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2013 and Earlier - Toyota 4Runner Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • klo1klo1 Posts: 4
    It has been 3 weeks that I have been trying to buy this car and out of 6 dealers, I can't get one of them to even order one for me. I don't know if these guys are so busy or lazy but it is completely annoying. And honestly, they haven't even spoken prices! Can anyone tell me if they do have a Limited with a third row???? Loudog had been nice enough to share his midwestern dealers, please let me know if you have one or have seen one. I am getting the hugest run around and never the same answer. So unimpressed with Toyota's sales people. I find them uninformed and arrogant and completely apathetic. And anywhere I go to on the internet simply connects me to the same local dealers. I find this whole thing ridiculous as they clearly show the Limited with a third row in the 2004 pamphlet interior overviewshot. I can understand if the dealers just misread the demand of the market and didn't order them but why can't any of these people just order one! It's really pathetic.
  • If you want to spend more money you can get the Lexus version of the 4R, the GX 470. I have the opposite problem; can't get one with just two rows, dealers only want to sell three rows.
  • dpalaudpalau Posts: 20
    Well, one day after 18 weeks ago when I placed a custom order, my new SR5 4Runner 4x4 came into the dealer. It's Black with a Taupe interior.

    The options I have are:

    Alarm System (PN)
    Garage Door Opener (NJ)
    Luggage Rack (DR)
    Mirror (EC)
    Power Outlet (NA)
    3rd Row Seat (TH)
    Spoiler (RF)
    Leather Steering Wheel (NE)
    17" Wheels (AW)
    Accessory Package (Z1) - I actually didn't order this but it came this way from the factory so the dealer just threw it in
    All-weather floor mats (not sure on the code or price)

    Total MSRP was $32316. Paid $30350. Invoice $28654.

    I'm not super happy about the price but the dealer had such great service and was the only one in the area willing to work with me on a custom order without charging me MSRP that I don't mind paying a little extra.

    Took advantage of the 2.9% financing for the Chicago region (I'm up in Wisconsin).

    Took the platinum warrenty for $970. Not sure about this but I plan on keeping the vehicle for a long time so hopefully it pays off. Although my last Toyota I had for 8 years would have never needed it.

    The dealer metioned that while they had it in their showroom for a couple of days before I could pick it up that a lot of people were interested in it. Due mainly to the fact that it was an SR5 (and not a Limited) that had quite a few options that were not really available from Toyota anywhere (even though their brochure said that it was possible). Especially with no sunroof.
  • dpalaudpalau Posts: 20
    Forget to mention that they came with Michelin Cross Terrains which I was real happy about.
  • aroutharouth Posts: 45
    Klo1, I feel your pain. I custom ordered my 4x4 sport about 3 months ago, and I am going to be picking it up Feb. 3. Toyota dealerships are the most shady dealerships i've seen so far. I looked at Nissans and Fords and there dealerships are much nicer and more helpful. They don't like to custom order b/c they are more interested in selling what they have on the lot, and it takes 3-4 months and several hours of work to do it.

    I got invoice and I went in armed with information. I had print outs from KBB, and edmunds saying what the invoice was. It still took a while, but I finally got invoice on the last day of the month.
  • Congratulations on your purchase. I have black Highlander w/beige interior and when its clean it is sharp looking. I am also in Wisconsin. I am looking for a 2004 SR5 also with a taupe interior, but would like stratosphere mica. I see a lot of stone interiors but not many taupe interiors. Can you tell me your contact at the dealership and the dealership name? I am in the Milwaukee area. Thanks.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,947
    Like it says at the top, please do not post salespeople names, phone numbers or email contact information.

    Dealer name/location is fine. Thanks,

    Steve, Host
  • dpalaudpalau Posts: 20
    I purchased my 4Runner from LeMiuex Toyota up in Green Bay. Great service. Everyone I talked to there seemed great, not just my sales guy.

    I was actually going to get the gray interior but they had a black w/taupe one on the lot at the time (not with the options I wanted) and it looked great. That was the only one in three dealerships that I saw that had taupe. And I didn't see any stratosphere micas. Mostly titanium, galactic gray, and a few whites and blacks. Although I do know a guy who got a gold one from up here.

    Bergstrom Toyota in Oshkosh and Kolosso Toyota in Appleton were both pretty horrid in terms of trying to do a custom order (Kolosso wouldn't even call me back). And my experience was consistent from what I heard of these two dealers.
  • Thanks for the information.
  • klo1klo1 Posts: 4
    What dealers are you talking to? I will call just about anywhere to find the car? Thank you--
    I looked at the Lexus and love it...but it's over $10k more!
  • I have been calling local fleet/internet managers in the Los Angles area for a 2004 4runner limited V6 4x2 and will probably get one tomorrow if their offers still stand.

    8648 2004 Toyota 4Runner Limited V6 4x2
    GY Curtain Side Airbags
    RF Rear Spoiler Light
    SR Power Moonroof
    RL Daytime Running Lights
    EJ JBL audio 3n1 10 Speakers w/6 Disc
    CF Floor mats

    Colors Galactic Grey or Titanium

    Invoice = 319920
    MSRP = 36114
    * 750 cash back in Los Angles Area
    The 3 different down to earth dealers are offering OTD between 35000 to 35200. Some questions for anyone that cares to answer
    #Dealer 1 OTD $34849 plus 1 year free oil, .25% off my 4.29 Capital One rate

    #Dealer 2 OTD $35200 plus lifetime oil changes and they are the #1 Toyota dealer in California. I may be able to get them to come down to 35000

    #Dealer 3 OTD $35296 they would have to pull from their sister dealer and NO FREEBIES. However, they are 2 miles away from me.

    I think the 3 dealers are going under invoice and pulling a rabbit hat trick due to end of Jan 04. Do these sound like good deals????
  • bmc5bmc5 Posts: 16
    I'm curious on the opinions and experiences "runner" owners have about their favorite tire. I currently have the michelin cross terrains and they seem to be ok. I do mostly on-road highway driving with little off roading. I looked at the ratings on the and they were not the highest rated tire. Thanks.
  • va4rnrva4rnr Posts: 5
    Just bought a V8 4X4 sports edition from Miller Toyota in Virginia. This is one if the dealers who responded to my price request on All negotiations were done over the phone or email. The dealer was easy to work with. Totally I must have spent less than an hour negotiating on the price. I went to the dealer only after we agreed on a price. The dealer close to my house initally refused to match the price, but called me this morning to match the offer, but it was too late by then.

    MSRP $34,568
    Invoice $31,179
    Paid $30,495 + tax,tags,ext. warranty.
    Drive out price $32,450
    It had the following options
  • Where exactly in Virginia is this dealership located?
  • This dealership is in Manassas, out side of DC.
  • I had read a couple of your posts re: runnerbuying, as I, too, am looking to buy immediately, in Virginia. I am glad your new truck is in the garage - and your "dealing" is over. Thanks for the clarification on local - I suspected it mite be N Va., as I am in the Tidewater area. Maybe today my "Deal-Over" bell will ring.

  • Bought my 4Runner 4DR SR5 V6 auto 4wd from Spring field Toyota in Northern Virginia. MSRP was $31,648.00. Invoice price was $28,627.00. Options include PWRTilt/Slide Moonroof,17" Aluminum wheels,5-Peice Carpet Floor mat set, Rear Spoiler,Black Roof Rack ,Wheel locks, and 50-state emissions.We agreed on a price of $26,995.00. When I walk out of the door the final price that I paid was $28,848.16. This final price included all taxes and tags. My wife and I love our 4 Runner. No problems at this time
  • I'm sorry hun but you must be mistaken, I have not yet purchased my 4Runner. However, I am in the tidewater area as well (Virginia Beach) maybe we can look out for each other on some good deals! Let me know how your experiences go!
  • Yep, that's me! I confused Va4RNR's purchase with yours. Sorry - I'm completely new to this chat thing. I have come across several exceptional deals on [04] 4Rs, they just were not what I was looking for. You & I are likely not looking for the same thing, so maybe my legwork could help you. Now, you tell me how we do this w/o getting in dutch w/the Moderator.....
  • Just thought I let you all know that at Stevensons Toyota East In Denver they just sent me a e-mail saying they have a 1.9% rate for 48-60 months if your credit qualifies. I am not ready to buy yet, however I am on there e-mail list for promotions, incentives etc.
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