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2013 and earlier Nissan Murano Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    edited March 2010
    To be correct, this is the "prices paid and buying experience" thread.

    The buying experience for me was "all" bad since the car turned out to be such money pit.

    For the record to all readers: In 2004, I paid $23,995 for a fully loaded, "dealer certified" 2003 SE Murano. The car was owned by a salesman from the dealership. It had 39k miles. Over the next five years I spent a total of $11,000 in repair bills for failing parts and systems. I can honestly say the buying and owning experience is rather negative.

    I would caution purchasing 2009 models since it is the first year in a new platform. The 2011's will have a revision in trim packages and TCB updates. It might be better to wait until later this year.

    Also, be aware that the new Murano's, 2009 and forward, share technology with the Rogue. The Rogue is riddled with problems.

    Just sticking to the thread "loach".
  • iolo72iolo72 Posts: 29
    IMO, the "buying experience" part is experience you had with your seller at the time of purchasing your vehicle to share with others so they can use that information to look for good dealers to negotiate good deals and weed out bad dealers to stay away from. A post without any info regarding whom/where/for how much the purchase was made and the actual buying experience (as in purchase transaction) is not really helpful. Just making the thread relevant.
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    My Murano was originally purchased at the Nissan dealer in Conyers, GA.

    I found them to be rather dishonest regarding their "Certified Cars".

    I subsequently shopped at the "Mall of Georgia Nissan". Found them to be very pricey and non-negotiable.

    I later conducted my business at Carriage Nissan in Gainesville, GA. I found them to be the most reasonable to deal with. They were negotiable and came across as honest.

    But, I have also recently learned that Nissan Dealers have a practice of "railroading" customers, even ones with bad credit, into compromised (i.e. bad) deals.

    The Consumer Protection Agency in GA is investigating as we speak.

    I would exercise caution at any Nissan dealership.

    I think this post is relevant. IMO. :P
  • flightnurseflightnurse at 35K feetPosts: 1,523
    Like someone posted before, what happened to you have NOTHING to do with todays Murano's. Nissan has issues with the CVT in the early years but have corrected the problems. But of course that doesn't matter to you, since it seems like you like to hold on the issue not move forward. So you got a bad deal, sorry, but sell the Murano and never buy another one (nissan). Its called growing up.
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    edited March 2010
    You are not correct about the current design of Nissan's CVT's. A little research confirms this by looking at the dates of the models that continue to have problems. Even newer models.

    Correcting you further, I am not holding on but warning people so that they may avoid costly unplanned repairs.

    Correcting you still further, I have moved on by purchasing an Acura to replace the Murano. Best car purchase I have made in recent times.

    CYS further, you have bad grammar, poor spelling skills and poor sentence structure in addition to sounding rather insulting.

    Try your "pop-psychological" analysis on some else. LOL. ;)
  • Mike, I can appreciate your disappointment and frustration. I imagine nearly everyone has at least one consumer experience in which he/she felt exploited. You have every right to share your experience with fellow consumers no matter your intentions.

    Please understand though that sharing your story and shoving it down our throats are different experiences on our end. We are here because we may buy, or have bought Muranos already. Our individual decisions may take your experience into account, but we all are big boys and girls here.

    So, since there is not an ignore feature in this forum perhaps you could be respectful of us and stop spamming thoughts on threads where the topic has little in common with your story.
  • loachloach Posts: 246
    Well said, Denny. But he won't stop spamming this thread because he can't help himself. He'll probably prove it by replying to this post.....
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    edited March 2010
    Denny, thanks for your comments. However, respectfully, my buying experience is no less valid than yours or anyone else being a former Nissan Murano owner.

    Also, folks looking to buy are not only looking for "new" Muranos. Many are shopping for used cars and Consumer Reports publications are generally inaccurate and non-technical.

    I have had replies that were positive wanting to know what went wrong and others, like "loach" and "flightnurse", who think sharing a negative experience is wrong (i.e. shoving it down throats).

    I don't know where your thinking is if when information provided does not match your experience or opinion it is then bad or irrelevant. Especially, when it can voluntarily be ignored or disregarded.

    My advice for you is to buy another Murano. Heck, buy two or three. That way you'll have spare parts when one breaks down.

    Don't reply unless you want me to reply back. I find it humorous that my remarks bother you guys so much.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,195
    mike -- your remarks don't bother me at all. I doubt that they bother nissan as well. Had you had the problems with a new 07 or 09 your warnings would be taken more seriously. If I'm correct you bought the first model year used with 39k miles on it. You paid top dollar because they were hot back then and you got burned. My condolences. I would concur with your warning to stay away from the 03's but the current models have been decent for the vast majority of owners. The cvt issues resulted in an extended warranty --10 years /120k miles so nissan is stepping up a bit. I doubt that any of your posts will be taken seriously by future murano purchasers or hurt nissan in general. The edmunds sample is really quite small. It might help vent your rage at the bum deal you got so in the words of buddy holly "Rave on". Enjoy your new car -- leave this mess behind. Good thoughts your way. :)
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    edited March 2010
    Thanks for your words "jayrider". The first sensible ones I've heard.

    I will not comment more in this thread unless someone asks for my input.

    Just an FYI, I live in the metro Atlanta area which is one of the largest Nissan, Honda and Toyota markets in the U.S.

    In our 145 resident neighborhood there were six Murano owners; now five. Two of those owners purchased 2009 models; the rest were spread among earlier years.

    Interestingly, (3 of 6) were/are having CVT and other mechanical problems. One of those is an '09. I think it is a little more than coincidence. Two neighbors bought '09's because they saw my '03 in my driveway for five years thinking that it must be a great car since I had it so long. They never asked.

    There is more to the story than what some have thought. I hung on to the car because I loved the way it drove and truly like the concept of a CVT. As I said the first two years were bliss.

    As one writer said maybe I got Monday or Friday car. Or maybe it was just because it was an '03. Being an automotive mechanical engineer I can say it's a case of shoddy engineering and sloppy manufacturing coupled with all the rest.

    I leave you all in peace. ;)
  • Now, we only have 2k miles on the car but we love it.

    Our dealer experience was superior. We settled on a dealer in northeastern NJ. The price was negotiated over the phone, the deal was settled in person that afternoon and the finance office did not try and gauge me on delivery. My salesman was outstanding. If anyone is interested they could be PM me for his cell phone #.

    After the fact I had 2 issues arise (not related to the physical car itself) and the management team there addressed them.

    I hope I don't have a tale to tell like Mike in a few years. I hope it is more in line with the last new car I bought - a 95 Accord which I am still driving.
  • loachloach Posts: 246
    I have had replies that were positive wanting to know what went wrong and others, like "loach" and "flightnurse", who think sharing a negative experience is wrong (i.e. shoving it down throats).

    Nope. Never said it was wrong - simply that you put it in the wrong thread - which is of course what happens when you post the same diatribe in 15 different threads.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,195
    Mike said he was getting on with his life-- good advice for lots of folks with issues. :)
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    You guys gave me an inspiration!

    I started a new thread so as not to bother you. I find it odd though, that if you already bought a Murano, and are happy with it, you still return to this discussion.

    Anyway, your comments are all welcome in the new thread. It will also help potential car buyers get a glimpse at some real world experiences.

    Just make sure "flightnurse" gets her grammar and spelling correct.

    I disagree with your last remark "loach". ;)
  • lrosalrosa Posts: 2
    Hi Dennyregazzo,

    Glad to see that your happy with your purchase.

    I'm in western Monmouth Cty, I'd appreciate if you could send me the salesmans cell number.

  • Hi lrosa. I just realized this forum has no IM capability. Send me an email to and I will provide details.
  • jr343jr343 Posts: 8
    Just a reminder,

    the end of March ( correct me if Im wrong ) is the end of nissans fiscal year. You can make hotter deals towards the end of this month!
    3G below invoice is not unheard of. Check this forum going around the end of March last year!

    Happy Haggling!
    I cant get mine yet.
  • gatorclawsgatorclaws Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    I'm looking to purchase a loaded except navigatio 2010 SL AWD with an MSRP of just under $38,000.

    I've sent out emails to local dealers (midwest) asking for their best offer. What should I be expecting? I believe the invoice falls around $34,500 + TTL and that's what I'm being offered by those that have responded right now, so about $3000 to $3500 below MSRP.

    Even though I asked for their best offer, will they (and are they expecting me to) still negotiate further?

    I was thinking if I can get around $5000 off MSRP it would be great, but the post above indicates it's possible to get $3000 below invoice so I'm not too sure what to aim for.
  • check out this site. It gives you EXACT sales figures for what others have paid in your zip code and its up to date. You can get the car for under dealer invoice. the site tells you a breakdown between good price, great price, etc.
  • I am in the market for 2010 model. Anyone has a recent quote for 2010 SL AWD (with tech, leather) and 2010 LE AWD in New England (Boston) area?

    Another questions I had was on the SL trim...does it allow you to connect your iphone/ipod?
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