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2013 and earlier Nissan Murano Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • thats awesome...i saw an 11 LE advertised around here (MD) for 34K...too bad its a few k out of my budget. Though I do have an offer for 31K (All fees/tax/tag included) for an 11 SV. I am thinking about pulling the trigger on that.

    The SV comes with the cargo cover, carpet mats, splash guards and crossbar. Sticker is 35K (before freight).

    What do everyone think? Good deal/bad deal? I will be using regular financing, so i will take the 3K rebate.

    Thx for the help.
  • dclivedclive Posts: 35
    Post the price without taxes (TTL) and we can help you. Without that there's no comparison possible.
  • sorry about that. The price before everything is 27900.
    Its a 11 Murano SV AWD with: Splash shield, Retractable cargo cover, carpet mat, and cross bar.

  • szwszw Posts: 1
    I am in the Dallas/Ft Worth area and leaning towards a 2011 or 12 Nissan Murano SL. Ideally, I would like to have all of the standard options as well as a leather interior and sunroof.

    Can anyone tell me what would be the best price I can negotiate for? (I have a nice '05 Lincoln Aviator, with all of the "whistles and bells", that I will use for trade-in....)


  • carjimcarjim Posts: 155
    For the lowest price, always start with how much above invoice and never how much off from MSRP. You can get the invoice from many sources, including Edmunds I believe. Since you are also in the DFW area, there are two Nissan dealers that have good reputations that I have heard about. Courtesy Nissan and Soutwest Nissan. This is word of mouth. I have not purchased from either.
  • ctxctx Posts: 50
    Folks in TX can figure out how much above or below invoice they want to pay and then send internet requests for their vehicles to dealerships all over the state. Odds are someone will meet or beat your best expectations. I started in AUS - no one would deal. Sent 10 dealerships in Houston my request and bam! I had a new Murano. Don't settle for a city when there are so many alternatives. Sure, you'll have to drive to pick up the car (don't forget Carmax for the trade - this worked for me too - my winning dealership beat Carmax's quote) but it's worth it if you can save $1K or more. Good luck.
  • Hi all! Just took delivery of my 2012 Murano LE. All seems fine, except the intermittent wipers don't work! When you push the wiper lever down one click (to intermittent setting) the wipers just go "on" (as if you pushed the lever down another notch to the "on" setting). Turning the sensitivity dial does nothing.

    Was at dealer this AM and they could not find the problem. Need to leave it next week for a full day for diagnosis - for a car with 70 miles on it?!

    Anybody experience something similar? I've had several Murano's (last was a 2010) and never had a problem with wipers.

    Hillside, NJ
  • rdkingrdking Posts: 12
    On the LE, the intermittent setting is actually the rain sensing setting. It only sweeps when there is sufficient moisture on the windshield. It sounds like the rain sensor is faulty. If there is no moisture on the windshield, the wiper doesn't sweep at all in the intermittent mode.
  • cptcmpostcptcmpost Posts: 25
    edited February 2012
    A local dealer is offering a 2012 SL FWD for $30,800 before taxes. Not sure if it includes doc fee, but that is a max of $155 here due to law.

    What do you guys think?
  • msr2msr2 Posts: 1
    I have below offers. Pls let me know if they are good and if I should press the BUY button

    1) 2011 Murano LE AWD - 33,999+420(taxes, doc, title)
    2) 2012 Murano LE AWD - 34,999+320(taxes, doc, title) .

    Both black and latter has splash guards, floor mat and cross rail bars. But I am not suer if these are standard in OR.

    Thank you again.
  • dclivedclive Posts: 35
    If you go here, how does it compare to those deals, with the same equipment spec?
  • 2012 Murano LE

    Sticker Price: $42,600
    TrueCar Mkt Avg: $37,941
    TrueCar Dealer Cost $36,218

    Cash Price: $37063.62
    Rebate: $2000.00
    Balance: $35063.62

    Customer Service Fee: $599.00
    Sales Tax: $2216.38
    Title Fee: $18.00
    Lemon Law Fee: $3.00
    Drive Out Price: $37,900

    "Options" Include:
    Platinum Package
    Splash Guards
    Roof Rails
    Front/Rear/Cargo Carpet Mats
    Cargo Carver
    Illuminated Door Sills
  • ihatevt2ihatevt2 Posts: 8
    What is a good price for a Murano SL in Dallas? What is the best delear to buy from? Which delears dont add pin stripes, I cant stand them.
  • bob225bob225 Posts: 46
    Thanks for this link. Gave me 3 good dealerships willing to deal.

    Just bought a 2012 LE AWD Platinum Edition
    Car mats
    Splash guards

    MSRP - 43,435

    - 1,500 rebate
    - 1,000 holiday cash

    37,435 with dealer discount

    trade 2010 Murano LE with Nav


    + 299 dealer fee's
    + 5% TAX

    Very easy dealer to work with. No push to finance in and out took about an hour.
  • dannygal66dannygal66 Posts: 1
    edited July 2012
    I just bought from CarMax an 09 SL Murano with Navigation, beige leather seats, sunroof/moonroof, power/heated seats, etc. I purchased for $24,998 from Carmax. I really wanted to haggle that price to at least $22,500 or $23,000. Of course i wanted to get a really good deal. I had decided to purchase this Murano, even though I know they dont deal/haggle, because i have looked extensively in my area, even traveled up to 2-3 hrs to other cities to look in past several months.....I really wanted a grey metallic murano with beige leather...its stinkin hot here in Ks, so black interior WAS not gonna work!! When i found this one.....I felt it was good for me.

    I've wanted a Murano for 3-4 yrs now. I had driven a 99 suburban for 10 yrs with mileage around 11 in city to 14-15 highway.

    Im more than disappointed in the mileage Ive received so far. The FIRST tank of gas that Carmax filled up for me when i bought.....according to the mileage on computer I got about 10.3mpg.....My heart, gut just felt my husband was expecting much better mileage and I as well. I am getting bit better now, but I have REALLY watched my driving LOTS...feel like Im driving like a granny to 'see' if i can get better mileage....accumilative now, is about 15-17...with approx 45% hiway, & 55% city driving.

    Also....had my front windows tinted by a friends husband who has done tinting.....evidently he used some old aftermarket film which creates a mirrored effect when sun hits dash & reflects onto when looking out side mirrors...HUGE distraction, visibility of side outside mirrors are extremely skewed!! Anyone else have THAT problem??

    Needless to say....Im a bit more disappointed in my purchase than i ever thought i would be!!!

    Scale of 1-5.....Im about 3.5-3.7.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    edited July 2012
    I really wanted a grey metallic murano with beige leather...its stinkin hot here in Ks, so black interior WAS not gonna work!!

    I live in Texas and a beige leather is not gonna be any cooler in the summer than black it will show the dirt. etc a heckuva lot more. Of course, I wouldn't get leather in the first place anyway.... ;)
  • Anybody out there looking at the 2012 Nissan Murano SL or have one? Any pros or cons you have discovered? Thanks for your tips.
  • dclivedclive Posts: 35
    LE 2WD just purchased - $34495 price with Platinum, splash guards, floor mats. $3500 in Nissan rebates.

    No dealer fees (no "inventory fee", no "documentation fee"), just the required legal taxes. Add taxes and it's $36k and change.

    Didn't buy warranty or anything else; Santa Clara Nissan has the best prices / $0 deductible that I've seen. 8/100k is $1450-ish so I may jump on that.

    SL + Navi + Splash guards + floor mats is $33450 from same dealer.
  • dclivedclive Posts: 35
    Looking more and more at Nissan Gold $0 ded. warranties. Anyone have any better pricing than what Santa Clara Nissan has?
  • Greetings,

    I was disappointed when researching to find thenlackmof submissions here, so here is doing my part. I purchased a 2012 SL AWD with mats and splash guards in the Denver area last Friday night for the following:

    MSRP 39565
    Discount 9000
    Net Price 30565
    Dlr Fee 500
    Final Price 31065

    I had to finance almost 20k of this from Nissan to receive the deal which included 3000 in publicized rebates, at a rate of 5%. It will be interesting to see how quickly we can get refinanced to a lower rate and see if the $500 finance rebate was worth it. The dealers in the front range were far apart on offers via email and phone. $7000 off MSRP was easy to obtain from most. Getting the extra two took some work. I used fitzmall online pricing as a gauge. Dealer's finance guy tried to fleece me though, as always. He added some safeguard nonsense, the dlr fee and incorrect sales tax, and then tried to sell the warranty. What a fraud. The deal was good though, and the car rocks. Hope this helps someone, good luck dealing!
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