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2013 and Earlier - Toyota 4Runner Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 06 sport 4x4 v8 for 35,100 out the door.
    just standard options
    also, the bad thing is I have to wait 4 weeks cause all the dealers in the area said sports v8 was hard to come by, so I was forced to make a deal and put down a $500 deposite before they can get the truck. The only thing I know about the car is the color. Should I be worried?
  • yujinyujin Posts: 6
    is this a good deal or should I ask for more discount?
    '06 Limited 4WD V6 4Runner
    JBL stereo
    Running Lights
    Selling Price = 31975
    With all the fees = 34905

    with the driveout price, I was thinking of 34000 only. $905 discount is just right or too much to ask for?
  • mike805mike805 Posts: 33
    I spent a lot of time last year trying to reconcile the differences between Edmunds and dealer invoice. Edmunds base cost includes 2% of base MSRP as holdback. The dealer invoice includes this base holdback plus about 10% holdback on port installed options (PIO),approximately $690 advertising fee and $300 inventory fee. It is hard to negotiate them out of the advertising and inventory fees even though they are not a real cost of the vehicle. The holdback fees and inventory fee are rebated to the dealer after they sell the vehicle. Your service fee of $599 seems unreasonable for processing the paperwork.
  • bitoybitoy Posts: 6
    hello friends, anyone who bought a 4RUNNER SR5 4.0L V6 around manchester New Hampshire? or concord New Hampshire? any input .... thanks
  • yujinyujin Posts: 6
    2006 4Runner 4WD V6 Sport Edition
    daytime running lights
    JBL systhesis stereo
    Double Decker Cargo
    Extended Service Contract

    Driveout price = 31565
  • ryanmb21ryanmb21 Posts: 3
    :) I just got a....

    2006 4runner 4wd v6 sport edition
    tow hitch
    jbl 6 disc
    daytime lights
    carpet mats
    aftermarket alarm $500

    for $30,380 with 2.9% financing or I could've had it for $29,380 if I had taken the $1K rebate. I took the financing.
  • yujinyujin Posts: 6
    hey ryanmb21,

    is the price you posted after tax? you got a lot of options...
  • jake28jake28 Posts: 4
    Just received a quote for the following:
    SR5 4X4 V6
    17" wheels
    rear spoiler
    tow package
    $28,500 plus tax
    salesperson said this is $200 over invoice and after the $1,000 rebate - they also don't add tag, title or prep fees.

    What do you guys think?
  • juicy1juicy1 Posts: 1
    just came back from dealership in massachusetts. quoted a price for a 06 sr5 lease @3years, 12K miles $340/month. the limited was also 3 years, 12K miles(demo w/2,ooo miles on it), for $425/month. are these decent prices???
  • onebaronebar Posts: 1
    I was pleased with my experience with Boulder Toyota. I bought an LTD V8 with these options:
    Side Airbags (GY)
    X-Reas Suspension (NH)
    Nav System (NV)
    Spoiler (RF)
    Daytime Running Lights (RL)
    Moonroof (SR)
    Floor/Cargo Mats (CF)
    Wheel Locks (WL)
    MSRP: $43,895. I paid $38,475 out the door, excluding state tax.
  • I just bought a 2006 SR5 with 4wd sunroof with leather interior and pin strips for $31,000 with 2.9 financing over 5 years. It didn't have heated seats, that i think i'll regret here in the Jersey.

    Any idea what it would cost to add after market or dealer seat heaters?
  • mathgirlmathgirl Posts: 4
    Is this a fair deal????

    basic sr5 with moonroof
    tonneau cover
    tow hitch/ball
    floor mats

    sticker 30,066
    fleet before fees/rebate 26200
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Edmunds has always matched up with my deals. However I've never priced out the SE Area pricing so I'd want to compare it to Kelly Blue Book invoice ( should give the same price excepth I know kbbspecifically has the SE Area options listed

    If you were $500 under their invoice price but still gave a $600 service fee(what is that all about?) then you paid $1000 over Edmunds invoice, which is what I would have seen in WV. Additionally I would not have had to buy the "Protection Group" another SE Option (mark up). My 06 Sport Edition was $3500 off MSRP + the $1000 Rebate.

    The South East Toyota Region has some strange stuff. Toyota ought to shut them down or make them line up with certain requirements to match up the rest of the country.
  • mathgirlmathgirl Posts: 4
    I got it!!! And for even less. I ended up getting it $25,900-screaming deal!!! More than $1100 under invoice..And the transaction was sooooo easy!!! Longo Toyota in El Monte Ca. I did the dealing over the internet with the fleet/internet department. We ran our trade in through carmax and got a fair price.
  • ryanmb21ryanmb21 Posts: 3
    sorry for the delay my $30K price was before tax
  • jamesbass1jamesbass1 Posts: 75
    This afternoon in Orlando, FL I test drove a the 2006 4Runner Sports Edition 4WD V8 w/moonroof, upgraded JBL Synthesis 6-Disc In-Dash, Carpet/Trunk Mat, Double Decker Cargo System, Daytime Running Lights, and Southeast Toyota Toyoguard Protection Group ($699). Titanium Metallic w/dark charcoal cloth interior.

    Given a MSRP of $37,160.00, and was offered a sale price of $31,150.00. What kind of deal does this sound like to all you Edmund Toyota Forum Members? Thanks.
  • bornoborno Posts: 77
    sounds like invoice less the rebate. A good deal, although a dealer in Mass said he could do invoice less 2% and still give the rebate or low financing from toyota.
  • upsandownsupsandowns Posts: 1
    First, thanks to all you who take the time to post your experiences. It was very helpful in purchasing our 4-Runner. I did not get the cheapest deal, but then I feel it was a fair deal and that is all that counts. I bought the SR5 4x4 with moonroof, roof-rack, trailer hitch, side airbags, etc. I could never match up a perfect invoice with Edmunds because they included some obscure items I didn't know about until after I purchased the car.

    I did my shopping in Sacramento, CA and spoke with 4 major dealers before deciding on my car. One offered me $900 above invoice, the second one $125 over invoice and the last $150 over invoice (Elk Grove). I called Elk Grove back, and he then offered $100 over invoice. We never continued the negotiation because I ended up purchasing it at Roseville.

    I don't believe any of their invoice prices were the same as Edmunds. The dealer I bought from actually claimed his invoice was $450 higher than what Edmunds was, but since I never gott an accurate match of items for a true invoice, I didn't argue it any further. I presumed because the deal was so simple that the salesman was more than happy with his price, but then so were we. Details were: MSRP $33,458, offered at $30,330 (supposedly $125 over dealer's invoice or $30,205) Edmunds showed an invoice of $29,655, or a difference of $426. I took the $1500 incentive for a net price before fees and taxes of $28,806. So I paid $551 more than invoice, but $1000 below Edmund's "what people are paying." Of course take away the incentive and I would be paying more.

    I got impression after researching all available inventory that Toyota didn't have to bargain. There were very few models to choose from even with all the 4 major dealers. Only a hand-full of limited models (all white, red or silver) and only about 4 or 5 sport models (a couple in Dark Mica, but the rest in the aforementioned colors). All this right before Memorial Day blow-out sale. I probably should have waited until after Monday, but with only about 4 or 5 vehicles left in the color I wanted Driftwood Pearl and only 1 or 2 with the moonroof, I decided to purchase now. It's possible that they would get more stock in, but I didn't want to take the chance, nor miss the incentive. BTW, Roseville were very professional, and I have no complaints.

    Biggest mistake--I purchased the pre-paid maintenance plan. According to Edmunds routine maintenance should only cost about $350 for the first 35K. I have it for 4 years, but I paid $900! I didn't think to negotiate it. Say no to all the extras! Good luck to the rest of you. May you make a wise and fair deal.
  • mminkousmminkous Posts: 6
    Just FYI, you can ask for refund if you decide not to keep the 4-yr pre-paid maintenance. According to the dealers, it would take about 1-2 weeks for the paperwork to settle. You should read your agreement carefully. It's not too late to refund.
  • rik4rik4 Posts: 90
    yes you can still get a refund. and that is what i would do. you will never ever spend that much . so save the mula and buy something you really want or need instead.
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