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2013 and Earlier - Toyota 4Runner Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • What dealership in New England are you purchasing this from?
  • I also have just received a quote for an 05 sport 6cyl 4wd with SR,RL,CM,RF and CF for $28,000.


    Price includes all rebates. MSRP of $33,056. Dealer is also in the NE area. I feel the price is alright all things considered but would appreciate any feed back +/-....has anybody out there done better?


    Might pull the trigger saturday....all responses are welcome!
  • naznaz Posts: 2
    The Tempe Toyota internet department is easy to deal with. They are typically $100 over invoice. I am not sure what to expect with respect to 4wd versus 2wd, it seems that Tempe Toyota has a good selection of both.
  • I will check with Tempe Toyota. I went to Bell Toyota, they had alot of 2x4 not many 4x4. Has anyone had any experience with financing, they dont offer any specials on 4Runners do they? Thanks for the reply Naz.


  • Picked it up on Saturday. One sweet truck. Boch Toyota.
  • Bought a 05 SR5 last week of Dec


    AW 17 in wheels

    CM Double decker cargo

    DR Roof Rack

    SR Sunroof

    Exhaust Tip

    Carpet Mats

    Wheel Lock

    MSRP: 32,200+

    Paid: 27,062 + Doc


    It was with $500 debate, now Toyota offers $1000.
  • Someone help please!!! My deal was made and I was ready to sign the papers Friday to order a new 4runner that would deliver to the dealer probably in late March or early April. Then the dealer said,"The $900 rebate that is included in your deal may not be in effect when you take delivery of your new vehicle and therefore will mean that you owe an additional $900 to us. If the rebate is more than $900 when you take delivery, thats good for you but if the rebate goes down or goes away then thats bad for you. Thats how rebates work".


    Is this dealer telling me the truth ???




    Is this dealer
  • With Navigation, Rear Suspension, side airbags, preferred accessory for $39,279. Any thoughts on the price? I live in southern New York.
  • rjordanrjordan Posts: 30
    The dealer may be withholding some information. It appears he is correct about losing the rebate as they are only good for the month, usually from the first to the last day of the month. But listen to the following carefully. The last time I contacted Toyota through their website they said rebates are only in effect at time of delivery. So if there is another rebate being promoted at the time you take delivery, the dealer is going to say that the rebate that was offered at contract signing has run out, which is true. But I believe you still qualify for any rebate if offered in the month you take delivery because the dealer use it as a selling point to get you to sign the contract. If you knew at time of signing that your vehicle would take a few months for delivery, then the dealer should honor any rebate offered when you receive the vehicle. Here's what to do. Contact Toyota through their web site (don't call them) and tell them you placed an order and ask them what is the policy on future rebates if the vehicle is not delivered to you within the original rebate period. If their answer is favorable to you, then make copies of their reply and give one to the dealer. In any event, you have more ammunition if the rebate amount is placed in the column with the rest of the costs of the truck. If the salesman or dealer does not honor it, then I would advise you to walk out on the deal. Remember one thing; when Spring arrives, there may be no rebate offered as it is much busier at the dealers and Toyota has no incentive to offer rebates. This is the only way that I can see that the dealer can legally get out of a rebate. It seems to me that he sold you a truck knowing in advance, you would not get the current rebate in effect at time of signing. So I don't see how you would owe him an additional $900.00. If the dealer threatens legal action, tell him you will have an attorney talk to him.
  • Thanks so much for your excellent advice- you obviously have thought through this problem and understand it well. As a former business owner I cannot imagine going back to my customer and changing the terms of the deal we made a couple months earlier. But then, the car business may be a whole different animal. Thanks again.
  • wbaywbay Posts: 34
    Hey ks_sv650s,

    Would you detail the options package for us? I'm curious if you also have the side curtain airbags (GY). Did your $29,500 work out to about the invoice price, or was there a reduction off even the invoice?
  • To help everyone out, I purchased this vehicle for

    $600 over invoice.


    2005 4Runner Sport 4WD V8 Dealer Invoice is



    Remaing #'s are Dealer Invoice Costs

    JBL CD/FM & 10 speakers -$476.00

    Daytime running lights - $32

    Double Deck Cargo - $100

    Sunroof - $720

    Rear Spoiler - $160

    Valor Exhaust Tip - $42

    Door Sill Enhancements ACSCO - $109

    Preferred Accessory Package - $220


    Destination Charge - $565

    TDA - $609

    Gasoline - $6

    Dealer Hold Back - $324


    TOTAL - $31,983.00


    Hope this help you buy 2005 4Runner. I have a

    copy of the invoice if you want to see it just email



    I also recommend reading !!! Especially the FAX war is a crucial step to get competitive offers in order to have negotiating power at a local dealership. 2% over invoice is a fair value to demand.
  • Hi guys, nice forum.

    I am the process of inquiring for a 2005 SR5 2WD V6, want to finish before the month expires to get that incentive ($1000) and I need to pin down the invoice cost/TMV cost for the following options (which are not listed under the Edmunds table):

    AW 17" Alloy Wheels w/P265/65r17 tires

    EH All-In-One DVD System

    WL Wheel Locks

    PN Anti-Theft Alarm System

    M5 Carpet Mat Set (5 Pc)

    As a first approximation I used similar percentages as other listed options. But I wonder if there's a place where all of this is spelled out. Also, has any out there ordered this all-in-one-DVD; there's no description on whether this is the little screen coming from the roof or is it the 2 screens embedded in the headrests.

    Any input from the forum will be welcome.

    P.S. Any one has heard if these incentives are going to be extended into february?
  • Do you have to be a Costco Member to buy a car from Costco?
  • I'm in a similar predicament - Toyota is offering 0% financing for 36 months, which expires January 31, but the dealer said he might not have my car for me to take possession before the end of the month. So I asked the sales manager if I would lose the 0% if I took possession in February and he told me that he would take care of it - which makes me very nervous given your experience. Did you have any luck resolving the issue through Toyota's website? Thanks.
  • kcom2006

    thanks for your input. I went thru the fax war gyrations of the motley fool but it didn't work. Of three inquiries I got acknowledge from 2, and only 1 called and we engaged in some discusion of models and options. Looks like dealers in Houston prefer to deal in person, not by fax nor internet. Time was running down on the $1000 incentive so I decided to arm myself with the best numbers and hit the dealer that gave me most info on my prospective car.

    In the end I pulled the trigger last night with a

    MODEL 8642A 2005 4RUNNER 4 DOOR SR5


    MFG BASE PRICES 23727.00 27495.00

    TOTAL FACTORY OPTIONS 564.00 705.00

    TOTAL PORT OPTIONS 269.00 533.00

    DELIVERY 595.00 595.00

    T.D.A. 275.00 0.00

    M.A.F. 379.00 0.00

    2%HOLDBACK MSRP 549.00 0.00

    PIO HOLDBACK 42.00 0.00



    1%FINANCE RESERVE MSRP 274.00 0.00

    FLEET CREDIT 0.00 0.00

    **PRICING TOTALS** 26674.00 29328.00

    CODE -----------------------DESCRIPTION-------------------------------- --- INVOICE MSRP

    AW17" ALLOY WHEELS W P265/65R17 80.00 100.00

    CM DOUBLE DECKER CARGO 100.00 125.00

    DR BLACK ROOF RACK 176.00 220.00

    FE 50 STATES EMISSIONS 0.00 0.00



    TOTAL FACTORY OPTIONS 564.00 705.00

    *PORT INSTALLED (BM) 0.00 0.00

    *PORT INSTALLED (SN) 0.00 0.00

    P4 VEHICLE SHIELD PACKAGE 95.50 349.00

    M5 CARPET MAT SET (5 PC) 112.00 184.00

    F1 VIP SALES FOLLOW UP 6.95 0.00

    I2 PDS WITH TEXAS STATE INSP. 46.75 0.00

    G1 VEHICLE FUELING 7.80 0.00

    TOTAL PORT OPTIONS 269.00 533.00





    I wasn't able to reconstruct this pricing independently from KBB or TMV Edmunds, so at first it was kind of difficult to validate. I did some cross shopping with another dealer (Sterling) which allowed me to corroborate the figures. In the end I bought from Champions on Gulf Freeway. It was hard nosed because when I came to trade in my van, they wanted to lowball it initially, until we arrived at a reasonable amount.

    But I finally got my 4Runner and it sure runs like silk.....
  • sr34sr34 Posts: 2


    Did you pull the deal off for 05 Sport? I am in NE as well. Looking to see how you made out.


  • mntimmntim Posts: 4
    Any info out there yet on 4Runner incentives for February 2005? Hoping to get one this month, if the price is right. Thanks.
  • rebates are now 1k
  • mntimmntim Posts: 4
    thanks woof. I learned from my dealer today that the cash rebate for Feb. is the same as Jan, which in the Minneapolis area is $900.
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