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Nissan Murano Maintenance and Repair



  • pf2001pf2001 Posts: 110
    Thanks for the info. I was searching as well to replace my 04 SL tires when the time comes but there is not alot of options out there. I know Michelin makes a tire as well. There is a previous post about the Michelins.
  • Hi: changed the cabin air filter last cite. At most, a five minute job for the experienced. Empty the box, the filter housing can be seen if you look over the top of the box when open.

    The cover is white plastic about 11/2"x 6"-7" long W/ two push to open tabs, and sits on top of the fan, but difficult to get to W/O removing the box. Move the seat back for work room. The black hinge pins have a lever on them for ease of removal. I used a thin bladed screw driver to pry the pins out. The ends have split ends to keep them in place. With pins out turn the box to get the guide knobs out of there slots. A thin black cord that operates the light is nor very strong so do not let the box hang ,support it with something in order not to pull it loose from the right side of the box. If it pulls out I see its re-connecting will be very difficult. My filter after 38,000 miles was loaded W/ a lot of dirt. Since it is so easy to get to I tapped it and used air to remove the dirt, until I get around to buying a new one. Its really flimsy so be careful.
  • I too had the problem with no help from Nissan.

    My dealer called me on this week on a service bulletin that just came out on the brakes.
    It is the front brakes that squeek not the rear.
    They removed pads, found totors glazed and Puds having build up of Brake dust. Resurfaced front rotors cleaned all hardware.

    So far no noise!
  • Hi,

    Can't believe yet another RECALL on the 2005 Murano! Has anyone gotten this steering wheel lock recall completed yet? Any tips? Looks like it is specific for those with intelligent key. Not so intelligent, I guess! ;)

    Thanks in advance!
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    I thought I would weigh in today, having seen a gorgeous Hyundai Santa Fe parked at our Fitness Center...for all the world, a Murano-Lexus copy. For fun, I went to to look at Problems and Fixes for this vehicle. Guess what:
    a littany of problems: doors won't close, poor mileage, noisy interior, faulty electronics, radio failures, windshield wiper failure, won't shift..stuck in park, and on and on. I wonder at these comments, and now that our Muranos are down to occasional TPS and CVT failures, I wonder if we don't have (looking also at Toyota/Honda SUV blogs) as good a model as there is...somebody tell me if I am wrong. And, caveat: if you keep your car past warranty, I don't care which brand you own..a modern hunk of electronic stuff banging over today's highways...needs an extended warranty. I did the research..and am still in Nissan's corner and will keep our 2005 when the lease runs out in 18 months, unless it really "turns on me". John B from Twain Harte.
  • A few days ago I posted about changing the cabin air filter. A new one is $35.00 at the dealer while a filter for the engine air intake $10.12. When comparing the two the cabin the cabin should cost no more than $7.00-$8.00, its really flimsy W/ not much to it. Its $12.28 at the popular parts stores.
  • hi all posters, in post #1699 on changing the cabin air filter I talked about the black cord fastened to the right side of the G box,as being for the light, its or the counter balance spring. I must have pulled too hard on it when I was changing the filter as it pulled loose from its clamp a ew days later and the door opens too fast and should be held when opening it. To refasten the cord I had to remove the entire door and frame assembly. Remove four screws at the top and three at the bottom and pull he right frame out, held in W a spring clip. The cord runs to a spring in a cylinder mounted to the top of the box frame. pull it out and clamp the metal ferril behind the screw head. The instructions in the Purolator filter box tell the installer of the filter to remove the frame assembly so as not to pull out the spring cord. Mabey after all of this the $ 25.00 labor charge at thee dealership is worth the money, but I

    'I" m retired and have plenty of time.
  • I've seen a few messages posted about this topic, but not many replies. I'm frustrated because my dealer tells me that issues with blowing fuses associated to remote car chargers is a "known issue" and that it cannot be fixed. They provided specific step by step instructions in an effort to avoid blowing the fuse, but it didn't work. I called another dealer and they also confirmed that this is a known issue and that I should use an original OEM charger for my phone.
    How can a charger that works in every car on the planet, not work in the Murano?
  • ljetteljette Posts: 19
    I have brought my 2005 Murano back to the dealer 9 times for the air bag light!It keeps coming on,they fix it(so they say) ,I get it home and in a matter of months and sometimes weeks that darn light is back on.They have replaced all the parts and the computer for it in the past and this morning it's back on.It's driving me crazy because I don't think I'm protected with the airbags if the light is on.Any advice out there??? :(
  • njmedicnjmedic Posts: 18
    I have a problem with the "service engine soon" light. I've noticed that when I need an oil change (I follow the recommended guidelines for changing the oil) it comes on. If I don't use the dealership for this, and I often go where it is cheaper, the light stays on afterward for about a week or two, sometimes more. I'm sure the dealership would reset it but it means finding the time to go there and get it done.

    Also, my remote charger in the center console is not working. It's a nusiance to find this out on a trip when our granddaughter needed to plug in her DVD player...It's frustrating to read that Nissan knows about these problems but can't seem to fix them permanently.

    Has anyone else had to replace the plate which covers part of the exhaust system in the front underside of the vehicle? I found out the hard way that it rides low and if you inadvertantly bump a parking lot divider or hot a really deep, unexpected pothole, it cracks and costs $150 to replace. I am on my third replacement and am a cautious driver in this regard...aaaarrrrghh!
  • I just leased a 2006 Murano S AWD. It has a roof rack with cross beems. I quickly noticed that at about 40 MPH and faster there was an unacceptable amount of wind noice around the roofline - it almost sounds like an slightly opened sunroof - which I don't have. I took it to the dealer and of course they said it was the position of the antenna on the roof. After I laughed, they took it for a test drive and agreed about the roof - wind noise.

    I then removed the 2 cross beams and the wind noise has been reduced by about 80%. I also have Goodyear Tires which create in my opinion eccessive road noise.

    Am I just over sensative or has anyone had the same issues? I just turned in a Ford Freestyle Xover and other than an underpowered V6, that thing was very very quiet!What softer tires should I put on this vehicle as well?
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    Cross beams on roof racks cause noise. My Pathfinder did the same until I slid the cross pieces all the way to the back of the track where the driver can hardly hear them whining. The earlier Muranos (I have an 03) did not have cross beams, only side pieces and there is no roof noise, but front tranny and motor are definitely louder in the cabin than "luxury" cars like Audi or BMW.
    On tires: there are not a whole lot of choices out there. My tire dealer states that a year from now, there may be more brands for Murano, such as Cooper, which has been great on the Pathfinder, made in USA.The original equipment Goodyears are going to need replacing for me at about 30,000, but I see posts on TIRE RACK that they have served 50,000 for others. We drive curvy mountain roads with rough asphalt, not straight-ahead freeways 80% of the time. I think they are poor in snow, have worn quickly and are noisy, but the Murano with FWD/AWD has a lot of front end cabin noise no matter what. I noticed that moving from the quiet but totally unreliable 01 Audi A6 to Murano. Tires will make some difference, but not fix it completely.
    Michelin has an excellent and expensive tire called Cross Terrain SUV All Season with a wear rating of 8.1, a noise of 8.6 and 8/10 buyers would "Probably" buy it again. Tires list for $167 each, add mounting and pressure stems...try 180 x 4! Pirelli makes the Scorpion Ice and Snow which is not that aggressive a tread that it can't be used for daily driving...wear 8.5, noise 8.3, would buy again "definitely" 9/10 buyers. ($155 plus misc = 170 x 4) I doubt, even though they are cheaper, that I will buy Goodyears. Drive the Goodyears till they need replacing, then check. There may well be many more choices as this 235/65TR18 size becomes more widespread in use. John B
  • mritermriter Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 Murano AWD SL with 45k miles. Today without warning it started dying on me when I put it into gear. It was towed to the dealership, the torque converter was froze and the transmission is trashed. It's covered under the power train warranty and Hummel's Nissan in Des Moines is taking great care of me. I'm posting to see if others have had the same problem or if this is a fluke.
  • easym1easym1 Posts: 218
    Did they check the TPS before deciding it's the transmission?
  • whitallwhitall Posts: 187
    I don't know much about all this, but I've followed enough to know a lot of people have TPS problems. My quetion is this though....if at 45,000 miles the dealership is willing to put in a new trans, wouldn't you take it, even if the real problem is the TPS??? In the process would the TPS get replaced as well?
  • mritermriter Posts: 2
    I'm don't know what TPS is. I spoke to the dealership today and he said once the torque converter freezes up both it and the transmission have to be replaced. He did tell me that they have seem only seen this happen a few times. I'm concerend about it happening again after the warranty is expired.
  • Thanks for the information. Sounds like you know of what you speak in terms of the roof rack and cabin noise.

    I can't believe designers don't or can't figure these things out ahead of time in testing.

    As far as tires, I only have about 500 miles on the car and am goign to contact the dealer to see if I can get them's worth a try.
  • easym1easym1 Posts: 218
    If they replace the trans and discover the fault was TPS right after, they will surely replace it...otherwise, once you drive your car and got the same problem, you'll ralize they change the wrong part. I believe that the bigger repair that the dealership does, the more money they can make..either from you or the car manufacturer.
  • homeounerhomeouner Posts: 145
    I ordered the metal protector Nov. 12 06. The first order was rejected, and a special order resent. The part arrived at Victory Nissan on Jan. 7 07. The parts dept. kept following up on the order till it arrived. The installation was very easy, two bolts and one push in fastener. The wraparound protector will be an effective protector and not be noticed. It cost me $28.00.
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    Good going! The metal shield is worth fighting for and you have a great dealer to go to bat for you...$28.00. For others with the Hang Down Plastic, you can check my post #1599 in which the part numbers are listed. Homeouner's experience proves the metal contour shields exist. John B
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