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Acura RSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • actually i am only paying 280 per month for insurance with allstate. the reason it was 500 a month was because farmers insurance charges a really high premium for some reason. the only thing i really hated about my buying experience were the dishonest sales people at the dealership. i guess i should have expected that some people can get really desperate enough to lie in order to make a sale.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,687
    in this day and age that should be your presumption when you walk through the door: that they will lie through their teeth to make a sale at the most advantage to them.

    And of course, there are some salespeople out there who are honest, ethical, upstanding citizens, and I have no wish to offend them, but the group viewed as a whole is a bunch of sharks.

    As for insurance, I was paying $1285 per year for my RSX and thought it was unacceptably high. $3360 per year would have been out of the question. Still, you got a great car at a decent price, with a long warranty, so forget the financial stuff and enjoy it to the max! :-)

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  • WOW Dridmang, I too just had an unfortunate experience at Mike Harveys Acura.

    This happened within the last week. I purchased an RSX Type S, the sale and everything went really well. A couple of days later, the sales lady calls me and tell me that my lease did not get approved so I had to return the vehicle to the dealership. The sales lady told me that I would get my down payment back so I wasn't very worried. I was a little disapointed but not too surprise given that my credit is fairly new. My other option was to finance the vehicle, but I just needed another month to save up some money, and I would have came back to purchase the vehicle.

    Two days after I returned the vehicle, the sales lady calls me up and tells me that we have a problem. I drive down to the dealership and they tell me that the vehicle could not be rolled back and that my only choice were to keep the vehicle or get the base model. I told her that I needed another month to save up for the down payment, but the sales lady told me that I had no choice, "either I purchase a vehicle NOW or I take back that Type S" :confuse: .

    I kind of figured what she was trying to do becuase it was very close to the end of the month. So I didn't believe her. They also sold the vehicle that I returned at the same time the saleslady was telling me that I had no choice but to keep the vehicle or take another one. (not cool :mad: )

    Suffice it to say, I will still get an RSX, but not from Mike Harvey Acura. :sick:
  • Yes, pocari, Acura is running a special lease program on the 2006 RSX right now. If you were to lease a 2006 Acura RSX Type-S through Honda Finance right now for 36 months with 15,000 miles per year, its buy rate lease money factor and residual value should be .00080 and 58%, respectively. The numbers for a 39 or 42 month lease of this car should be .00080 and 55%.

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  • Hi brian5054. The lease money factor that you were quoted is in line with Acura's special lease money factor for this car. That is a good sign. I just estimated what this car's lease payment should be using Acura's current lease program and came up with a zero down, pre-tax monthly payment of around $293. If you were to add the $1,497 sales tax to this car's capitalized cost, it would bring the monthly payment to $336. As you can see, the payment that you were quoted is a little higher than this. If I was in your situation, I would want the dealer to explain to me why this is the case. Also, I don't know what the supply of RSX Type-S models is like out there, but $500 is not much of a discount on a car that has a spread of over $2,000 between its full MSRP and dealer invoice prices.

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  • on a 2.9% APR, if translated to lease money factor, what is that amount be if translated in money factor? is the lease money factor somewhere around 0.0009 or something?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    Divide by 2400....

    2.9% / 2400 = .0012 approx.

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  • Hi Car_man, Thanks for the reply. My payment of $358 vs your calculated pmt of ~$336 amounts to a difference of about $22*36=$792. ~$200 of this is Title, License, Inspection etc... All legit costs, I believe. The dealer also stated that there was a $595 "origination" fee. I don't know how standard this fee is but I accepted it and took the deal. They also threw in free oil changes for two years. I feel fairly comfortable about this deal, even with the low MSRP discount of $500, since I shopped around at two other area Acura dealers and they could not match the deal. I think these cars are pretty sparse in my area since I've been driving the car for awhile now and have not seen a single one on the road other than mine. It is fun to drive...
  • I leased an RSX 5M w/ leather @ Vandergriff Acura (Van Tuyl). They use the 4 square sales method - trying to negotiate on pmts - but I stayed on vehicle price (forcibly) ;) . Basically the agreed upon price somehow changed on the contract - I caught the "error" and the F&I mgr took over to fix :blush: it. Essentially the pmt went from $386 to $266 when done right. Totally loaded up the back-end! So here is the deal not a great deal but the market is tight here so I feel pretty good about it.

    Gross Cap - $23529.25
    Adj cap after trade and dwn pmt $20471.26
    Rent charge 1049.9
    Residual $11928.60
    Term 36 mos 15k mi. Pmt $266
  • Dude i got as 2002 Types and i only pay 206 a month with ahorrible record look around
  • Car_man,

    Would you please be able to tell me the money factor and residuals for the Acura RSX Type-S for 24 months and 12,000 miles and 15,000 miles respectively???


  • redacrredacr Posts: 24
    hey dridmang...
    all extended warranties can be cancelled.
    in fact, if its thru honda..u'll get a full refund if done before 30 days.
    that saleslady will have her commission charged back the following month lol happy new year ;)
    dont waste time...
    if i recall, u have to get the cancellation form from the dealer or just call honda directly.

    keep us posted
  • redacrredacr Posts: 24
    btw...if not cancelled within a month.. the refund will be
    pro rated anyways so u'll get all of your money back ;)
  • Hi everyone. I've been away on vacation for a little while. I'm going to answer any questions that have been posted over the past couple of days. I would appreciate it if anyone who has an older question than than that they would still like to have answered would post it again. Thanks and Happy Holidays.

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  • I would be happy to help you out, rws0131. According to the latest information that I have seen, if you were to lease a 2006 Acura RSX Type-S through Honda Finance for 24 months with 15,000 miles per year, its buy rate lease money factor and residual value should be .00080 and 65%, respectively. The 12,000 miles per year residual value would be 1% higher. This money factor assumes that you qualify for Honda Finance's top credit tier and pay a security deposit.

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  • Are those numbers the same for a regular, non type-s automatic????
  • rws0131rws0131 Posts: 27

    Today I was quoted these residuals and money factors for the RSX 3-Door Automatic: Money factor=.00086 for 24 or 36 months. Residuals: 24 Month/12k= 63% 36 Month/12k= 56%
    Are these the proper numbers? (This is with my top tier credit score) and paying a security deposit.

  • Hi rws0131. Acura's special lease money factor is the same for both the regular and Type-S RSX, .00086, but its residual values for a 24 month, 15,000 mile per year lease are 2% lower for the regular model (62% versus 64%).

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  • Yep, rws0131, these numbers are right on the money. It sounds as though you are dealing with a straightforward dealer.

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  • I recently made an offer to all Acura dealers in the Seattle area. I live about 2 1/2 hours from the closest dealer so I figured my time was best spent making a deal via email. One dealer replied w/in 1hour of my sending the email. Only one other dealer replied and he still won't give me a straight answer. See ya.

    I asked for the base model w/ leather and no options. I got $21,200 before taxes and a doc fee of $35. It is a few hundred below the TMV for that vehicle so I figured I got a decent deal.

    When I got to the dealer, he had accidently deleted the email. Which was typical. In any event, I made copies of both my offer to him specifically and his reply.

    I wanted on of two colors and they said those colors were very hard to find. I might wait a month or two. Being that I work on a ship that doesn't really make much difference to me so I said fine. They kept insisting I chose another color. I'm not sure if they were lying about the fact the particular color was not available so they could get me to buy one off the lot.

    Anyway, long story short I didn't want to come all the way over there for nothing so I put $500 down to hold the vehicle when it shows up.

    Can they order that specific vehicle if you want, or is it true when they say the cars just come randomly to their dealership every month from Japan?

    Is my only option to wait for the car?
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