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Nissan Murano Maintenance and Repair



  • mreimermreimer Posts: 3
    Hello I have a 2003 murano and I love it! The only thing that I wish I could turn off is the TPM sensors. I live in Stienbach Mb CA and the temperature changes here so drastically fast my sensors go off all the time even though the tire pressure stays the same! The beep is sooooo annoying! any tips on tuning them off of anything along those lines?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    the temperature changes here ... even though the tire pressure stays the same!

    How is that possible? Can the pressure gauge be faulty?

    tidester, host
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  • mreimermreimer Posts: 3
    Well thats the only thing I can think of that it would be! And intead of changing the sensors and it possibly not being the issue I would rather not spend the $750.00. So I would rather just shut them off if I could.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    I would rather not spend the $750.00.


    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,203
    Next time you have your tires rotated ask if they can disable the system. Each wheel sends data but you only know at least one tire is low -- not which one.
  • easym1easym1 Posts: 218
    The relationship between pressure and temp is constant. If the temp increases, the pressure increases too or P/T=K. This explains the fluctuation.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Yes, pressure varies directly with temperature, provided neither the volume nor density of the gas changes! However, the original problem was that the pressure reading did not change with temperature. That's why a faulty pressure sensor was suspected.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Still suffering along with our 2003 murano, can't afford to unload it. Do any of you have experience with the CD maintenance computer program for troubleshooting the murano. I see that there are several available via ebay and was wondering if anyone has actually used one? if so, what's the best? Appreciate any help. Thanks.
  • I just bought a Murano 2009. I found it will slided backward on a slight slop even the shift is at forward position.

    There is a slight slop in front of my garage. Yesterday drove back to home. I first stepped on the break to wait for the garage door to open. When I released the break, the car start to slide backward. I used my another car Lincoln Zephyr to test in the same situation, and it went forward without accelerating.

    I'm wondering if this is a big problem or all Murano will do same.
  • Can any one guide me with the following issues which i experience from my Murano...

    1)low pick up (when the car run over a speed breaker and then applying gas/when slow down and den give gas)
    2)hissing noise when applying gas similar to leakage on exhaust
    3)feel roughness especially when car is driven immediately after starting
    4)charcoal smell occassianlly especially when a/c switch on for out flow of air
    5) Service Engine signal comes often and goes off. Error code 0442/0455 diagnosed and was reset earlier by the dealer.
    6) Rattle noise on the driver side dash

    If any one could guide me what is the issue, i would appreciate.
  • Hi Goodays,

    I too had experienced a similar incident but just the reverse of what u had experienced...My office has a basement parking. The slope to the basement is very steep. I parked the car near the parking entrance and used the remote (swap) and moved forward towards the bar.. however it didnt open..when i put the reverse gear (R) and lifted my leg from brake the car rolled towards the entrance instead of moving backwards and i really got scared... I checked with the dealer who had no answer to my question...
  • jenahljenahl Posts: 3
    My 2007 Murano has been doing the same thing since new, took it to the dealer and they said that it's normal to experience a slight rollback when on a slope. So far no problems at all with the Murano at a solid 90 000 miles of hard driving.
  • I see that there is no discussion of tie rod ends failures. Has anyone had any premuture failure of tie rod ends on Muranos? I have a 2004 with 52K mile. I had to replace both outer tie rods last month. Could this failure be due out of balance ties that was insatlled on my car 11 months ago at BJ's? I took it back four times and finally gave up. I just took the car in for tire rotation at another BJ's and sure enough they were all off, apparently the store which installed the tires did not know how to balance the tires. Long story but I won't go there. Anyone else with tire rod ends problems?
  • ljetteljette Posts: 19
    I have an '05 Murano. I haven't had to replace tie rods, but I have had to replace wheel bearings on both sides. I have 95,000 miles. This is an expensive car to maintain.
  • I bought a used 2004 Murano with 53K miles 6 monthes ago
    I have now 63K miles
    Last month I replaced the battery and door actuator.
    On Monday noon the car did not start.
    Engine cranks but it doesn’t start.
    I had the car towed to Goodyear.
    The mechanics had worked on all my cars and are trsuwordy.
    They couldn’t figure it out.
    They tried different spark plugs and remove the catalytic converter.
    Engine compression is good
    No computer error codes.
    They can start the car with 2 spark plus in.
    If they covet the spark plugs or add another plug in doesn’t start.
    They suspected a computer module but cannot get one with the option to return it.
    They had it towed to Nissan.
    The dealer did the same tests and is at a loss.
    Their mechanic worked on it for 2 days and call Nissan CA.
    They told him that they cannot help him.
    The dealer said that he cannot just replace the main compute since he is not allowed to put it back in stock.
    They called other Nissan dealers to see if they have a 2004 Murano to “borrow” the computer and try it
    No one has one in the Atlanta area
    He doesn’t think it is the computer since there are no error codes.
    The only error code is CVT related and he thinks that the error has nothing to do with the problem, since the engine has to run in order to test the CVT.
    They said that they don’t know what to do!
    They want to try replacing the computer (at a $1000 cost to me) weather it resolves the issue or not.
    If it doesn’t work, he wants to try to put in a new harness at a $3600 cost and if it doesn’t help a new engine.
    They said that they had never seen this problem.
    They can start the car with 2 spark plugs, but covering the spark plugs or adding another one and the engine dies.
    It looks like back pressure but he removed the catalytic convertor.
    Any suggestions ?
  • judemjudem Posts: 1
    I realize your message is old, but I still want to comment. I am so sorry for the 3 teachers. I just bought my '05 Murano from my sister and have had serious hydroplaning problems, even driving 23-30 MPH, particularly when the pavement is smooth and there is some standing water. Although my tires still have reasonable tread, I plan to replace them and am looking for the most reliable tires for this SUV. I too am interested to hear if anyone else has this problem. Ny Murano is NOT AWD, which may be the issue.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,203
    Your problem is tires. I never wait til the tread is almost gone --- check the online tire stores for your size and look how they are rated by customers. You can buy locally unless the deal is good enough to have them mounted etc. Look at goodrich-firestone-bridgestone sears [expensive] etc. You will be very happy with new shoes. they make firestone destination le's for the murano -- have a set on my jeep and they do great on wet roads. Think they are on sale. My son just got a set of destination at's for his durango -- very happy.
  • I have recently took my nissan murano to the shop and mechanic could not figure out what was wrong with it. Well days ago on my way to work my car started acting up and i was the ABS brake light come on and it felt my car wanted to turn off like it was hesitating to go. so then i turned the car off and pumped the brakes a few times and turned the car back on and it started and drove well. That day took it to a mechanic and he drove it around and cleaned everything and did a computer diagnostic on it and he said it was nothing, so then i get my car back and the next day it starts doing the same thing and now i dont know what to do and dont want to spend money if i dont have to, im a single parent. So do any one of you have a clue of whats going on in my car? thank you.
  • Does anyone know how to get to the brake light and replace it! I hate this car
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    Maybe something's wrong with me, but questions like this make me wonder: "Do you have a Nissan dealer within 50 miles or even a car shop?"
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