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Nissan Murano Maintenance and Repair



  • gem_timgem_tim Posts: 5
    I have a power prob with my Murano and was wondering if anyone had seen it or had any suggestions on what to look for before I sacraficed my baby to the dealer. Anyway I have a 2005 SL AWD. All of my power outlets are not working. The cigarette lighter, the one in the storage compartment and the one in the rear of the vehicle. I think what could have caused it was I bought a Belkin charger for my Ipod and that may have something to do with it. I looked at the fuses for these outlets in the dash fuse box and they looked fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated

  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    The connection to the charger and now failure of plug in outlets is probably correct. Even if you have visually checked fuses, you may well have missed a tiny break in one, as you know how small they are and the interruption can be less than lmm. The dealer with a fuse/circuit tester should find it easily. Let us know. JB
  • orangelebaronorangelebaron Posts: 435
    I have a 2003 Murano with 39,000 miles. Last year the AC wouldn't work unless I restarted the car and tried again. Now it won't work anymore at all.
  • jodyrojodyro Posts: 2
    After taking the car back to the same dealer 6 times (Woodfield Nissan, Schaumburg, IL) They finaly told me get my car and leave - they cant find it or fix it. He implied nothing is wrong and pretty much said that I shouldnt show up there agian without the car actively malfunctioning.

    I called Nissan and asked them what I should do. The customer service person said they couldnt help me unless I could make it do it for the dealer. I told him the car was unsafe and I need it fixed. He said he couldnt do anything about it again. I asked if I need a lawyer to get this resolved and he said I could do that or fax him all the repair reports and they would consider repurchasing the car.

    A few days latter it happened again near another dealer (Elgin, IL) It was about quarter to six and there was one mechanic who was there late who drove the car and deamed it undrivable. He would not even give it back to me to get home. They got me a rental car and determined it was a valve body problem. They said there was a service bullitin on it and they didnt know why the other dealer couldnt figure it out. When they started replacing the valve body they determined that the transmission was screwed up as well, so now I am getting a new transmission.

    Hopefully all will go well after this repair. I doubt I would get a Nissan again, mainly because of how I was treated by the first dealer and the nissan customer service rep.
  • The ac is now fixed. A line to the ac was cracked...maybe or maybe not due to minor ($16,000) car accident in which the tranny had to be replaced a year and a half ago.
    The tranny was on it's way out anyway because it was vibrating like a sewing machine a week before the front corner came in contact with a minivan that was driven through a stop sign.
    This Murano is very comfortable... but not sure it is the best car made. Might have to get rid of it.
  • ladynoleladynole Posts: 1
    Please tell me what year your Murano is. We have a 2003 Murano with 75,000 miles. It is only 32 months old and the transmission went. I am trying to find everyone who had problems with their transmission. We were having the same problems as the recall with the jumping in great but our VIN was not in the recall series. Now we are facing a $4,000 bill unless I can prove others had problems with the transmission. We only drive highway miles, but drive on average 77 miles a day. We have never towed anything to put a strain on the transmission. I called US Department of Transportation and they said the average life span of a transmission is 12 years or 128,000 miles. I think Nissan has a problem they don't want to fix because you have to take the whole frame off to get to the transmission. UGH!
  • homeounerhomeouner Posts: 145
    Certainly all the complaints filed by owners of MO s are on file W/ the Nissan corp. or should be in order to get TPS corrected in a timely fashion. Does the trans. have a code for "all" malfunctions. As some posters have to insist some thing is wrong before the dealership is enlightened or motivated to fix the problem. I have heard Nissan s were good trouble free cars but one never really knows until yours goes wrong. My MO has 28,500 miles and no problems yet, except it dieing and coming back to a good life so far.
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    One of the above posts sure sounds like Throttle position failure to this veteran of the problem, advised of it by this site, and armed with that information, told a dealer to replace it at 7,500 miles (05). At 20,000 that is the only problem the vehicle has had. I read these posts and wonder if CVT transmissions are being blamed for TPS failures...if so, that is a sad story, as my dealership has had only 2 CVT failures, one due to improper fluid going in at JiffyLube and the other, going off-road, cracking on a rock, and losing all fluid. Just how many TPS failures it takes for a recall, or how many Nissan is aware of...who knows. I do know that lack of acceleration is extremely dangerous if it happens on a merging freeway situation. Mine fortunately occurred on a rural road a mile from home.
    Two items: April 2006 Consumers Reports in its Annual Auto Murano 05 and beyond almost all solid red balls...perfect, and gives it a checklist right up there with Hondas. Also, FYI, Toyota last week recalled ONE MILLION vehicles over a spectrum of 10 different models, for poor metallurgy in the steering arms, which had led to over 20 spontaneous cracks, fractures and failure to steer. So, it appears that nobody is perfect anymore. I do believe that "made in Japan" is the label to look for...check out that Consumers for reliability records..the vehicles made even by Nissan, in Smyrna, Tennessee don't compare in quality to Japanese-standards, and the Volkswagens, most all made in Mexico, have failing ratings, across the board. Buyer beware. John B. Calif.
  • If there is a major problem that a corporation knows about (and I'm not saying that there is), I'm sure they tell their employees not to admit it to the public. The CVT on my Murano started vibrating at around 24,000 miles.

    Please give us specifics as to where this information about Japanese cars made in the USA and German cars made in Mexico having more problems than their counterparts made in Japan and Germany? This is nonsense and I don't know where you get your information. Most problems arise because of poor vehicle design and engineering and management. What does an assembly line worker in Mexico have to do with Jetta windows falling down because cheap plastic clips were specified? Blame an assembly line worker in Ohio because a transmission fails in an Accord? Did the assembly line worker design the transmission?

    My Subaru was put together in Indiana and put together very well. Any problems with it have nothing to do with it being made in the USA.
  • maineguymaineguy Posts: 6
    I also had the tank shield installed on my 2003 Japanese built 4WD SE. It looks awful and it has decreased my mileage due the the extra drag. I called Nissan's 800 number and after speaking the the rep in India, I was transferred to some "specialist" in California. I was told that there were no complaints about the looks or the mileage issue with this new shield. I explained to him that there were many complaints all over Murano forum and that this shield has actually altered the EPA mileage rating due to the increased drag. All I was told was that is was my imagination and there was nothing that could or would be done. Nice customer service!

    I was one of the people that had the alternator quit while driving and I have also found, like Consumer Reports did, that the power steering pump does not give enough boost while at idle.

    While I like the comfort of the vehicle I am very unhappy with some of the design flaws (FM radio reception, Dash lights brightness, gas tank shield, power steering pump) and the fact that Nissan refuses to accept any responsibility for the problems. My only other experience with Nissan was my 1978 Datsun 810 wagon which I loved. I hoped the Murano would be as nice as I went into it from a wonderful Camry. I am not sure if any other company is better but I do not think I will buy another Nissan product based on this experience with my Murano.
  • convert1convert1 Posts: 1
    I have just purchased an 03 Murano, I was wondering what kind of fuel you all burn? Dealer told me premium was a must any advice. I also noticed that you guys have been discussing a fix for the fuel tank Issue is this a recall?
  • rossfrarossfra Posts: 1
    Yesterday I got the same news. $4,000 for a transmission. 71000 miles, 2.5 years. I have called Nissan Consumer affairs. They said they woudl get back to me in a couple of days. Certainly a problem, probably only with the 2003s. Have you made any progress on your end ?

    Thank you
    rossfra :cry:
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    I respect orangelebaron's comments concerning my thoughts on specifics. VWs made in Mexico are not the fault of the laborers, but of design, manufacture, quality assurance and parts. However, admittedly without verifiable sources, only observation and reading of multiple articles, I cannot give exact data, and I accept that criticism. There is no question, however, that VWs made in Wolfsburg, Germany were impressive, reliable and durable; the current overseas (Mexico) VWs rated by Consumers Reports are all black balls...Nevertheless, OLB's observations that cheap parts and sloppy design are at fault, rather than where made is very valid and I accept his conclusions. Today, Nissan instructed its dealers not to sell Altima or Sentra vehicles...CBS radio 1PM June 3...over 20 engine fires have occurred. I will not comment on where or who made those models. I believe we all are in agreement that cars can be sloppily made, poorly designed and we, the consumer, seem to be the test rats in the cages. Thanks.
  • augusta2augusta2 Posts: 9
    The transmission went on my 2003 Murano at 38,000 miles. I had continuous acceleration problems and the dealer finally decided to have one of the technicians drive it home. The car completely died on him and it had to be towed. It took 2 weeks to be fixed, then the transfer case went. They gave me a loaner for the entire time, so I was lucky.
  • augusta2augusta2 Posts: 9
    Forgot to add that this was all covered under warranty.
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    Documenting my comments above: June 3, LA Times: "Nissan halted North American sales of some 100,000 4 cylinder Altima and Sentra models because of 215 reports of excessive oil use associated with 17 engine fires and one minor injury. Altimas were built in Smyrna, TN and Canton, MS, their Mexico factory in Aguascalientes built the Sentra models. The sales halt comes amid Nissan's push this year to improve the quality of its North American-made cars." I know this is not a Murano issue, but it IS a Nissan issue, and shows orangelebaron was correct that bad cars can come from US and foreign assembly lines.
  • duke28duke28 Posts: 5
    This may seem strange, it seems odd to me but I am having a big problem filling up the tank with gas. I bought a 2006 Murano S last month and the gas tank has been replaced twice and I'm still having problems. The tank stops filling up, clicks and then it takes a several seconds before you can try again. Sometimes it catches and fills, sometimes it doesn't and gas spits out. I've had several cars in the past and never had this problem. Is anyone else experiencing these problems? Help!
  • duke28duke28 Posts: 5
    I'm having this same problem. I bought a 2006 Murano 1 month ago and have had the gas tank replaced twice already. I've taken the car to several different gas stations and I still have the same problem. The dealership even suggested I try the gas station they use and one of the Service Technicians went with me and it still happened. The service dept. says it could be the gas stations I go to, the way I'm holding the nozzle, etc. That's ridiculous. THey don't know why it's happening. I'm going to call Nissan Corporate tomorrow to complain about this. Did you get any resolution to this problem yet?
  • easym1easym1 Posts: 218
    Regular Unleaded is the fuel recommended in our Nissan booklet but mid-range or premium was supposed to give you better performance. But I tried the mid-range fuel and there is no difference in performance. With the high fuel price, I won't waste my money on fuel other than regular.
  • easym1easym1 Posts: 218
    Would you be able to open another page for "POST YOUR MURANO MILEAGE HERE"?
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