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2013 and Earlier - Toyota 4Runner Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • shadrackshadrack Posts: 3
    Why don't you give it to charity? I'm sure that plenty of organizations in the LA area could use it!!
  • Pretty AMAZING price considering I just ordered a 2005 2 WD Sport V8 with leather, jbl, side bags, ect in Texas and my dealer cost or invoice is around $32,500
  • I am 6' 2" and my head room is limited with a sunroof. I want JBL stereo. I cannot find a 2005, 2004, 2003 4 runner with JBL and no sunroof ??? I was told by my dealer in Texas that they rarely ship JBL without a sunroof. So I basically have to order new to get this combo?!!!
  • I just bought a 2000 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Sport Utility 4x4 with 64,000 miles. Options include moon roof, running boards, CD/cassette and roof rack. Pretty much a Limited with the extended tire flares and wood dash, but does not include leather though. I paid $19,000 out the door.

    What are your thoughts, did I pay too much? If it matters, I live in WA state.

    Your opinions are much appreciated. Also, if you could tell me what mechanical things I should start to look out for and what things will need to be done to the vehicle in the coming miles I'd appreciate it.


  • adeshadesh Posts: 3
    yeah if your in atl then definetely go to sandy springs, they give the best deal out of all the others ive been to (world toyota, team toyota, and the one on barrett parkway)
  • ADESH - Thank you so much for your response. We have been dealing with Team Toyota most recently and they don't seem to budge on price. I know they have room to go down based on your price, others on here, and friends who recently bought a 4Runner in other parts of the country. We're not in a hurry and I think the deals will get better in the coming months so we'll see how it goes.
    I'm so glad you told me who you dealt with.
    If it is not a huge imposition, would you be able to email me the name of the person at Sandy Springs? It might save me time haggling.
    We might buy tomorrow if the deal is right.
  • We ordered a 2005 sport from a Houston, TX dealership on March 26th 2005. We are now told it may be July untill we see it! Just wondered if you would mind keeping in touch to compare notes on when you receive your new 4runner and vice verse.
  • We ordered a 2005 sport from a Houston, TX dealership on March 26th 2005. We are now told it may be July untill we see it! Just wondered if you would mind keeping in touch to compare notes on when you receive your new 4runner and vice verse.
  • I purchased a 4R sport V8 4X4 with moon-roof & JBL disc changer (plus DD cargo sys., floor mats, 115V outlet, exhaust tip cover) in Missouri for 31,600 OTD. Did I pay too much?
  • bowabombowabom Posts: 1
    I've noticed a number of you who were able to get leather seats on the sport model. I am interested in doing the same but was quoted $2000 for after-market leather seats/door panels and heated seats. I saw a few people here mention a $1005 leather + $220 heated seats configuration. Did this include the door panels?

    My main question is: was this truly a factory option or was it aftermarket? I think the best way to know the difference is on aftermarket you will still have manual seats and the controls for the heated seats won't be on the center console like they are on the Limited. I assume if it was a factory option everything would be just like the Limited. They couldn't tell us where the heat controls would be - likely just an on-off switch on the side of the chair they said. That didn't really impress me, as the limited offers 5 levels of heat control.

    We negotiated with Stevinson Toyota in Denver yesterday buy didn't take any deal they offered. They told us their invice price for the Sport (V8 4x4) we wanted was $33,209. It was fairly loaded:
    JBL 6-disc
    cargo double decker
    auto climate control
    etc., don't remember everything in the package just the parts of interest.

    we want them to add:
    heated leather seats

    Also, I noted their invoice included the "dealer holdback" line item as others have mentioned. It was $655. I asked if that was being double counted and of course they said no. I'm off to read the dealer holdback forum to see if anyone has figured this out for Toyota yet.

    Anyway, we may just have to go with a Limited, but I'd prefer the Sport...any input on (especially on the leather issue) would be much appreciated!!
  • biggus35biggus35 Posts: 2
    V-8 Engine
    17" Alloy Wheels
    Luggage Rack
    DD Cargo
    115AC Power
    Daytime Running Lights
    Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel
    Moon Roof
    Floor Mats

    MSRP $31,780.50
    $28,193.00 Out The Door (I'm in SC so Sales Tax is capped at $300.00)
  • doggydogdoggydog Posts: 10
    You didn't say SR5 or Sport, or 4x4/x2!
  • I am considering buying a "new" 05' LTD. Gold V6 sunroof ,spoiler, 6Cd 10spk system. price is $35,300. dealer had to order one or get one. I am buying cash so i dont want any miles on it. max 20. I have test driven many SUVs and the most has been 20mi for a new SUV. Dealer calls me and says got one but its 40 miles away. so it would have 120mi on it when he gets it . Thats used as far as im concerned. So basically it had 80mi on it before they get it. test drives are max 1mi long. so with 80mi's on it thats a hell of a lot of test drives. (And the dealer cruising in it im sure.) They are the only dealer willing to put Silver roof rack and running boards on a 05' LTD for me (like the 04' LTD's). AM I crazy for thinking a 05' with 120mi is too much. 80miles is lot on a new car, let a lone 120.They had to drive the hell out of that car or test drive it to death for it to have 80miles. Now adding 40 more in delivery to the dealership so they can put Silver rack/running board on. :mad:
  • is there a legal milage limit in NJ , before a car is considered used
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,810
    Generally, a car becomes "used" once it's been titled, and not before. For general shopping questions, our Smart Shopper board is the best place. That's where a lot of our members who are sales professionals hang out, and they can help you with such questions.

    The factory warranty begins when you purchase the vehicle, not when the vehicle is at 0 miles, so you'd still have the full warranty left.

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  • biggus35biggus35 Posts: 2
    It's an SR5 2WD. Dealer called this morning and told me that Toyota upped the rebate on V8s to $1500.00 and since my paperwork was not complete I am getting an additional $500 off for a final price of $27,693! Wow! What a feelin! Toyota
  • Check this out.
    Go to the dreaded finance guy at the end of the deal. He says "what do you want 0% for three years etc etc" I said no I want 0% for 60 months like your promotion says. "No way, that must be a mistake" he says. "Toyota never offers it for 60 months only three years. Me and my wife look at eachother and say "that/s a problem, then". There is an uncomfortable silence, then he says 'do you want a moment"?
    He comes back in a few minutes and I have both barrells ready and he says "Oh do I feel stupid, your right!" You would think they would tell the finance guy about these promotions.
    Stick to your guns people if you are right. BTW you people paying cash, one question. WHY?
    Great truck btw.

    V-8 Engine SR5 4X2
    17" Alloy Wheels
    Luggage Rack
    Daytime Running Lights
    Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel
    Leather seats
    Floor Mats
    Toyoguard (I know, I know)

    28,500 +tax OTD. (Could of done a little better, hopefully you will)
  • Took delivery of 2005 SR5 V6, 4x2 last week. Vehicle was ordered the previous week to get desired options.

    17" wheels
    Roof rack
    Dbl decker cargo
    Leather steer'g / shift
    Leather interior (liquicell)
    Rear spoiler
    Package A

    Also purchased extended warranty - 72 mos/75K miles for $895.

    Dealer in New Orleans, LA
  • gypsytownrob
    Hey - if you don't mind sharing, what did you pay for the vehicle? (Before tax and title since that varies by state and county)
    We are looking at the same model here in Atlanta so it would be helpful (never heard of package A)
  • tcpoobtcpoob Posts: 30
    it's in the orig posting's subject/Title line, and my (this) reply's, and your own's reply's. come on!
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