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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I did all my research here and I went to one dealer and they told me the price would be MSRP on the 6s w/sport package, automatic, moonroof, leather, Bose, side airbags/side air curtains, wheel locks, and the comfort package. I walked out. I went to another dealer and told them I would not pay MSRP and they asked what do I want to pay. I told them $500 over invoice. They said $1000 I said $750. But they wouldn't waiver. So I put a deposit on the car to hold it. Then I called where a friend of mine had just purchased a Tribute. I spoke with that salesman she had dealt with and told him I had test driven the car and that I had a written quote for $500 over invoice. He said he would match it. So I went there Saturday and my Steel Gray 6s should arrive in a week to ten days. If you are up front with the dealer they will usually accommodate you. $500 over invoice benefits us both, they still make a profit and have a customer who for one is happy and two will recomend them to friends.
  • Message #3 of this forum perfectly addresses the fatal problem with the 6. Mazda dealers are dealing, but Accord dealers are dealing MORE. A lot more. It's gonna kill the 6. User 'mcadrecha' literally saved thousands over the 6 with his Accord purchase.........let's face it: if the 6 is more expensive than the Accord, even by a few hundred bucks, people will buy the Accord. End of story.
  • I bought my Mazda 6, yesterday. This is what I got...White Mazda6, V6, Auto, Sport Pack., black Leather, Comfort Pack, Sunroof, Mirror W/ Homelink, Cargo Net, and Wheel Locks. I wanted the Bose system as well but they could not find one to purchase now. Most dealers here in Houston were not discounting the 6's except for two. One was taking 2% off of MSRP (LOL) and the other was 3% over invoice (not bad)considering. I went down to the dealer and he showed me the invoice price and it was within a few dollars of what Edmunds said it was. This was it, no advertising fees, no dealer prep charges. To top that off everyone gets a free tank of gas and every other oil change is free. Don't know what the price is for the oil change I have to pay for yet but will let you know. The dealer is Jeff Hass Mazda.
  • yousteryouster Posts: 10
    May I ask what is the manufacturer's recommended oil change interval? Every 5000 miles or 7500?
  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586
    Mazda Canada says 8.000kmn - 5.000 miles for all their vehicles.

    I do it every 4.000kms - 2.500 miles in my PRO.

  • fjb323fjb323 Posts: 19
    1, If you are happy with $500.00 or $600.00 or whatever over invoice BUY IT!. I did have a doctor on a Millennia Lease that had gone to 6 or 7 dealers and wrote a 36 month lease with me only because he wanted to know that he saved a dollar a month. This is not being either cost effective or logical.
    2, A word of caution as to postings in the "What did you pay?" forums, specifically Honda and Mazda, I've seen figures that were pure nonsense, $2,000.00 and $3,000.00 behind invoice on units that were 2003 and hard to find OR that have not even been released by the manufacturer.
  • Just wondering...anyone who qualifies for a Supplier (or Employee) Discount, ever have the dealer refuse to participate? I was talking to a guy at work whose wife bought a Protege5 or whatever, last year. He said they went to a dealer about 45 minutes away because the local dealer refused to honor the Supplier Discount price because the car was so new. So they went to another dealer and THEY honored the discount. Anyone else had this happen?
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,322
    However, all the Mazda dealers in my area do (for instance, they all advertise being S-plan participants, but the area is chock full of people who qualify through their employers). Competition helps. :)
  • ameen6ameen6 Posts: 16
    I got a FULLY loaded Lapis Blue V6 with Manual Transmission. I purchased it from John Hine Mazda in San Diego (great dealership). They had a no haggle discount of $1,375 and with my graduate student discount I ended up paying $23,570 which is about $500 over invoice, MSRP is $25,445.
  • Display Price: $21,191.
    Local dealer says he would find the car for the above price. Options selected below:
     Engine: 2.3L DOHC 16-Valve 4-Cylinder w/VVT
     Transmission: 5-Speed Manual w/Overdrive
     Leather Seat Upholstery
     Comfort Package
     Premium Package
     Sport Package
     Power Moonroof
  • Just got my car today. I paid $500 over invoice and I am in SoCAL. Used e-mail to negotiate the price between dealers. Watch our fo dealers claiming to have the car you want, only to find out they try to dealer trade once you are serious to get the car. Most dealers won't trade their 6's to another dealer. Use the MazdaUS website to locate inventory at several dealers. Most of the dealers have an online department that you can e-mail. Great way to buy a car even though they tried to low ball my trade-in. Use the Kelley Blue book site to determine what you should get. I had a 96 Honda Civic EX to trade-in, Kelly listed trade-in between $3400 to $4200. Got several dealers to agree on the $500 over invoice but the bidding war was over the trade in. Settle for $4000. Thought I got a good deal, especially with more people wanting the car, dealers will start getting more money for the car. Don't wait, price may escalate.
  • crv16crv16 Posts: 205
    Local dealer (Boston) is selling 6's for $3,000 off sticker, not a good sign, especially since it's only been out a couple months.

    Quirk Mazda
  • I am picking up my Mazda6 s tomorrow. MSRP $25,825 Invoice $23,406. Paying $23,440 including $500 Mazda rebate from Chicago auto show. Purchased at Wilkins Mazda in Villa Park. Ask for Marty. Great guy and very helpful. Can't wait to zoom-zoom. I have been researching vehicles for 3 months and test drove many. Almost pulled the trigger on ans Audi A-4 for $29,000 but decided to go with the 6 since I rated them mostly the same and saved $5600. Oh, what a feelin. (OOPS, WRONG AD)
  • Ordered 7 weeks ago using the E-Plan pricing (our company insures Ford). Steel Grey Metallic Mazda6s, Auto, Sport Pack., black Leather, Comfort Pack, Power Moonroof, Mirror W/ Homelink, Cargo Net, Side air bags/curtains, ULEV emissions equipment, Wheel Locks and Bose sound system. MSRP was 26,800 and Dealer said it should be around 23,500-23,800. The E Plan pricing will be on the sticker when it come in.

    Not all dealers were too interested in accepting preferred pricing. I had to go to Connecticut (I live in Mass.) to get it. I went to Modern Motors in Thomaston, CT. They were more than willing to offer this pricing. They also offered to match any competing loan APR. I went to Modern Motors as they are also a President's Club dealership for Mazda.

    I also called Mazda headquarters about the preferred pricing and was told, "at this time it is up to the individual dealerships to decide whether or not they will accept preferred pricing".
  • Not everyone will go to an Accord, all things being equal with price.

    In fact, it isn't even on my list because of the hideously configured tailights. And I know more than a few people who agree.

    The funny thing is that the tailights on the coupe look great. Although they'll sell tons, they could have had more if they used the lights from the coupe. Honda blew it on this one, IMO
  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    Basing a car buying decision on taillight design is a lot easier than trying to determine what the best value is. LOL. I was going to buy a Maz6 until I found out I couldn't get one equipped like I wanted without $3000 worth of stuff I didn't want. I how have an Accord EX with ugly tail lights but it has ABS, side airbags, and a moon roof. Maz may have got the taillights right but they sure screwed up the equipment bundles.

    Both the I4 and V6 Accords have enough go power to show taillights to their Maz6 I4 and V6 counterparts. So they may even start to grow on you after a while?
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    how much did you pay for your 6?

    oh sorry, wrong forum.
  • If you can live with the lights, that's fine. It's all subjective, right? I'm just saying I wouldn't.

    As far as the bundling, I agree it could have been handled better, but I would be fine with the package choices as presented.

    I'm still at least 6 months away from purchase, and if the 6s sport is still rare and pricey, I'll probably look at the Altima SE
  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    With 6 months to go you may be able to get the car you want without a lot of extras you don't want. The wife liked the 6 because it felt like a smaller car to her but we bounced on the option bundles.

    I may be taillight challenged since my other car is an IS300.
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