buford over other Mazda dealerships I've dealt with. I live about a mile from Jim Ellis in Chamblee, but I'd rather take my '06 6 up to Buford any day of the week. They treat you with respect, but again can't say that translates to the sales floor or discounting.
  • mirasolamirasola Posts: 7
    I ended up going with a Mazda 6 iTouring w/ convenience package and wheel locks. I don't think I got a great deal, but I think I got a decent one considering I didn't want to really haggle. Plus, I did ask another dealership if they would beat the price, and they wouldn't even match it.

    Price: $22,589.00
    Doc fee: $190.00
    Tax (6%): $1366.74
    Title/Registration (+ new plate): 174.00

    The total OTD price (including $1000 incentive for financing) was $23,319.74. If you're in the metro Detroit area, Ralph Thayer Mazda was a pleasure to work with. I was originally planning on getting an Accord, but the Honda dealerships around here treated me like crap, and it seriously made the Accord that much less appealing. Regardless, I'm very happy with my purchase!

    Also, I'm really happy I spent a little more on the convenience package because I think the extra features are worth it. The bluetooth phone works well with my phone - my girlfriend said it sounded like I was holding it up to my ear like normal.
  • chriso5chriso5 Posts: 8
    Congratulations Mirasola!! :shades:

    I bought one last Fall for nearly the same price equipped as you did. I think it is the best value for features in this combination. The moonroof would have been nice but I am taller and appreciate the extra headroom.

    What color did you get?
  • lokie28lokie28 Posts: 1
    My wife and I decided that we would purchase a Mazda. We went to the dealership today and the following was their best offer for what we wanted:

    We wanted the convenience package and the moonroof & bose package

    The MSRP on this vehicle is: $26,695

    The best price after some haggling was: $24,221 (as they don't have the color in stock and will need to get it -- after looking online it is approx. 30 miles away).

    Then I had a 2000 Honda Civic Trade in - Basic car (crank windows), etc.. needs new tires and auto locks fixed. They told me they would give me $2600 for my trade-in. This was good as I was expecting $1500-1800.

    So after trade in: $21,621

    I am unsure about whether or not I am receiving a fair price.. seems alright.. nothing to jump up and down about but seems alright.. thoughts?


  • mirasolamirasola Posts: 7
    I went with silver. I usually don't like silver on cars, but I actually like it quite a bit on the Mazda 6. I was originally thinking about going with the kona blue or black at another dealership, but that was the one where they were unwilling to match the price. The silver should hold up better over the years anyway, and I'm happy with it.
  • mirasolamirasola Posts: 7
    I test drove one with the convenience + moonroof/bose before purchasing just the convenience package (see post above). The salesman gave me a quote for the Mazda 6 with the two packages by mistake, and it was around $24,500 + plate (I needed a new one) OTD, give or take a couple hundred. This dealer gave me the lowest quotes of all the dealers around me on any model I asked about. Yours definitely sounds like a good deal, but I'm not sure how much lower you could go.
  • lilengineerboylilengineerboy Posts: 4,116
    I was originally planning on getting an Accord, but the Honda dealerships around here treated me like crap

    I have found Victory Honda to be particularly sucky, while the Brighton, Ann Arbor and Ypsi dealers were very straight forward.

    I have had good experiences with Ralph Thayer (Mazda3) and Sesi (Protege) for Mazda.
  • rj_atlrj_atl Posts: 4
    Sorry if you've already bought - I haven't checked here for a few days. The quotes I got from rick case and jim ellis were similar, lower than sutherlin, but jim ellis - marietta gave me the best amout for my trade. I worked with Theo and he was straightforward with price. I got everyone's best quote by email first, and if you include the dealer fee then they were around $200-300 above invoice (plus rebates on top of that, so $2700 below invoice).

    It's hard to value the aftermarket addons - you're on the dealer's turf there.
  • jeffb1jeffb1 Posts: 42

    I'm in the St. Louis area. I have an internet offer on a '09 mazda6s GT with the spoiler as the only option. $29,330 sticker -- their offer is $23,981 ($5349 off sticker). I told them I was an existing mazda6 owner, and I followed up to see if the owner loyalty rebate is included in that price and it is. Is this a good price or should I try for a better deal? Thx in advance.

    Jeff B.
  • I think that $5000+ under sticker price is a very good. I bought a 6 GTi for more than $3000 under MSRP in January and thought that was very good.
  • ambrosiaambrosia Posts: 11
    Thanks for your replies. I ended up buying a 2009 Mazda6 i Grand Touring from a private seller.

    I searched craigslist and discovered that there are a number of people selling because of the economy and/or loss of jobs. This isn't exclusive to Mazda. I saw deals on BMWs and other vehicles as well. I paid $19,500 total for the vehicle and won't have to pay sales tax since I didn't buy it from a business. The only additional expense should be an $18 or $25 fee to transfer my plate and tags from my previous vehicle.

    The car had less than 2300 miles when I picked it up and it has a spoiler. I'll add the ipod kit soon and eventually may get the 18" wheels but I'm very pleased so far. I traveled out of state to pick it up and had an 8 hour drive to really evaluate the ride and handling. My last car was a BMW and, while that is truly the ultimate driving machine, I'd say the Mazda is a close second. You can tell they tried to mimic that experience. I'll say it again, its not the same as the BMW but its really good and for the money paid I am very pleased.

    I'd encourage anyone looking for a new car to try to find a private seller first. Whatever their situation, they realize they are probably going to take a loss on the car. They've likely already been to the dealer and have been told that they can't get rid of the vehicle without coming out of pocket several thousand dollars first. Furthermore, they are taking the hit on the depreciation that occurs as soon as you drive the car off the lot. My car retails around $27,000 - $28,000 and would be close to $30,000 after taxes and other fees. Of course, there is cash for financing through Mazda and you can negotiate for a better deal but none of the dealers I spoke with could get me out the door at $19,500 without my trade and that was for a base model car with two options added.

    To protect myself, I got a carfax report and took the vehicle to a local Mazda dealer where they inspected it for about $80. Given the mileage, I wasn't concerned about mechanical issues since everything is still under warranty. I just wanted to make sure that there wasn't an accident that wasn't showing up on the carfax report. Everything checked out.

    Good luck to anyone buying right now.

    Zoom Zoom!!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    I paid $19,500 total for the vehicle and won't have to pay sales tax since I didn't buy it from a business.

    You are fortunate you live in a state where they don't charge sales tax on private-party car sales. Not the case in every state--such as mine. :cry:
  • jeffb1jeffb1 Posts: 42
    Completed the purchase on my new '09 6S GT w/spoiler Friday evening. $29330 MSRP, bought for $23931 like the internet sales guy said, no tricks, and I got him to throw in all weather floor mats. Couldn't be happier with the purchase so far. Question: does mazda offer door guards for it? Those doors bulge out and are a door dent waiting to happen! Thx. Jeff.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    ...or he just thinks he does not have to pay sales tax and will find out that he does when he registers the car. If not technically called "sales tax" it will amount to the same thing. r_from_a_private_party_seller_in_California

    I'd be surprised to learn that there is any state that has a sales tax but does not collect it, or the equivalent, on private party sales.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,952
    What dealer did you buy from and did your deal include the "current Mazda owner" rebate of $1000?
  • jeffb1jeffb1 Posts: 42
    Bommarito Mazda in Ellisville, mo -- and the deal did include the owner loyalty rebate. I had to have my existing mazda6's registration and proof of insurance for the form that they filled out.

    I finally got a chance to take a long ride in the car this afternoon. I then jumped in my old car (2003 6S). Quite different, but both are fun to drive in their own way. the new 6 is definitely more powerful and refined, but there's a certain edgy quality on the old one that still puts a smile on my face in the corners.

    BTW, the old one has 112k miles on it; only issue I had was bad cooling fan sensor that mazda covered for free.

    Both are great cars, and the deals on the new one are incredible for the amount of vehicle you get. great value.

  • drums1954drums1954 Posts: 20
    Check Out
    They sell Color Body Side Mouldings etc. for all cars.
    I bought the 09 Mazda Mouldings in Black Cherry and they look great.
    I am actually picking up a 09 6-GT on Tuesday.
    Hope this helps
  • jeffb1jeffb1 Posts: 42
    it does help -- thx! Was it difficult to put them on? how did you get them to be straight?

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