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2013 and Earlier - Toyota 4Runner Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm looking to buy a 4runner limited in Atlanta area. Please share your experience, if anybody bought in Atlanta Area.
  • Here what you need to consider before purchasing 4Runner.

    It starts to rust under the hood in the first 4 months, Toyota says it is rusting from the outside in, so they don't fix it or cover it under warranty.

    Audio system starts to go crazy during hot humid days. CD player starts to spit out CDs in the cd changer, words on the stereo are all scrambled

    And of course, gas milege is not the best...

    If you don't believe me, google it and you will see what other problems 4runners have.

    All my statements are based on the 2007 4runner Sport (purchased in Sept 07 as new). The car started having above issues in Dec 07 (rust) and July 08 (audio).
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    "It starts to rust under the hood in the first 4 months, Toyota says it is rusting from the outside in, so they don't fix it or cover it under warranty."

    No rust on my 2003 4Runner, and I take it out on the beach for 2 weeks every year.

    "Audio system starts to go crazy during hot humid days. CD player starts to spit out CDs in the cd changer, words on the stereo are all scrambled"

    No radio/CD problems on my 4Runner.

    "And of course, gas milege is not the best... "

    Agreed. Of course, it is just about what you would expect from a heavy, body-on-frame, SUV.

    I've had put 73,000 miles on my 4Runner since new. In that time, I've had the following replaced:

    - brake disks and pads
    - AC condensor clutch solenoid
    - rear hatch motor and strike plate

    Other than that, I've just done standard maintenance. Mine has been very, very reliable.
  • Wow. These aren't perfect, but in the long run you'll be happy with your vehicle. At 1100 miles the radio died. At 11,000 miles the VSC died. Both were promptly repaired and no problems since 2004. Mpg = 14 city, 18 highway.

    Vehicle > 2003 4Runner V6 4WD
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    Does anyone have experience with any of the dealers budging in the northwest for a sport v8? Except on a few certain models, dealer do not appear to be reducing prices below $3000 under MSRP + the $2500 rebate. So $5,500 off MSRP. Comparing to invoice is worthless, since dealers have difference invoice prices for the exact same vehicle; whereas, MSRP is constant and determined by Toyota. I see posting for phenomial deals, but I can not seem to locate them. Or are the good deals primarily for used 4Runners?
  • I have been working with about 4 different dealers. One has finally agreed to sell at invoice, although I know they are still making holdback + options cost. ANother agreed split the holdback ($600 so $300 under invoice) and a third said that they would give to me with most of the holdback to get the vehicle moved. That is about $600 under invoice. He said Toyota is not giving any dealer cash yet and he only makes money on the options and holdback. THe interesing thing is that the dealers are NOT moving them off the lots and should be more willing to deal, but not yet. I am waiting in SEA area for another month and then try to see which 4Runners are left.

    If you want to take a road trip, a dealer in Alabama offered me $1000 under invoice and a $4000 rebate for a 4WD SR5.
  • skr2skr2 Posts: 32
    I am interested in getting the 4Runner 2WD 4.0L V6 in the Dallas Area. Would appreciate if anybody could share their experience, if anybody bought in the Dallas area recently.
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    I only every compare relative to MSRP, since that is consistent across all dealers. Invoice varies by dealer and location. 4-Runners continue to set on the lots for months, but I really can not do much better than $3K under invoice on a sport in the northwest. Higher discount are available on certain Limiteds.
  • I'm new to the whole SUV world but looking to get a 4Runner.

    According to Edmunds, a new 08 Sport Edition is 25,149 after destination charge. Assuming no trade, and 0% financing through Toyota, what should I consider a good deal or steal? There are a ton of these on the lots, and I'm quite interested. I'm thinking $25,000 flat would be good + TTL, but any guidance would be a great help, thank you!
  • Got it for 24K OTD.

    It was priced approx 2K below invoice. Got 4.4K in rebates (4K in usual rebates + 400 for new grads). With TTL + Doc fee ended up being 24K even. I negotiated a little hard on the last day of the month.

    Good luck with the negotiations.

  • Hey Dumeel,

    I too like in atlanta area and looking to buy the a 4runner this week. could you please let me know from which dealer you got this deal. Also, could you please post the detailed spec of your 4runner. I appreciate your help.
  • The dealer is Sandy Springs Toyota. Email me at and I will provide the contact sales person name and number. He was very helpful in the whole process.

    As I said in the previous posting, it is a 2008 4Runner Sr5 V6 2WD with Sr5 Value package ( that has upgraded wheels, steering wheel control, moonroof, etc). It is kind of the basic set of options...

  • I am looking at purchasing a Toyota SR5 4Runner with leather and a moonroof. It is a 2008 demo with 4600 miles on it. The sticker on it is $33K and the invoice on edmunds is $28ish. It is a demo though with alot of miles. What would be a fair price on this? The sales manager made the comment he would love to see it go, like it's been there a long time. I've never bought a demo so don't know how to negotiate on it, but I think it is alot of miles so it shoudl be a large discount, right? Thanks for the help!
  • I guess return doesn't go to the next field... sigh.

    So I just wanted to check with others and perhaps get some re-assurance that
    I've got a decent deal here. I'm getting a 2008 V6 4WD SR5 with the following
    options - not requested, just what they had on the lot in the 2008 SR5s - [CF],
    [QT], [TO], [DJ], [EC], [NJ], [V5]. The V5 is something I don't see on Edmunds but it's on the Toyota website as the VIP RS3200 Plus alarm system with an MSRP of $359. The TMV (without the V5) is $29738. The dealer claims their 'cost' was
    $30134 and they wanted $30800. I subtracted off numbers for the things i
    didn't want (TO, DJ, V5) and came up with a $30000, which is about $260
    over the TMV, but with the V5. Of course, it wasn't accepted immediately,
    but I got a call back accepting that offer. Now since the 0% for 48 months has been extended, that's my bottom line - $30000 + TTL at 0%. Any thoughts on whether that's a good deal? Or should I push back more? Given that the 0% has been extended, I don't mind waiting some more :) Thanks in advance
    for any insight!
  • I just got an offer for a 2008 SR5 with Qt value package invoice price 30.248. 23804 after (2500 rebate) in LA area. Shall i consider it as good deal or still workable in these days. I am not a big negotiator

    please respond
  • My dealer in Mississippi found the 4-Runner I was looking for in Texas. Why am I being charged $740.00 to transport it? This seems absurd. Am I responsible for this fee?
  • I also saw your post elsewhere. The answer is yes, if you want THAT vehicle you pay to get it there. The cost includes transportation, wages, and possibly overnight charges for whoever needs to get back to Texas. Hopefully the vehicle isn't sourced from Galveston.

    They better be flatbedding or using a carhauler for that amount. If they're driving it then forget it.
  • Thanks for responding! I believe it is being transported from San Antonio. Yeah, wouldn't want a car from Galveston right now, just like I wouldn't have wanted one from here (Mississippi) after Katrina. I am almost certain it is being delivered by truck.

  • 2008 4 Runner Limited V6, with extra val. package, JBL, daytime running lights, tow, mats, wheel locks. MSRP= $39,940. paying=$34,987 ($3000 rebate not included yet).
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