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2013 and earlier Nissan Murano Prices Paid and Buying Experience

al63017al63017 Posts: 149
edited January 29 in Nissan
Funny how this works. There are 6 Nissan dealers in my area. One will sell them 400 to 600 over invoice and he is the number one dealer in a whole region out of 200 and the other guys want way more and they not selling any. Plus the more you sell the more they allocate. I am going back Monday to finalize at 300 over invoice better than usual as I am getting one in stock rather than dealer trade-- and get free paint sealant and fabric guard which most dealers add on at about 495.00.


  • ppowerppower Posts: 93
    The best I have seen is $200 over invoice.

  • al63017al63017 Posts: 149
    St. Louis area. Very happy with purchase. They would rather sell 5 a week at discount than 1 a month at full price or minimum discount. Saved another 100.00 from earlier deal of 300 over. Bought one that I originally did not think I would and they did not have to do dealer trade so they encouraged me a little with 100 more dollars off and that was enough.
  • I went with a 4yr/12K sign and drive lease. $543 a month includes tax. It's an SE AWD with everything but navigation. Sheer silver metallic with charcoal leather. I took delivery without shelling out a dime. The dealership also paid the last two lease payments on my GMC Envoy. $760. I also got a check for $50 as an internet promo gift. Not sure if this is "great deal" or not. I could have shopped a bit more. I had looked at 4runners and Pathfinders before the Murano caught my eye.
  • What dealer did you go to in St. Louis?
  • I went to a dealer in Clearwater, Fl.
  • al63017al63017 Posts: 149
    Steve Colsworthy is the one I talked to as my salesman was moving out of town that week and he helped out. He is the new car sales manager so he may have a salesman help you.
    While waiting for my deal to be finalized I had one salesman there tell me that he had people call and just ask him for a color and if they had it---to save it for them and they came in and just paid for it without negotiating. He compared it to what happens at very up scale dealerships maybe Rolls Royce or Bentley or something I cannot think of who else would do that.
    I think he thought I was real naive or maybe there really are people that do that. If you happen to get anyone that starts with that line you might interrrupt him real fast and tell him you know they have been sold from 200 to 600 over invoice. I think I wore them down at the end of the month and got 200 over. They charge a 99.00 document fee which I did not hassle over. I know upfront that dealerships charge this so I do not gripe about it. If that bothers me then I just try to get that extra 99 or 79 or whatever reduced from invoice. I am not going to walk away from a deal for 99.00 after I have spent all that time negotiating and driving etc. That averages to about 9 cents a day over 3 years.
  • al63017al63017 Posts: 149
    I should have added that they were great to work with and doubt that I wore them down at all that would not be a fair portrait of how they do business. They were very professional no pressure and offered to do multiple searches for vehicles that I wanted and did not have in stock. They located a Sunlit Copper for me and called and found they could do a dealer trade but decided that color was not for me. They beat Carmax which is often mentioned as a great place to buy. You will have a great experience there.
  • SL AWD, Sheer Silver with Cold Package, Leather, Sun Roof, Cargo Area, Splash, Carpeted Floor Mats, Premium Package, MSRP $34,880, TMV $35,043, what I paid $33,600 PLUS 4.19% interest from Bank One...sweet.
  • email me and let me know what you think about the vehicle. thanks
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,013
    Tell us all, so we'll all know.

    But better to post your review on the Nissan Murano discussion.

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  • Ok - took the plunge and closed my deal this week.

    Polished Pewter/Charcoal Leather SL with AWD, Fully Loaded incl NAV, Splash Guards, Cargo Mat, & Floor Mats... got it for $34,839 - total of 1200 over dealer invoice. It includes the Cold Pkg for no charge, as it was one of the early shipment.
  • Iam the proud owner of a Murano SL AWD Beautiful shiny copper with dark charcol interior and we love it. I was going for the blue until I saw the copper and it just glistend. We got the cold pkg, leather pkg, and popular pkg. MSRP was around 34700 and Ivoice was 3134.
    After a long 4 hour ordeal we bought the Murano for 35,500. out the door including liscense and tax. About 1100.00 over invoice. They first took the position of only giving us 200.00 off MSRP and we laughed.This is great for expensive CA. Half this time was wheeling and dealing about our trade in. We got over 1,000 over KBB on our 99 Odyssey van that was in beautiful cond. Thank you Edmonds , Kelly Blue Book for all the information I needed to score this great Deal. Your right about keeping trade in and nagotiating your new car TWO seperate deals completely.
    PS. Can someone let me know if its ok to use regular unleaded in this car instead of Premium?
  • al63017al63017 Posts: 149
    I only have 500 miles on mine but filled up with Regular first time and then Premium second time see very little difference in mpg and it ran fine on regular. I will go back to regular after this tank of premium. You need some substantial increase in mpg to pay for difference in Premium and you might not get any more or not enough. Car manual says 87 octane is fine. I am sure others have had different experiences so try for your self there is probably not a best plan for everybody but I can say for myself it ran fine on regular 87 octane. My mpg has been around 21.5 with 50/50 city highway.
  • jxlxrjxlxr Posts: 54
    Just picked up Copper/Charcoal SE AWD for $1000 over invoice. No haggle (well, maybe a little early on) and the $1000 over would have been for anyone I wanted. I originally wanted Nav. but elected not to splurge.
  • Workingclassdog,

    Which dealer did you buy from in Central NJ? I am also looking at dealers in Central NJ. I am talking to Acme and Haldeman Nissan.

  • Go to Acme and work with them - I got my deal by contacting them from the Nissan website... then emailing back and forth with the sales manager until he agreed to quote me how low he would go before I went to the dealership.

    The sales manager there is a nice guy... my deal was very no-pressure... I'm taking delivery Friday night!

  • just got a Glacier Pearl SL AWD - Cabernet with Premium, Leather, Sunroof from Carmax for $32,200. Interestingly, I tried to use Carmax's no-haggle price as a start to negotiate with other local Baltimore Dealers, but none wanted to budge. So I went with Carmax. Overall, Carmax was about $2,300 below MSRP. Hope this helps.
  • I finally pulled the trigger on the Murano this afternoon and ordered:

    SE AWD Sheer Silver/Charcoal Leather
    Popular Pkg
    Cold Pkg
    Dynamic Control Pkg
    Towing Pkg
    Floor Mats
    Splash Guards
    MSRP $38,592
    Invoice $34,624
    Price $35,813 +TTL
    3.4% over invoice
    7.2% off MSRP
    Delivery within 60 Days

    Easy deal, Using the quote I had from CarMax ($35k) as a starting point with local dealer(s).

    First dealer came down to $36,125, second one got the order at $35,813. Heck, the airfare to DC would have cost me a couple of hundred easy and the gas, hotels, and 2-3 days away from work to drive back isn't worth the $400 I would have saved.

    Is it May 1st Yet?
  • AWD SE: Popular Pkg, Cold Pkg, Floor Mats, Splash Guards; Sunlit Copper / Cabernet; MSRP about $34,800.

    Paid 33,000.
  • i noticed that several posters said they purchased the murano with the tow package. my understanding is that for $500+++, all you get is the receiver and ball mount. no wiring, trans cooler, etc. can anyone confirm. thanks.
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