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2013 and Earlier - Toyota 4Runner Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • You have to do the legwork yourself, start calling every dealer asking for $500 under invoice saying you will buy the same day. Pretty simple, actually. Also, don't buy anything in the finance office. If you want extended warranty or gap insurance buy it for 70% off away from the the dealership. Good luck.
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    Its not a good idea to ask for a certain amount below invoice.... let the Dealer make the first offer. Over or Under invoice does not mean anything... what matters is the OTD price because we all pay it.
  • Actually, it is a good idea. He should ask for below $500 invoice. He sets pricing expectation by asking for it.

    With regards to OTD, OTD means nothing. Taxes and fees vary from state to state, even within a state, and getting quotes with invoice as the control allows you to easily compare quotes. Plus dealers do not like to give OTD pricing so he will have a more difficult time price shopping when asking the dealer to do the math on OTD.

    Pleas stop giving poor advice. I have purchased 12 vehicles for friends and family the past couple of years. I know the process.
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    I have not found one dealer in the Pacific Northwest willing to sell at invoice. Furthermore, the invoice can vary by dealer and region. The only fixed reference is MSRP which is consistent across most of the US. So I measure all offers relative to MSRP and out the door where I live. After all, that is the price a buyer will pay. Who cares wether it is TDA, invoice, car payment, sales tax, or whatever, the bottom line is what comes out of your pocket to own the vehicle. Dealers just love to confuse buyers and it is pretty simple to compare what you actual have to pay. If you are financing, I would also include the total finance charge. Again, that comes our of your pocket.
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    edited October 2010
    "With regards to OTD, OTD means nothing. Taxes and fees vary from state to state, even within a state, and getting quotes with invoice as the control allows you to easily compare quotes. Plus dealers do not like to give OTD pricing so he will have a more difficult time price shopping when asking the dealer to do the math on OTD."

    We all pay an OTD price....If you were to purchase a car would you be concerned how much taxes are for this car in antother state?

    "Pleas stop giving poor advice. I have purchased 12 vehicles for friends and family the past couple of years. I know the process."

    Its not poor advise it just facts...We all pay an OTD price even you have!...DUH!!!!!
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    If dealers don't like to give an OTD, they have something to hide. If you must finance, also add the finance charges. Per the previous post, all that matters is what you have to pay for the vehicle. So, once you are rock sold on the fact that the dealer is quoting the exact same vehicle you want (MSRP reference works good for this), OTD is all that matters. Be very careful on bate and switch. I just had direct experience where a dealer quoted a price, and when I came in to buy it. Oh no it does have NAV, that is extra. If you are a price sensitive shopper, this really matters. If not, just buy it.
  • g35halog35halo Posts: 9
    edited October 2010
    - Asking for OTD is an amateur move. Dealers will seize the opportunity to roll you over.

    - Considering MSRP is the worst possible way to negotiate. Talking MSRP is beyond amateur, it has "I'm a sucker" written all over it. Negotiations baseline is invoice!

    - Before going to dealer make sure you know their fees that are added to invoice. The only legit fee is a "doc fee" and should range from $50-$100 max in the PacNW. "Destination" (about $800) is included in invoice. Not sure if your state has a nominal "tire fee" or other mandated fee but it is your responsibility to find out if they are legit.

    - Have them email you an invoice that describes the vehicle, its options and its accessories.

    - TDA, Holdback, Added Dealer Markup and other fees are BS!

    - Once the parameters for sale are set, visit dealer. If you ask for OTD, you are asking to get taken advantage of.

    - Additional accessories like Crossbars, Chrome Exhaust Tip, Cargo Cover, Mats, etc are legit, just make sure you get those at invoice prices as well. Don't pay for Rustproof, Paint Protection, etc.

    - In summary, ask for under invoice. If you can't get under invoice in your area after calling every dealer's internet dept, then you have to pay what they are quoting. Life goes on. I'm lucky, in SoCal we get great pricing. At least you are not in SE of US, because they get hammered with $800 doc fee, $500 TDA, forced options, etc. on top of way above invoice pricing and have no choice in the matter.

    - If you have great credit, walk into a couple major banks and ask for a car loan before visiting dealer.

    - When you get to dealer, the internet sales guy might try to sell you on window etching or rustproofing, just politely decline. Then the finance person will try to sell you on gap insurance, extended warranty, etc, again, politely decline. Look over the paperwork before signing to make sure every pricing line item matches your expectation. Sign papers, inspect vehicle for dings before accepting delivery and drive off knowing you received the best deal you can get in your area.

    - Handle any way you like but my way is the right way. Yes, I am being blunt but I hope others reading this will heed my proven advice instead of getting confused by amateur buyer musings. Good luck.
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    edited October 2010
    If you shop over or under invoice you are asking for problems. Everyone pays an OTD price that is what matters.
    Shop OTD price we all pay it.
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    OTD is what it really costs you.

    An example where invoice fails, is that if you buy in another state where the invoice may be different and the sales tax may be different. So for example you might buy the vehicle that is more expensive relative to invoice, but pay substantially less sales tax. I recommend MSRP just to make sure you are getting offers on the exact same vehicle. Another factor is the trade in vehicle, where one dealers may offer you substantially more than the lower cash price vehicle. Again, OTD is what really matters
  • fxoffroadfxoffroad Posts: 67
    edited October 2010
    I agree with g35halo 100%…

    Out the Door prices really don't mean jack unless your define OTD before (someone elses') local/state sales tax and other fees that have no bearing on your vehicle. OTD is bogus and just another way to be fooled about pricing.

    Edmunds provides pricing information including the destination charge. Edmunds (and others) don't provide OTD numbers because… well if you can't figure it out, then OTD prices are for you.

    jb_turner & tangman: you two are a salesman's dream - cuz you've got "sucker" written all over your forehead.
  • If you actually have a specific price paid or buying experience, please feel free to post it..


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  • kumataekumatae Posts: 1
    edited October 2010
    I got quoted $33,400 OTD for following 2011 SR5. It has convenience package (3rd row seats), cargo cross bars and floor mats. From what I can see from the car report, there is a destination charge of $810, TDA $660, Dealer Holdback $626 and Financial reserve of $312. Dealer cost is $32528.60, so I'm paying just slightly under $900. Thinking hard about pulling the trigger. Just waiting for another quote to compare.
  • Not sure if this helps, but for comparison purposes, I just bought a '11 SR5 for a similar price at Boch in Norwood, MA (rough experience....but I'm pleased with the price), including convenience package (no third row) but with heated leather installed, cargo cross bars (amazing that these are extra now), mats, for $33,000 + TTR. My own financing. DLR msrp $35,113; not sure about invoice though, so I based my offer on Edmunds TMV to get a gut check on invoice.
  • Bought a 2011 Magnetic Gray SR5-4WD with premium package (leather, blue tooth etc.), moon roof, running boards, mats, towing ball, 3M paint shield, paint sealant and Nitrogen filled tires (a gimmick in my opinion) for $33,200 +TTL from Ray Brandt Toyota in Metairie, LA. They were the only dealer in this area to have it in stock and gave a good price to start the negotiating process. Got financing from the dealer at 2.60% pa, but that was because they wanted to beat the 2.99% pa I had from my Credit Union. Also, got the 8y/100k extended warranty for $1039 extra, a price that they matched which I had got from Midwest Motors in KS.

    Basically, I think I got a good deal, but spent a lot of time researching the market and the prices.

    MODERATOR - if publishing the dealer's name is against the board rules, please delete that reference. Thank you.
  • Dealership names are perfectly fine.... and welcome!


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  • Sounds like a good deal. What was the MSRP with all the options?
  • It was around $37,620 or something. The actual invoice price was very close to $34,300 ish.

    I think their bigger profit was in the trade-in I made. I sold them my 2003 Honda Pilot with 70250 miles for $6275. It was fine except needed three new tires, balance, align and some paint touch up. Inside was very clean.
    Blackbook value: $4,010 - $6,745 valued it around $7,200 ish.
    Edmunds and Kbb was higher, but the max that I got at other dealers was $6275 and I let RayBrandt have it at that price. However, they said that they will not send it to auction but recondition it and sell it in their used lot. I think their profit is there.

    Good luck with your search, if you are in the market.
  • Traded a 2010 taco on a 11 runner...
    Taco - SR5 prerunner, low miles, towing, JBL and Bluetooth
    Runner - SR5, third row, backup camera, running boards, tint, all weather mats
    OTD Diff of $8100 including 7% GA tax, tag, and title

    works out to able 24000 trade and 31000 for the runner...

    Heavy on the trade.
  • Just bought 2011 SR5 Magnetic Grey 4x4 with Premium Package + Moon Roof + Cross Bars + Floor Mats + Auto Dimmer Mirror with Camera for $32904. That is before Proc Fee ($379) and taxes.
    OTD $34415
    I believe that is $1200 below invoice.
    This in Washington DC Area
  • Hello, I'm new to this forum. I am in the market for a white 2011 4runner limited w/nav, says that the msrp is $42,065 and invoice is $38,649. I'm located in the Chicagoland area. I'm wondering if anyone has purchased a limited in my area, if so from where, and what was the purchase price and options. I'm trying to figure out what would be a good purchase price before ttl. Thanks in advance for any help.
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