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Nissan Murano Maintenance and Repair



  • My 2003 Murano has 36,000 km and has been great up until last December. Then it started to sound very rough when the engine was under load, going uphill, or accelerating. Car still accelerated properly. When stopped at the traffic lights there was a slight vibration in the gas pedal. Could also feel it in the seat.

    Took car to Nissan dealer who said "no engine codes". Claimed it was the fan belts. Replaced the fan belts. Called to say that all engine fluids needed replacement. Replaced everything. Charged me $1005.

    My son picked the car up and it was sounding almost the same as when it went in when he brought it home. I waited 3 days before I could not stand it anymore. Car felt like a 15 year old car. I had a J30 with the same engine which my son now drives and it feels much better. Took it back to the dealer who test drove it and said it was now 3 years old and I should expect it to start sounding rough.

    Is this what a 3 year old Murano should feel like. I have read all of the posts and have not seen anybody with teh same symptoms. I have read the TPS but it has different symptoms. Anybody got any suggestions,
  • pf2001pf2001 Posts: 110
    I was thinking of purchasing the oem brake pads via the web and then take them to a shop to have the brakes changed. Does anyone know of a site that sells oem brake pads for the Mo?

  • I just bought a 2003 SL Murano and I too have the same noise problem when making a right hand turn. The previous owner had taken the vehicle to the dealership several times and each time they replaced something such as Strut and other steering components but still haven't been able to figure our what exactly causes it. I am thinking of taking it to another mechanic but not sure if he will be able to pick it up. Did you have any luck on finding a solution. I would greatly appreciate if you could advise me.
  • I don't have an answer to this one but you might want to contact Car Talk (Click and Clack) on NPR. These types of questions are right up their alley. Call 1-888-227-8255 and see what happens. This is an on the air program so they will call you back, if they do decide to work on a solution, usually mid-week. Shows are broadcast on weekends on Public Radio. You could also access their web site, Car Talk-google search for address, and see if there is a solution there. :shades:
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    Gotta say I am very impressed with this vehicle for the 3+ weeks I've had it. I topped off the tank after the first 100 miles, drove it another 250 miles, checked with a calculator (miles/fuel purchased), and happily got 20.3 mpg 95% around town. The trip computer was only .4 mpg optimistic (commendable).
    In spite of a slightly nervous ride over rough patches in the road, it is otherwise a delightfully smooth and quiet vehicle. Edmunds seems to hate the CVT but I find it smooth "as butta" and perfectly responsive.
    I'm a little concerned that the salesman/dealer stressed I keep to the 3 month oil changes. Is Nissan having engine sludge issues? I had a 2000 Toyota and remember well the commotion. (Never quite sure how that turned out, whether there was truth to it or not, and didn't keep the car long enough for it to matter.) A few years ago Consumer Reports did a report on vehicle oil changes and suggested 3k/3mo oil changes were wasteful and unnecessary.
    Love the car and plan to stick to the book, but just wondering why I got 3 reminders from the salesman to keep the oil changed. :)
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    but just wondering why I got 3 reminders from the salesman to keep the oil changed.

    Perhaps it's just a courtesy and he keeps forgetting he already told you? ;)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I'd probably do a 3000/3 month cycle especially if you do a lot of stop and go driving or drive in a dirty/dusty environment such as country or desert. Stick with major brand oil change places, don't have to use Nissan. Change your filter with each change of oil. I have an 03 with 84000 miles and no oil usage.
  • ljetteljette Posts: 19
    I get my oil and filter changed every 3000 miles.The dealerdhip will do it for free for the life of my car,as I bought it new,there.Check into to it.
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    2005 Murano, 27K, wife car, school, shops, short trips..but at 5000 feet High Sierra with many snow days. Perfect except for TPS 7K diagnosed thanks to this site's advice, under warranty. City 19mpg, flat land highway 23, regardless of octane.
    Turning noise: a thought..sometimes on a hard tight turn an inside edge, usually rear, of tire, rubs against wheelwell housing. Have it with 01 Pathfinder because I put slightly larger tires on it, but can also happen with MO if underinflated and car is loaded. Just a thought...
    Rough idling: no excuses...engines should be smooth and quiet. Try adding fuel-injector cleaner to tank when it is just 1/2 full. Also, for that one half tank, go with the highest octane. If that solves it, add the injector cleaner at EVERY oil change and use the lower octane..which at 500 feet, is, definitely, not as smooth, at least for mine. Oil Change: 3,500 to 4,000 with new filter is probably adequate for city or towing. Cheapest way to avoid expensive engine fixes. I have used Oil Can Henry, Jiffy Lube and Lube Express as well as dealer at 5K, 15K and 25K and have never had a problem. Caveat: before you drive away, check the dip stick to be sure they remembered to add oil. That little detail can ruin your day. I have been there with a Chevy dealer.
    CVT: they work, are smooth and are becoming common transmissions for Nissan as well as other major brands. NEVER EVER let anyone "add" regular Automatic Trans Fluid to your Murano. It needs special Nissan CVT stuff at your dealer (every 30K).
    Tire rotation: 7,500 is a good number. This service is really necessary, as the front tires will wear faster, since they are the basic pulling power for MO. Tire stores charge nothing or very little, as they value you as a future customer. Once you purchase tires there, all rotations should be free. Balancing every 7.5 is not necessary at rotation, unless you have steering wheel vibrations. Balance and alignment if free, is great; otherwise do it when you buy new tires.
    Thanks to all who contribute to info on this saved me on the TPS back in 2005, and helped get the famous tank shield which was a fun experience in corporate politics, and I got the metal version. All in all, MO is a neat vehicle...complicated and smarter than most of the dealers who "fix" it...or try to. John B...Twain Harte, CA
  • i have been on this board since the very begining, and some of you may recognize my name.

    this post is to warn everyone that they purchase the factory warranty at their own risk.

    today, i brought in my 03 murano w/ 36,000miles since the brakepedal no longer went back and forth (up and down). just the accel works.

    i have a nissan 10 year 70,000 plus gold zero deductible plan which clearly covers this component.

    dealer says the repair not covered per plugging in the part number. you can look at another thread on this board, apparantely this is not an abberation or an isolated event.

    the repair however is clearly covered. a call to nissan elicited that even if the part is not mentioned in as an excluded repair, it can still be excluded. this is scary stuff since in the end, if nissan doesn't want to cover the repair, you are stuck. since in my state a service contract is governed by strict laws, will refer this problem to the appropriate agency and also to the attorney general's office.

    it will be repaired.

    but beware, nissan is not honorable.
  • accept it, they won't fix it.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    10 year 70,000 plus gold zero deductible plan which clearly covers this component

    It does not follow that every component is covered just because it is "zero deductible." What, exactly, does the warranty document say?

    To me, it sounds like a fairly minor repair. What is their proposed remedy?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • the zero ded.has nothing to do with the coverage. there is no remedy. they won't cover it, at least for now. it is not an excluded part or component, not even close. it just shows you how bogus and wastefull factor extended service contracts are.

    i found out that this is not an isolated incident. sometimes going to another dealer remedies the denial. right now, i don't have time to test that theory. also, why should the outcome be different. that alone makes one suspecisous.

    i spoke with our state's regulators today and what i was told is that often, excuses are made for non coverage.

    it is either a purposeful attempt to avoid paying claims or a miserable example of how computer systems, even if mistaken are relied upon.

    sadly, i belive it is the former since when i spoke with a nissan rep yesterday who should have been in a position to make a decison on this coverage, i was told, even if not excluded, it can be excluded. my call to that person was the opportunity to make it right. nissan is not honorable.

    just for refernce over the last 10 years, i have had two other extended service contracts on two other cars, neither with the manufacturer. in both cases, claims were paid when appropriate. only one claim was initially denied, and when it was pointed out that it was a brake repair on a sunday and that the warranty company was closed, they paid that too.

    hope that helps.
  • kst2kst2 Posts: 2
    After 3 trips to the dealer and finally getting a mechanic to come with me in the car while we drove on on-ramps and making right turns in a large parking lot, they finally found the problem in mine. It was the stablizer bar which had to be readjusted. Don't want to know why it moved in the first place, but am glad it no longer makes the noise making right hand turns.
    I had kept going to the dealer as I have the warranty coverage and while I had more faith in my local mechanic, I couldn't really afford to pay to pay out of pocket for any parts.
    Best of luck and try the stablizer bar.
  • Thanks KST2 for your feedback. I will let you know after getting the stablizer bar looked at by the Mechanic.
  • Dear KST2: Could you kindly assist me further by explaining what was done exactly by the dealer to help alleviate the problem in terms of Stablizer bar. Was the stablizer bar loose ?, was the stablizer bar replaced by the dealer ?, How exactly was the stablizer bar was re-adjusted. Anything more will help assist me in understanding the deatis. In my case, the previous owner had taken the vehicle to the dealership and the dealer said that everything was tight. I would sincerely appreciate your detailed follow up response to this one. Thanks.
  • greg0290greg0290 Posts: 2
    I don't expect them to fix it for FREE. I just want the car to run smooth and quiet again. Right now there is a booming sound and the engine is loud and rough and it is no longer pleasant to drive it.

    Nissan seem to employee a fleet of apprentices who hook up to the diagnostic machine and if there is no codes they cannot fix anything. I just need to know what it might be so I can get somebody to fix it. I know it is not the 36,000 km on the engine as I have a J30 with the same engine that my son now drives and it feels much smoother and refined than the Murano does.

    I thought that it might be timing or something but I am not a mechanic and would love to know if somebody had a similar problem and if they were able to get it fixed
  • timbo4timbo4 Posts: 30
    My brake pedal adjuster stopped working a long time ago. I suspect that a gear in the adjuster has broken. A gear in my seat adjuster also broke & that cost me $700 to repair. I can live with the pedal adjuster not working but I had to have the seat adjuster repaired. I don't think these items should fail as they aren't subject to abuse. Let me know your outcome & if you can the cost of your repair on the pedals. Thanks.
  • andytommoandytommo Posts: 33
    Ok, so the other front bearings have gone. So excited about another $400+ bill for that. My trunk handle has been sticking (normally at the most inconvenient times, like, when its 15 degrees outside, snowing and blowing a gale, your at the airport carpark trying to get your luggage out), so thats going to be about an hours labour to fix, apparently.
    But the best, the check engine light has been coming on and off intermittently for the last months, they checked it out, and apparently my car needs a new catalytic converter!! And they come in at around $1400 I believe?!

    Anybody else needed this replaced? The guy at the dealer said it might go if you don't put premium gas in. Which, a. is the first I've ever heard about that potential problem, and b. is irrelevant in my case because i've had the car since new and only 2 or 3 times have I ever not put premium gas in.

    I'm growing weary of the large repair bills for this car. Ok, I know i've put a lot of miles on it (93k in 2 1/2 yrs), but still. I think it may be time to get rid soon, which is a shame, I love driving it, and when it doesnt have any of these niggling problems, it still drives like a dream.
    -TCM replaced
    -Nav unit replaced
    -Radio unit replaced. Twice.
    -Alternator replaced
    -Fuses issue
    -Rattle from undercarriage
    -Transfer case replaced
    -Bearings x2
    -Catalytic converter

    Im sure im missing others, but u get the jist! lol
  • mcapriomcaprio Posts: 9
    Had the mudflap plastic gas tank protecter installed and recently hit something while driving on a highway in clear weather. Whatever I hit went off my front tire and went right thur the protective shield and punctured my gas tank. I have an 05 murano with 16000 miles on it. The dealer will not cover the repair because they say it is considered damage. The repair cost 900.00 dollars to replace gas tank. Filed a complaint with Nissan Consumer Affairs that is going nowwhere, can't even get them to return my phone calls.I don't think this would have happen if I had the contour metal shield installed.Any help or advice would be appreciated.
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