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Nissan Murano Maintenance and Repair



  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    After my Murano sits over-night it seems to struggle to start for 4 or 5 seconds. Then it kicks in and starts perfectly. It acts as if it's not getting fuel for the first few seconds in the morning. Any thoughts? :confuse:
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    I have noticed for many months now, a disappearance of posts concerning TPS failure and possible CVT failure...unless this is a fluke, it would appear that things have settled down. My 05 now has 30 K with absolutely no problems except the TPS at 7K and tank shield recall... I got the steel tank protector. Comments? John B
  • andytommoandytommo Posts: 33
    So as I was driving last week I noticed a rattling sound coming from somewhere behind me, to the right. When I stopped I hunted high and low for something that was loose....

    C'mon, take a guess......

    Yup, the one of the fuel tank protectors is loose and is falling off.

    Anyone know if recalls come with a warranty?
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    Was it the real deal or the plastic Hang Down Tom Dooley?
  • lwolf99lwolf99 Posts: 73
    My wife just purchased a 2007 Nissan Murano SL AWD. I have been reading about the (past) gas tank pucture issues, along with the various protective correction options.

    Does the problem of potential gas tank punctures still exist with a new 2007 model? Anything I should check?

    Thanks in advance.
  • easym1easym1 Posts: 218
    I hope that Nissan has addressed that issue by now. All those past recalls should not be an issue anymore on the 2007 models. I hope I'm right. If not, Nissan got a problem.
  • eugarpseugarps Posts: 1
    I test drove a 2007 Murano yesterday and loved it. But after reading some of the problems here, not so sure about it. Would you buy Murano again? I am very used to my no-mechanical-problems-ever Honda Accord, but would like an SUV and not too crazy about Honda's CRV or Pilot.
  • mike1111mike1111 Posts: 93
    I would buy again.I think by the 4th year the problems would be worked out.Consumer Reports still has the Murano as a best buy and i'm sure they have a larger sample group.There will always be problems here and there with any car i guess.I waited till 07 to buy and i'm glad i did.
  • fhrabetinfhrabetin Posts: 34
    No. Consider other issues such as tires. They all have to have the same amount of wear for the AWD system to work. I one is ruined due to flat/sidewall damage etc. and a new tire has too much tread then you need four, not just one or two say for the front or back to be even. I've replaced 2 sets on an '03 with 85000 miles. Otherwise once the other bugs are worked out it drives like a dream with good mileage.
  • ljetteljette Posts: 19
    I have a '05 and I am going to buy another one next year.I love this car. But I had my fair share of problems.Actually only one problem.My air bag light. I had it in for service 10 times before the regional manager recommended the electrical harness be replaced.That took care of the problem.Then Nissan of North America sent me a nice check to make up for the trouble it had caused me!You bet I'm going to buy another one.
  • aneeseaneese Posts: 7
    Yes! Ihave had a problem with my passenger door lock not working and the rear trunk doesn't seem to work consistently but I love the Murano. It has lots of room, handles great and I like the way the transmission works. I have an SL with 36000 miles if you're interested cause I want an white SE. Anyone interested in a trade?
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    I have an 05 Murano which had the tank protector recall; my dealer put on a steel protector which is now standard on 06 and beyond; I had a TPS failure at 7K which was diagnosed immediately, fixed under warranty and 30 K have had nothing but great trouble-free driving in the High Sierra snow, heat and rain.
    YES. I would buy again, indeed, this is a lease and I will buy it at the end...with an extended warranty which EVERY modern electronic car needs...try $1,000 for a window motor + labor, etc. for Chevy to Honda.
    Our Murano has been bulletproof with the above exceptions...which have now been fixed and do not appear on later models.
    Yes, tires are expensive..but try any other vehicle with rims this large...18 Inch is expensive.
    I have buddies with Audi's and BMWs which "turn on them" every month..but they seem to love them despite mainly electronic and software failures. I am not a person who endures punishment easily....
    I'll stand by the Murano..mine at 30K.... and if it fails me, and my dealer becomes indifferent... I will tell this group immediately. JNB California
  • mmmsmmms Posts: 25
    I had an '04, in the dark blue. I now have an '07 in the Glacier Pearl. I really like this one so much more. I normally didn't care for "white" vehicles, but this color really has grown on me, it doesn't show the dirt as bad as the blue one did.
    The improvements they made to the '07 really make it a pleasure to drive. They made it quieter, better sound insulation, less road noise. I thought the back up camera would have been a novelty, but I really have found it beneficial, especially in parking ramps. The cosmetic touches really class it up. Yes I would probably look at another Murano.
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    The only complaint I have had with our 05 has been the simple fact that cabin noise for front-seaters has always seemed, engine, etc are louder than my 01 Pathfinder, or the 02 Audi A6. If this has been addressed in the 07 MO, then, great...JB
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    Before I buy, I check Consumers Report's reliability rating. Murano gets a gets an average which according to them is respectable these days. I check their customer satisfaction rating which is "better than average". I never fail to come here to see if the "problems" thread has a 1000 or 10,000 messages. 1800+ is modest for a vehicle at the end of it's life-cycle. Honda Pilot has 2500+ under maintainance and repair. Both cars came out in '03 I think.
    Although I suspect Honda drivers expect zero problems and are likely to complain in larger numbers over the slightest issue, I wouldn't worry about a Murano. Most of the complaints here are small issues and there is no drum-beat of failed engines or transmissions. MHO
    BTW, if you look at the Oydessy threads you'd never buy one. ;)
  • andytommoandytommo Posts: 33
    Twas the plastic fuel-tank-protector-come-snow-plow one.

    I think if they won't put the real McCoy on for me i'll just have it taken off completely. If I happen to hit a piece of gravel and explode, at least I'll have gone out in style. :shades:

    Oh, btw, for various reasons, ahem, I decided to rigidly stick to all speed limits for a whole tank of gas (drive 80 mile roundtrip commute to work every day). Premium gas, 70% hwy miles, 90,000 miles on the clock. I drove 445 miles on 18.8 gallons - 23.7 mpg. I was pretty impressed. However, it was taking me an extra 10 mins to get to work, and i do so hate getting overtaken by big trucks, so back to normal this week.
  • fhrabetinfhrabetin Posts: 34
    AWD transmission failure @ ~ 76000 miles after several attempts for Nissan to assess aberrant AWD ON notifications by dash lights. Couldn't figure out what it was and black box left no messages. Cost me $1400 dollars when it finally went out and no comment/nothing from Nissan when it had to be repaired-too bad. Oh well, too bad Nissan, I'm buying Toyota the next time-at least they give me the time of day.
  • andytommoandytommo Posts: 33
    Why me? Ok, a rattly fuel tank protector takes second place now. I was driving in the middle of nowhere PA for work this afternoon, i stop at a stop sign, and when i go to pull away, i have no power. Even with the accelerator half way down to the floor, my murano was not moving. I had to completely put it to the floor to get it to take off from the stop sign. It accelerated at a snails pace, until it got to about 25mph and then suddenly shot away. VERY dangerous. But until I got it up to 25, if i didnt keep my foot to the floor, it just started slowing down. I pulled over, turned the car off and on again, but to no avail. It proceeded to do this for the next 10 mins until i reached my destination. I left the car for a couple of hours, and then when it came to drive home, it was fine. I have it booked in first thing tomorrow morning. Do we think this sounds like a TPS? However, mine is an '04 with 90,000 miles. Has anyone had a TPS replaced outside of warranty??
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    That certainly sounds like TPS...exactly what happened to my 05 at 7K. The fact that when you turn it off, let it sit (and it "resets" or whatever) is diagnostic...or was for my dealer/foreman. A failed CVT transmission does not "get well" just sitting there. The fact you have an 04...and mine was 05...pretty much puts this problem right in the middle of the TPS failure group...You should have some kind of "check engine" light on now. No, I don't know out of warranty TPS cost...that is why extended warranty is almost essential keeping ANY of these newer, complicated, electronic cars. Good luck..really sorry to hear your story..hope you have an honest dealer. Keep us posted.
  • homeounerhomeouner Posts: 145
    My 04 MO W/ 43,800 miles and 40 months since new had been cranking a little slow. Today had one start up very slow. The battery voltage was 12.35. A jump start really spun it over. A couple hours on a charger gave the battery new life,but W/ a few minutes load W/ lights, wipers and AC motor brought it down to where the motor would not turn over A new group 35 battery, very same dims. seems OK. Srarter terminals were bright and tight and charging voltage was 13.6. Wish me luck.
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