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2013 and Earlier - Toyota 4Runner Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    If you look up the used trade in value of an 07 version of your vehicle on I doubt if it books for more than 28000 with avg. miles. (this is what your 08 will be worth in 12 months). So yes, you would want at least 8000 off msrp for your new 08.

    Good luck

    2008 4 Runner Limited V6, with extra val. package, JBL, daytime running lights, tow, mats, wheel locks. MSRP= $39,940. paying=$34,987 ($3000 rebate not included yet).
  • stewdystewdy Posts: 17
    There is a dealership a few hundred miles from my house that has a leftover '07 Limited 4X4 with a sticker of about $42,500 and a leftover Limited 4X2 for a hair over $37,000. I'd probably prefer the 4X4 because it has navigation on it. I'm still not entirely sure what I'm going to do as far as a vehicle is concerned, but the 4 Runner is one that I'm thinking about. Toyota lists 0% for 2007 models on their corporate web site. Would $8,000 off of sticker and the 0% financing seem a reasonable offer or should I go for more off and the 0%?
  • I dunno an 07 is probably going to be worth about 25 grand IF YOU ARE LUCKY when you toll it out the door.

    I'd be hesitant.
  • Hello everyone,

    A local dealer (in CT) has a 2008 Sport 4x4 V6 on lot for $35,017 sticker. It has several options (6 CD, Xtra Value PKG, etc..) and a few dealer add-ons (exhaust tip,wheel locks, etc.) Invoice, according to KBB is $31,118.

    Dealer quoted me "internet" price of $31,755. None of the prices include $3000 back, as I will probably be looking to do the 0% for 48mo. So what do you folks think of that price, and if I should counter lower, how much should I go?

  • carmdcarmd Posts: 1
    wow u guys got a great deal, I am also looking for a 4 runner with same options but the lowest offer i have got is 26100 including destination charge can you please tell which dealership you bought this vehicle from in chicago.Would really appreciate it
  • I am negotiating a 4runner deal in Florida. The truck is a 4x4 Limited V8 with NAV, EVP1, RLAT and carpet mats. The truck is on the way to the port and not at the dealer.

    The dealer I am speaking to indicates that we might be able to get a price close to invoice. I plan to do the 0%/60 months so the$4k rebate is, I guess, off the table. That would leave him his holdback as profit.

    His invoice, however, includes BOTH the $745 destination fee AND the $750 Toyota Southeast distribution fee He also says that the dealer is stuck with these fees and they can't really be negotiated.

    So far, I have found this dealer straightforward and honest. He was straight about being able to delete "options" like the bogus ToyoGuard so long as the cars have not been allocated to the dealer, and other similar things.

    Please let me know if both these fees are mandatory to the dealer. If so, I will try to negotiate deeper into his holdback, but that will make closing the deal harder.

    I expect this has come up before, but I need some current information and I am new here (this is my first post).

    Any info is appreciated!
  • Just purchased an 08 4runner for 5000 off MSRP from Champion Toyota in Austin. (3000 off from the dealer and the 2000 rebate) Really would have thought they could do better this time of year but no dealer in Houston would even get close to that discount. Champion was a pleasure to deal with. They gave me the offer by email and stuck to it once I got up there. First time I have bought a car that I didnt get a headache from hours of haggling.
  • I live in Houston and I'm in a market for a new 2009 Toyota 4Runner. I've been doing research for this vehicle on for the last couple of months. I want a white, limited, V6, AWD model with a rear spoiler and have no interests in dealer's options. The TMV I got from is $35.294. But the quotes that I got from the local Toyota dealers were all higher than $37,000.
    One of the dealers told me that ALL NEW VEHICLES COME WITH SOME KINDS OF OPTIONS INSTALLED. Does it mean I can not purchase a base vehicle (without any options)? The other dealer told me that the vehicle I'm looking for is very rare.
  • i30rlsi30rls Posts: 28
    Do not negotiate the price with dealers via email.
    go to
    read everything on how to buy a car and start from there
    then, in the mid of the week, start going to the dealerships and looking for the car on your own, browse through their stock, if you see what you like start negotiating using the tips from, if you don't see anything, go to another one until you see what you like.
    don't go to the dealerships on the weekends, those days are designed for impulse buyers
    emailing them and asking them the price is not the best way to do car buying.

    check the price on one of those online car dealerships also quoted on the

    I bought myself the car I wanted using tips from that site, saved a bundle...
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    Dealer's usually do not like to do it, but you can order your 4-Runner just the way you want it based on the options available through Toyota. If dealers are hungry they will give you a reasonable deal on a factory order. I ordered my 2004 4-Runner and it took 3 months to get it. You will probably get a better deal on a vehicle off the lot, but it may cost more because of all the things on it that you do not want.
  • jganjgan Posts: 2
    I've been watching the sales of used 4-runners. In the last month or so the 'Limited' inventory has been disappearing. For example, tonight I searched CarMax for a 2006 or later Limited, and only found 11, at any price, nationwide. I could be wrong, but buying a 3-year-old toyota with some high-end features and knocking the price down more than $10,000, doesn't it sound attractive?
  • pharm30pharm30 Posts: 36
    Hi, just starting to consider a 4runner for practicality (future family) over a G37.
    On the Toyota website it lists an Urban Runner which sounds nice. Are these available at the dealerships or do you have to order?

    Would be nice to have a vehicle that is very reliable and will last for years.
  • chee09chee09 Posts: 2
    Hi, I am also searching for a low price for 4ruuner 4wd sr5 v6, and was told each trim has its regional build, and that a vehicle with standard equipment (without options) should be ordered directly from the manufacturer.
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    Yes, I have seen Urban Runner in the DC area and Washington state, so they are available in at least some states on the lot.

    I ordered my last 4-Runner and many dealers are reluctant to do so. But, some will, but it will take about 3 months and they will only go so low on price since there is no incentive to get it off the lot.
  • sabre364sabre364 Posts: 18
    What would be a fair price on a leftover 08 limited 4x4 v6 4runner with the JBL and x-reas suspension (no navi) MSRP 39537?

    Dealer has it listed for ~32k. Is there any way they can do better? It has been sitting on the lot a long time and the 2010s will be out soon, plan on keeping it a long time, no worries about resale but want to get the best for the money...on a side note anyone know where I can find a build date for the 4runner on the vehicle? On my jeep there is a placard on the drivers door frame...
  • Did you end up getting it? Do you think it still might be available? I am trying to get a V8 4x4 limited.
  • chuckfromlichuckfromli Posts: 248
    32K sounds like a fantastic pric. That's 8K off the sticker! If you really want the car you better move fast.

    I just found a local dealer with two leftover 2008 4Runners. One is a V8 that stickers for 33K. Guess it's pretty stripped. The other is a V6 that stickers for 34K. I have not been able to get any pricing from them over the internet, and you cannot see the window stickers on their website. I am more interested in the more fully optioned V6.

    You gotta realize that a current year model would only be discounted a grand or two.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    I disagree that $32k is a good price. It is a two-year-old truck that has been rotting on the lot for over a year. I wouldn't give $28k.
  • jbuskejbuske Posts: 1
    Wondering what kind of deals are out there now that the 2010 has announced a new design ... I like the 08-09 and wondering if anyone knows what they are going for new. I 've found some 2008's new on the lots. What would be a good price to try to obtain?
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