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Scion xB - Hip to be square



  • I am 6'1" and do not find the seat to be low to the ground. It is surprisingly high.
  • The styling is not for the faint of heart. My wife and I really like the styling. You would be surprised at how many people come up to get information about it whenever we park the Xb.
  • carglowcarglow Posts: 91
    If you had to do it again would you still purchase an xB?
  • Abslutelypositivlydefinately, yes.
  • I now have 1,200 miles on my xB automatic. I really like the car. I have noticed some minor (?) problems and would appreciate your observations.

    1. There is a slight high-pitched twirling or ringing like noise coming from the engine or transmission under light acceleration. The dealer said he didn't hear anything abnormal and that everything would sound different after 5,000 miles.

    Has anyone noticed such a noise? Any comments?

    2. The automatic transmission's shift from 1st to 2nd seems sloppy at times compared to higher gear shifts, which are almost seamless.

    What are your observations?

    Maybe I am overly concerned, but I just want to make sure everything is right with the car. Its a great car for me.

    I have been reading this forum for months and am very much impressed with the car knowledge of many members. I would appreciate any comments.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    1200 miles is just starting to break in. It's still green and should loosen up over the next year or so.

    As to the tranny, the ratio change between 1st and 2nd is the largest step, which could explain why you feel that shift the most.

  • Did you own a small Toyota car, e.g. Corolla, Tercel, Echo, etc ..., before your xB purchase?

    Besides the obvious increase in interior room how does it compare?
  • I previously owned an Echo. I really enjoy both vehicles. The Echo is quieter and accelerates faster due to the higher gearing and lighter weight. However, the xB feels more stable and handles better. The xB interior feels more expensive and the xB definitely wins the cool factor. The only thing I really miss about the Echo is the 40 + mpg although I can live with the low 30's I've been averaging with the xB. Overall I love both vehicles and would recommend both.
  • The seating is similar to that of an mini-van! I just bought mine 2 days ago and i still can not believe how high i feel as well as the size of the windshield!
  • How is ride quality for the xB compared with the ECHO and with other small cars, particularly the Civic or Corolla?

    Most roads around my town have rough pavement, with lots of patches and bumps. Not sure if the xB would be tiring to drive around town when you get to know all of the imperfections of the road and are wincing even before you hit the rough pavement or bumps.
  • A couple recreation questions...

    Can a mtn. bike or two fit inside with the rear seats down or removed and once there, can they be secured (with bungee cords, I suppose)?

    Can you use it as a makeshift tent to sleep in when you and your kid move into the xB from the tent during the Boy Scout campout and heavy thunderstorm?

    Anybody using the xB like a Honda Element?
  • I live in New York a.k.a the pot hole capitol of the world! As I was driving I felt some of the bumps but its suspension is pretty impressive for the size and weight
  • rob999rob999 Posts: 233
    Yakima Fullswing and Backswing are two models I found that offer swing-away functionality when loaded. Also Thule Trailblazer.

    I thought RhodeGear offered a pantograph drop-down model, but I just checked their web site and could not find anything.

    Yakima and Thule products seems to be pretty well price protected, so it doesn't seem to matter where you go and the price is the same. (If anyone can recommend a discount on-line site, however, please chime in.) Your best bet might be to purchase with a retailer coupon.
  • Got it! Thanks so much.

    Since we're on the xB forum, can you tell me if a regular 26" mtn. bike will fit inside the xB? I don't want to haul one down to the dealership and scratch the bumper or inside plastics.

    Thanks in advance.
  • What about an aX?
  • My Scion dealer low-balled my trade in ($4300 on a '99 Accord LX with average miles, good quality, and Honda powertrain coverage for a couple more years). After I left, I went to my Honda dealer to look at CR-Vs. $7000 for my Accord and Edmunds' TMV for an '04 CR-V LX with side airbags.

    By the time we were done, the difference between the xB and CR-V was a couple grand, and so I chose the CR-V.

    Thanks to all who answered my questions. I look forward to seeing Scion succeed and create more interesting and versatile vehicles.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Congrats, enjoy the CR-V.

  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    Lowballing trades is how dealers make money. I got lowballed on my Civic trade in on my xA.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I'm not sure what the Scion margins are like, but if they are like Saturn's you'd expect plenty of leeway for the trades.

  • That seems to be where the action is, for the dealer, that is.

    I was surprised by such a low offer and decided to try my local Honda dealer. I had told the Scion salesman that I'd provide my maintenance paperwork as well as showed the salesman that the vehicle was certified by Honda until the summer of 2006. Oh well...

    I thought about selling but seeing that the CR-Vs were at the end of the model year and getting good prices, I decided to go ahead and let the Honda dealer do a trade deal on my Accord.

    I'm satisfied. I like driving it. I also liked driving the xB. I'm afraid I fall into the older-than-the-target-group market for the xB. But I appreciate it when a company puts some clever touches into their products, and Scion certainly does that.
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