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2013 and earlier Nissan Murano Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,204
    Never looked at the mdx since the dealers are 25 miles away but they look like great cars. Appear bigger than the murano less legroom but more shoulder and hip room. Warranty is better. I assume you are looking at an LE loaded which would approach the base mdx in msrp. Don't know about discounts or rebates. If the mdx is an 08 than that might figure into your decision down the road vs an 09 murano. You didn't say anything about test drives. I think if give the each a thorough drive you will probably come to a decision. If price isn't a factor get the one that rings your chimes and enjoy. There are some deals on infinity fx's, lexus rx's and toyota highlanders. The buick enclave is a sweet ride as well.
  • dc44dc44 Posts: 19
    I just noticed that prices of Muranos on dropped by $1,000 overnight. Some models are being offered at up to $1,900 below invoice, and this includes the freight charge. Anyone hear about another $1,000 rebate from Nissan for the last half of the month?
  • nasdaqnasdaq Posts: 29
    It has to go down more! Otherwise, no body is buying under such a market condition.
    Some dealers offer about $1000 rebate for no financing purchase.
  • I just purchased in So. Calif. a 09 Murano SL, black with leather, premium pkg., splash guards, custom mats, and cargo mat. for $27,411 (MSRP - $32,145) plus tax, doct & license of $2,443 (and got 0% for 36 months financing). Very happy with $2,100 below invoice price, and I was in and out of the dealership in 1 hour. I drove this baby to Vegas and back, and what a great ride! I averaged 21.1 mpg at 75 mph and the A/C running. Been reading these posts for the past month, and your comments have sure helped with the purchase. :)
  • mike09, where did you get this deal? I'm likely going to buy a Murano in the next few weeks, either in N. California where we live, but possibly in S. California, where we will spend Christmas and have frequently purchased cars before (seems to be more competition and better prices in the L.A. area). And how? Did you contact internet sales, or what?

    Inquiring minds REALLY want to know!

    Thanks -- a Jayhawk in California
    Nissan owner since 1973 (Datsun 240Z)
  • nasdaqnasdaq Posts: 29
    Great deal! But your configure MSRP ~ $31470 in North CA,
    enjoy and thank you for info.
  • nasdaq, I ran mike09's configuration in Edmunds for both N. and S. California and get an MSRP of $32,140 (assuming he got an FWD, not an AWD). So his numbers appear to be right on to me. ($5 difference is probably from rounding). Looks like he got right at $2000 under invoice.

    Were you looking at the TMV price, perhaps?

  • nasdaqnasdaq Posts: 29
    I got msrp from dealers. It should be $31,565 NOT $31,470 in my poster as he also had CGO $70 $95 CARGO AREA PROTEC. The main difference comes from base MSRP prices: My dealer is $27,880 but emunds is $28,420. Anyway the invoice price is the same and he got right at about $2000 under invoice!
    Best deal on this car I have seen so far is MSRP - $5000 which happened once at the end of Oct.
  • tonyktonyk Posts: 10
    I have been informed by 2 dealerships in Pa. that there is currently a lease loyalty promo if you are going from one Nissan product to another. Not sure about buying but there is one with a lease.
  • I talked to my dealer and he said the only promo that is available is 1300$ dealer support, it is sort of extended dealer holdback. No cash to customer so far, but as I remember last month cash to customer was during last week of October or something like that so hopefully Nissan will release something like that in the next few days.
  • yes they will dont you worry about it in the next few days. ok keep us updated on what you do have a grate day and thanks for reading marco
  • jyijyi Posts: 7
    I got Murano LE yesterday with nav, dual moon roof, splash guard, bumper protector. My walkawy price including tax (3% in Virginia), tag, processing was $36.5K. I also got 3.9% financing over 60 month. I wanted to fiance $10K but the rate was 7.95% if the financed amount is less than $12K. So I financed $12K.
  • dc44dc44 Posts: 19

    What dealer did you purchase from? I also live in Virginia and am looking at the Murano. How long did your negotiations take? Did you negotiate in person or via email? Any info you could provide would be great. Thanks.

  • nasdaqnasdaq Posts: 29
    Could please let me know your dealer name in LA? Thanks!
    Thanksgiving and end of this month is approaching. I got a few quotes from dealers but the price is well above invoice.
  • Nasdaq,

    Give Rosie P. a call at Tustin Nissan. She has several super reviews on Edmunds dealer feedback, that is how I found her. She was gave me the great price, and was also wonderful to work with!
    Good luck, and happy thanksgiving.
  • Thanks everyone for sharing the great info. I was hoping for some feedback on the deal that my local dealership is offering...

    LE w/Nav/moonroof/etc. MSRP $40,480
    Offer $4,000 off MSRP
    Added $1,500 to initital trade-in offer
    Still qualifies for the Nissan interest deals.

    My question, above Marcogallo got a loaded LE for $36.5K including the 3% tax. My deal would put the car at $36.5K without tax. They have increased my trade, but do you think I can do better? I had read that Nissan might give an extra $1K rebate this week and that the dealers have a dealer incentive right now that will allow them to sell under invoice and still make not sure if I should wait on a better offer?

    Thank you for any advice! :confuse:
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,204
    There are signs on the loaded LE's like yours on the lot with 5K off msrp. There were several to choose from. A loaded LE should bring a discount of at least 5k maybe more and if the phantom 1k rebate ever materializes, then 6k might be possible. Unless the discounts start to pop on those 40k LE's, most will still be on the lot for a year or two. Your trade in muddies the waters but the used car maket is really tanking as well. What are you trading -- year & miles? If your getting a solid kelly blue book at the upper end of the trade in allowance than you are probably close. If you can wait a few months you might even do better. Just my opinion.
  • nasdaqnasdaq Posts: 29
    Where did you read this: "I had read that Nissan might give an extra $1K rebate this week". From what I read there is no 1k rebate publication.

    Seems to me, your deal is about right without 1K rebate.
  • I read it on this board. Several people mentioned October's last week $1K rebate deal and that it might happen in November as well. It is all speculation, so I'm hoping someone has some inside information.

    Since jyi was able to purchase the same vehicle for $36.5K including 3% taxes/tag/processing (when my deal is without all of that) is there a better deal out there? Should we wait until December to purchase in hopes of bigger year-end deals?

    JYI, did you have a trade-in? If so, did they give you the trade-in value or more/less? I'm trying to figure out if the difference is in what they are offering on my car.

    Thanks everyone!
  • jyijyi Posts: 7
    The dealers offered almost nothing for my trade in so I sold it myself. I sold it for more than twice what I would have gotten from a dealer. I lucked out since this guy came and bought it right after I advertised.

    Hope this helps.
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