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Scion xB - Hip to be square



  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    the Scion xA and xB that I subsequently test drove with an automatic were also zippy, because the auto tranny is very responsive and drops out of lockup mode or even down to 3rd very quickly and smoothly. The top gear revs seem to be about 500 rpm lower than the manual transmission cars. It works because the auto tranny shifts so well.
  • johnnyb11johnnyb11 Posts: 50
    What are people's experiences on longer highway drives? Is the small motor and high revving manual tolerable? Do you think the motor will go 100,000 miles (or 200) when the little motor has to work so hard? I can't decide whether to get the xb because of this short gearing and small motor.

    Also, I have seen on posts, car mag reviews and even an Edmund's review that the seats come out of the xb, but my local dealer said they do not, and I can't see a way to make that happen? Anyone know?
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    Since this is not the smallest engine that Toyota has ever built, why would you think this would be the one that can't go 100K miles? Why would this small engine in the xB not be able to handle revving when Toyota has built similar small engines for decades?

    You should test drive one at highway speeds and decide if it's too noisy.
  • tundradudetundradude Posts: 588
    I drove an 89 Corolla GT-s for 10 and a half years. I should have never sold it. However, it had the famous 1.6L 4A-GE engine. It turned 3400 at 60. That engine was indestructible. It was noisy for long drives. The car was just about perfect.

    The xB is quieter than that car, and it is find in terms of noise at highway speeds. I have noticed though that gas mileage just suffer a little (1-2 mpg) and at higher speeds, the car requires more driving input. I see no reason that this engine is just as good as the one above (just not as fun).
  • Does anyone know if a Scion XB can be purchased with a larger engine? I read about this in Consumer Reports but the car dealer in Charlotte NC does not seem to know about it. 108 hp just is not enough hp to quickly merge into traffic around here. Thanks
  • w2323w2323 Posts: 60
    The first time I saw the XB was in a car show. I read all the info I could find. Even though my wive did not want it. Driving the Xb is different then researching however.

    When I think of aftermarket armrests I think of those trashy ones that walmart sells. If Scion has one aftermarket perhaps it will work if they designed it specically for that xb, and if it has the proper height and feel. I have a camry and a sienna and can tell you Toyotas are not known for their comfort.

    I was thinking overall the lack of an armrest (just for support, could care less about storage), the pickup, and noise could overwhelm me in city traffic.

    As far as the pickup I don't mind slow pickup as long as it's not dangerously slow, I'd rather have the MPG which this has. It's more of an issue with me I guess. It could be fine for others. 110 miles is a lot of driving hope it works out. Love the price. I would not worry about quality on the Scions.

    I also looked at the Focus in 2001 nice car.
  • w2323w2323 Posts: 60
    seats fold flat into the body
  • tundradudetundradude Posts: 588
    The xB is noisy in a rainstorm. No question about that. However, I don't agree with the lack of power argument. It has enough in any situation. I work in Winston-Salem NC, and it has plenty. My xB will also go in more curves without losing a beat. I have the front strut tie bar.

    What accessories did you get crazedcommuter?
  • Hey Tundradude, I finally hunkered down and took the plunge. My option list was relatively short, as your was. I got the strut tie bar, fog lights, mats, and the EM 7 rims. I was going to get aftermarket rims but I'll need snows for the winter, and the dealer gave me the stock rims and wheel covers with the upgraded rims. This way I'll have snow tires mounted this summer and I'll be ready for next winter. The aftermarkets were about $450 and then hunting for stock rims and wheel covers would have been very close to the actual cost of the wheel upgrade. I also got the Thundercloud metallic . I was going to get Blue Onyx or Black Cherry, but the salesman appologized to me that those colors were dusty. He said that the dust from all the road work and construction showed up particularly well on those 2 colors. The Thundercloud did not show the dust, so I opted for it. I'm doing the break in mode and it is frustrating getting passed by octogenarians on I-81. It is almost impossible to go under 55 mph in the DC area traffic, but I'm making a concerted effort. I live in the eastern Panhandle of WV and commute to Dulles Airport. Traffic wasn't bad in my direction until about a year ago. Now everyone drives at either 25 mph or 75 mph. The housing developers have since turned our portion of the state into a DC bedroom community. About 3000 homes have been built here since 2002 and it's still Growing. I guess it proves the old saying right,"if you build it they will come."
  • tundradudetundradude Posts: 588
    Its almost impossible to do on the highway. About 95% of the time I got away with keeping it under 60 during break-in. It was hard though. I was happy to get the first 1000 over with so I could speed up with the rest of traffic. There is a inverse relationship with the xB. As speed goes up, mileage goes down. This might sound trivial, but it depends on the car. The lowest I have had is 31.4 in mixed driving and 34 in mixed driving being the best. Some vehicles are more efficient as you go faster. My Tundra will get 20 mpg if you average around 80-85 in it. I believe the xB will get even better over time. I now have 1800 miles on mine.

    The present day Corolla gets the best gas mileage per packaging and its sister car, the Matrix gets almost as good. I drove a 03 Corolla LE with an auto half across the country and back doing 42 mpg once, but the car was uncomfortable (DP). I have had four Corolla from the past and still own one (95 DX). I just wish when Toyota redesigns these cars that they correct their driving postion for us taller folks. I never considered the Matrix when i got the xB, but I did consider the Corolla. The Corolla XRS was interesting, but not very comfortable. Same goes for the S, but with less goodies.

    I also have noticed that the xB is just getting more popular in the short time I have had it. On vacation last week, I saw one tC, no xA's, and about 15 xB's. I could be wrong, but I don't see xB's ever becoming too common like a Corolla or even a Celica.
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
    A magazine reporter is hoping to speak with a young Scion buyer who wouldn't be caught dead driving a Corolla or a Camry because they consider that a mom or dad-mobile. Please respond to with your daytime phone number and a few words about your choice no later than Tuesday, April 12, 2005.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • You're right about the Xb popularity. I see more of them than Xa's or Tc's. You're also dead on with the Corolla observation. It has an awkward driving position for us taller drivers. Rear passengers have no knee room and the driver's seat seems too short for me. I would like to see Toyota donate the XRS motor to the Xb. I think it would be a big seller. I test drove the Corolla XRS and was impressed with the performance but not the driving position. I put 100 miles on an '05 Camry the other day as the options were fitted to the Xb. It's a good car with excellent highway cruising manners, but the seats are too hard in my opinion. Even with the power seat and lumbar, I could not get comfortable in the Camry, but otherwise it is a smooth runner. I'm glad I bought the Xb when I did as gas prices here are at $2.09-$2.17 for regular. A lot of Expedition and Tahoe drivers were giving the Xb the evil eye at the gas pumps yesterday as I totaled out at $12 bucks for 1/2 a tank. They're paying $60-$80,OUCH!!!
  • tpat3tpat3 Posts: 119
    There is just the one engine choice. Aftermarket turbo kits are available, but I don't see the point. If you want speed, you probably want a different car. This is adequate for a city car.
  • tpat3tpat3 Posts: 119
    It's tolerable on highway trips, but I haven't taken it longer than an hour so in a year of ownership. We use my wife's Passat for those trips. The engine is noisy and requires a fair amount of input. On the other hand, I'm sure it's indestructible and has no trouble keeping up with traffic. I cruise happily at 75 no problem, though at high rpm.

    You can take out the rear seats, as long as you use a wrench:)
  • I use it for my hour long commute and I'm not bothered by the noise. Being what it is, the Xb is lacking in the sound insulation dept. To lessen the noise pull off the door panels and headliner and line it with Ndead or Pergo floor underlament. That will help suppress the sound. Just tape the stuff in place with some 3M tape and you're good to go. Riding on country roads is enjoyable, but hilly roads do require a fair amount of throttle action.
  • johnnyb11johnnyb11 Posts: 50
    Do you have the manual or 5 speed? Generally, I'd prefer the five speed, but the auto's lower rpm (by 500 or so) at highway speeds, and general responsiveness, and better gas mileage is causing me some more confusion...
  • jezidijezidi Posts: 4
    I'm thinking about purchasing a Matrix or a XB. I'm 5'3 and I'm concerned about the height of the driver seat in XB because in the Matrix it has a manual height adjuster so it will makes it easier for me to see over the steering wheel. Now is that the case for the XB?

  • johnnyb11johnnyb11 Posts: 50
    I'm torn between the same two cars. There is no seat height adjustment for the xb, but you sit quite tall in it, so it should not be a problem. You should go sit in one, though.
    Let me know which you choose - it may help me in my decision.
  • I have the automatic. I just passed the 1200 mile mark and it's now broken in. I drove at 70 mph and the rpm's were 3000. It was very responsive at 70-75 and fairly quiet. Throught the 1st 4 tanks, I have averaged 30 mpg.
  • Does anyone out there know if an adult bicycle will fit in a scion b without dismantling the bike?
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