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2013 and Earlier - Toyota 4Runner Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • txcoupe1txcoupe1 Posts: 6
    FYI. Toyota of Lewisville (north of Dallas) has $4500 off MSRP on SR5's. :)
  • rko1rko1 Posts: 1
    I shopped around on the internet a lot and also got a lot of internet quotes from several different local dealers and finally decided to settle when 2 other dealers told me that they could not take my business even though they wanted it really bad. I actually was told by 2 seperate different dealers that I should go with what I was offered by Dublin Toyota. I paid 29000 out the door, and pay about 500 a month. The car is very very nice and I bargained a lot to get to this price. I was at the dealership for about 8 hours. Buying a car can be quick or it can take you all day and night. I think I was the last customer out of their dealership. All dealers may try to show you some sort of invoice but just beware that this obviously is not the REAL invoice but something that the mgr can change and alter to show you what kind of deal that you may think you are getting. Just shop around a lot and never settle for anything. This will be the biggest purchase of your life besides a house. good luck
  • farnorthfarnorth Posts: 5
    Has anyone gotten a deal on V6 limited in Canada. It seems all the dealers use
    Access pricing structure as arriving at the best price. This is the same as Toyota Canada's full suggested retail price. This is crazy. Who pays full price for anything anymore? I would appreciate any insights.
  • yoshi1yoshi1 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a V-6 ltd. Toyota dealers in Canada have no option but to go with the access pricing or run the risk of loosing their toyota license. There was a program on this on W-5 or similar news show. Despite this some dealers will discount. I gave up and paid the Toyota price. Lots of new car manufacturers are going to no haggle pricing. My wife just bought a Volvo paid basically the full price.
  • andre7280andre7280 Posts: 2
    New 2005 V8 4x4 Sport Package, 17" alloy wheels, power locks & windows, heated mirrors, cloth seats, roof rack, running boards, driver and front passenger advanced airbags, carpet mats, security system upgrade, tow package with 7 pin to 4 pin converter, full time 4WD, wheel w/audio controls, fog lamps and other random stuff

  • kemoputzkemoputz Posts: 3
    Good afternoon. I'm considering purchasing a 2005 4Runner SR5 V8 4x4 and I'm trying to figure out the invoice prices for the options I'd like to have. I've used Edmund's site, but not all of the options I want are listed.

    Does anyone have the invoice prices for the following options?
    Extra Mile Option Package B (B0) - $613 MSRP
    Leather Interior Upgrade (L1) - $1420 MSRP
    Vehicle Sheild Package (P4) - $349 MSRP
    Double Decker Cargo System (CM) - $125 MSRP
    17" Alloy Wheels (AW) - $100 MSRP
    Daytime Running Lights (RL) - $40 MSRP

  • lorryfanlorryfan Posts: 76
    kemoputz -

    Go to you will find allmost all the invoice prices you're looking for.

    Hope this helps.....Good Luck!
  • sparklesparkle Posts: 2
    Just got my new sport edition

    4x4 V6, Spoiler, Moonroof, Carpet and floor mats for

    $29,000 - $500 (MR) - $400 (NewGraduateR) + TTL

    Is it a good deal? After I offered the price 29000, they just though about for 5 mins and approved.

    I guess Toyota must be providing some huge holdback for the high MPG trucks.
  • kemoputzkemoputz Posts: 3
    Thanks! That helped!

  • sparklesparkle Posts: 2
    Did anybody notice that the invoice price from carsdirect is higher than the price from MSN and KBB?
  • mtpulsarmtpulsar Posts: 10
    I just sold my 2002 4Runner Sport Edition ($20,500 w/48k miles) and I'm planning on getting a 2005 Limited. In reviewing the incentives, seems they haven't changed in months ( $1000 cash back, or low APR). I'm wondering if I should hold out until July in case there are any additional incentives for July 4. Seems the other manufacturers are offering extra savings. Anyone know if Toyota offers up additional incentives for July 4th.
  • magilla3magilla3 Posts: 1
    Where did you buy and how did you negotiate the price so low?
  • yaroshyarosh Posts: 14
    hi, i don't like toyota's options either. i am trying to buy a v-6 with x-reas and side curtain airbags. that would be a limited. they tell me that the v-6 is not as good an engine as the v-8. i had one rented in the desert for a week and liked it and want to use it a lot for city driving and would like to save gas. the v-8 is in constant 4-wheel drive. any thoughts from anybody about whether the v-8 is a better engine. i don't need to tow anything. thanks.
  • yaroshyarosh Posts: 14
    does anybody h ave an opinion on V-6 vs V-8 outside of towing ability? dealer says V-8 is superior. anybody have experience? thanks
  • tcpoobtcpoob Posts: 30
    from what i read, both are excellent. v8 has better torque and hp so it could be smoother at the cost of (slightly) more gas mpg and initial cost. if $ isnt a factor, get the v8 so u dont have the "would have, could have" regrets. i've v6 and like the ability to use RWD.
  • yaroshyarosh Posts: 14
    hi, all the toyota dealers in the new your city area have terrible reviews. i've found the build i want out of town(x-reas plus curtain air bags) but was told i would have trouble if i bought it at a different place than where i'd get it serviced. Does anybody have experience with this? does anybody know a good reliable service for toyota in the new york city area? thanks
  • yaroshyarosh Posts: 14
    hi, i live in new york and can't find a SR-5 with side curtain airbags. where did you get it? thanks
  • charloscharlos Posts: 11
    Hi, Keep in mind that the V8 isn't really "locked" in 4WD all of the time. That is, the center differential is not locked. The Full-Time 4WD in the V-8 is quite an advancement over the 2WD to 4WD in the V6. The Full Time 4WD system in the V8 is actually an open center differential.

    I also found quite a bit of ride difference with the V8 4WD over the V6 2WD. Perhaps from the added extra weight at the lower and center of the vehicle. Add the XREAS and you'll be having some serious fun on curves. Amazing how XREAS helps to curb body roll.

    I'm getting about 17 MPG on premium and 16 MPG on regular fuel with a heavy foot and a mixed commute of approx. 50/50 HEAVY congestion and highway miles.

    2005 Sport Edition 4WD V8 w/ LEATHER, Roof, Spoiler, DD Cargo, JBL Upgrade, Mats

    MSRP: $36,881
    Paid: $31,145 + $250 Processing.
  • tcpoobtcpoob Posts: 30
    actually you got the multimode 4th gen v6 4wd wrong. it's similar to the v8's except that v6's 4wd mode can be switched off into rwd mode. when v6's in 4wd, it's just like the v8's. in both you can lock or leave open the torsen cdiff.
  • jat2020jat2020 Posts: 2
    Am looking for a 4Runner Sport V6 2WD with only options of a moonroof and alarm system. With rebate ($1000)is $26,500 a good place to start?
    Please respond!
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