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2013 and Earlier - Toyota 4Runner Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am looking at new 2006 model left over at the dealer -- any idea what kind of markdown off MSRP I can hope for?
  • Based on my experience, not much. Check my message #1439 regarding a Demo '06 w/5200 miles and a couple of bad dings/paint chips.

    MSRP was $35,705. Their actual selling price would have been a flat $33,000, without my trade, +TTL and any other fat they might bury in the paperwork (which they did). In the plus column, I would have gotten 1.9% APR financing for 60 months. That interest rate would have saved me about $2400 compared to the 5.75% I got on my Pathfinder. But, that barely offset the mileage penalty that I figure was due on the 4Runner (which they didn't consider), and I ended up with a NEW truck rather than a Demo.

    At the end of the day, though, they couldn't have PAID ME to take the 4Runner!!
  • Is Toyota redesigning the 4Runner for 2008? I'm seriously considering a salsa red pearl '07 but would rather wait if it's going to be changed.
  • 07 4X4 V8
    Black Roof rack
    17" alloy
    Rr Spoiler
    Running lamps
    Carpet Mats

    MSRP 34319
    Invoice 31029

    Sale price: 29029

    So basically 2000 below invoice including the 1500 rebate.
  • jj77jj77 Posts: 1
    Where did you happen to buy? SR5 or Sport? I have been looking for awhile but have not been able to solidify that good of a deal. Thanks.
  • SR5. I used the build and price option on the Toyota Web page and when prompted submitted it to the local dealer and they came back with the internet offer. That's it. My impression was that, that was the internet special they were currently running. I don't think you can touch a Sport for that price, got to be 2K more I would think.
  • Edmond:
    MSPR = 27,635
    Invc = 24,677 <===============

    I saw on newspaper (Feb/2/2007):
    2007, 4Runner, SR5, V6, PW, PDL, RUN BOARD, ROOF RACK

    MSRP = 29,219
    DISCOUNT = 4731
    REBATE = 1500
    NET COST = 22,988 <==============

    Is this possible to buy a car UNDER invoice price ?????
  • They don't discount them that deeply in Texas. Sounds like a demo or used vehicle . . . or worse. Trust me, that ad doesn't tell the whole story.
  • Yeah they extended the rebate to 2/28. Mine had 37 miles on it as they had to bring it from a sister dealership. They had disclosed that to me though, indicating that the vehicle would have less than 100 miles. It does seem to vary but I've seen reported even better deals. I just liked not having to haggle.
  • It seems hard to find a 4Runner with navigation. What's up with that? Is there no demand or does Toyota intentionally keep them rare?
  • "It seems hard to find a 4Runner with navigation."
    I think at that price point, folks are buying the Lexus.
  • I purchased my 2007 Limited with navigation last week. I have pretty much tried out everything. We love it. Comfortable ride, great Nav, back-up camera, bluetooth. Extremely nice car. Bought it in Scottsdale, AZ from Right Toyota. They are a great, no-nonsense dealer--my 3rd vehicle from them. Great price on a vehicle which is hard to come by. Was worth the wait.
  • Hi, there! I just moved to Carlsbad, and am looking for a 2007 4 Runner, white or beige, Limited, V 6, not V-8, with navigation. I am really only looking at the 4 Runner because of the back window rolling down for my dogs. What was your final price before taxes, etc. for your vehicle? Would you say this was a smooth-enough driving car, or is it a bit rugged?
    Thanks, Beach Rosie
  • I'm in Central NJ and plan to purchase a 4Runner at the end of the month. Up until 2003 I had a 4 wheel drive 4Runner and always appreciated its capability when we got some significant snowfall.

    Since 2003 I've been driving a Lexus ES, front drive, traction control, stability control. In looking back over these years I'm realizing it was a very good car on snowny roads. While it certainly hasn't gripped the road like the 4Runner did (at least like my fading memory thinks it used to grip the road!), the traction control has gotten me up hills and the stability control has never let the back end slide.

    So now I am wondering just how valuable 4 wheel drive is in a 4Runner with traction and stability control with a driver who is careful in snow, is able to leave work early when it starts snowing, and sticks to main roads in bad weather.

    Does anyone have experience with both 2W and 4W drive 4Runners in snowy roads? Just how valuable is the 4W drive?

    Thanks in advance!
  • woodywwwoodyww Posts: 1,797
    I'm no expert, but what would be the advantage to owning a 2wd 4runner in Snow Country? You'd have to save a huge amount to make it worthwhile IMO. And I can't imagine resale values of 2wd 4runners is that good in the Northeast.

    Don't forget, the ES is FWD; it's snow handling has absolutely nothing to do with a RWD SUV. A 2wd 4runner is RWD (right?)
  • I paid invoice price for my 2007 4Runner Limited. I find ot very smooth. It is fun to drive and very comfortable. No regrets.
  • ucscucsc Posts: 48
    Hi there,

    I am Philly area, and would like to buy a 4Rummer SPORTS w/o moon roof to save $$$. But my local Toyota dealer told me that SPORTS always come with the moon roof. Is that true? Has any of you guys got a SPORTS w/o moon roof? Thanks!


  • many dealers in st. louis area tell me that 4runners - sr5 with third rows aren't available in this region. is this true?

    a dozen listings in area for 2006 sr5 4runners, ~15,000 miles, for ~$26,000

    doesn't seem like alot of depreciation. especially since there are 2007 sr5 for $25,000. what's is the most I can reasonably expect dealers to come down from that price?
  • $24,888 plus 6.25% state tax and around $250 for doc and fees. The unit would have the mats and cross bars on top.

    Any feedback on price? Any options I should insist on getting besides this basic setup? I'm a basic, casual not need glamour...

    The main reason I am getting this unit is safety AND the back window rolls down to provide cross venting for the dogs. Woof! :shades:
  • Hi! I am also only looking at the 4 Runner for my dogs...crazy!! Ihave a Briard and a pure white Golden Retriever!! Bonaparte & Marley! The windows sre always slimed and messy...right now I have a Solara SLE convertible, and they LOVE the top down, buckled in....ears flying in the wind. Quite a sight driving down Coast Highway, playing Bob Marley tunes, looking out to the ocean. Hope I have as much fun in my 4 Runner! Rolling down that back window, and putting up a doggie barrier, should work better than any other vehicle! Good luck! RosieBeach
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