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2013 and earlier Nissan Murano Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just got a price from Orland Park Nissan:

    Touring Pkg
    Chrome Wheels
    WInd Deflector
    Cargo Area Protector
    Floor Mats
    Splash Guards
    Total Price: $32,996.00 +Tax/Title (this also includes the mfg $1000 incentive)

    How does it sound? I think I can do better.
  • I just took delivery of my 2007 Nissan Murano SL AWD. It's Black with a tan leather interior and has the following options: Touring Package, Mud Flaps, Cargo Hold Protector, Roof Cross Bars, and Floor Mats. 32,847, plus tax, tag, and title. Plus I financed the whole thing at .9% for 36 months!!!

    Bottom Line: 700 UNDER invoice with NO ADDITIONAL DEALER @$@%#$#, plus I got to keep the .9% financing!!! It cost me $160 to get this price on (live in Northern Virginia, bought in Maryland), but it was well worth it. So a net, in pocket price of $540 under invoice, plus my financing!!! :) :) :) :) :)
  • Oh, and it has a sunroof wind deflector and wheel locks, too!
  • I was quoted this price in San Antonio for an '07 SL AWD with floor mats, cargo area protector, and splash guards: $27,728 and $29,706 drive-out. Seems like an excellent deal to me....any thoughts?

  • Hello asingh80,

    Yes we got the 2.9% financing. This was at Windor Nissan on Route 130.
  • Managed another $200 out of them for a final drive out price of $29,500 on a 2007 SL AWD with floor mats, splash guards and the cargo area protector. This is at an Austin dealership.
  • tueckert - what dealership in austin did you go to? also what is the name of the salesman? thanks - cj_martin01
  • honk2honk2 Posts: 13
    Hi. There doesn't seem to be a Murano Aesthetics discussion so I thought I would post here. I have a dealer looking for a 2006 Murano at auction for me. He just called to tell me there is a black one selling today and a blue one tomorrow. I currently have a black car (which actually looks kind of blueish), which I also bought at auction. Black isn't my favorite and would probably prefer Blue or Merlot. What are people's Murano color choices in order?
  • tdiehltdiehl Posts: 13
    I like my Merlot. It's more unique than standard colors of black, silver,gray,blue
  • I can tell you that price was from Round Rock Nissan and I used the internet exclusively to deal. Check out the Gunn Nissan website in San Antonio ( They offer no haggle pricing below invoice (prices shown on their website too). Great prices there. But since we live in Austin, I used the Gunn prices as a starting point to get the Austin dealer down another $200. South Point Nissan wasn't flexible, but Town North Nissan probably would have met the Round Rock price, but I preferred the customer service (albeit email) from Round Rock.
  • Wow...another dealer really wants my business. $29,987 drive-out on an SE AWD Platinum with 9 miles in Austin. That's hard for me to turn down. Has anyone been able to get a drive-out price below invoice (invoice is $30,008)? Does anyone think I should pass up this deal?
  • I've seen a few of the Muranos in the "Sunset
    Red," and I must say, that's one nice-looking
    color on the Mo! :shades:
  • Hey,

    Remember that there's a $1000 rebate OR the cheap financing (.9% for 36 months or 2.9% for 48 months). If you're signing over the rebate to him, that means you're really paying $1000 OVER invoice.

    Of course, you also have to look at how much sales tax is, etc...
  • Any idea if this is a good deal on a Murano S AWD:

    Sale Price: $29,000, including tax/lic
    Cash Down: $1500
    The dealer to payoff my trade-in at $2373
    15,000 miles

    Residual is $16,573

    Monthly payment = $370 for 39 mos.

  • Well the best price i have got on the Murano SL with Touring is 34,600 OTD.One guy says he can beat that BUT he hasn't sent the numbers yet.The place that has the One i want Black on Black wont budge off of 34,725 OTD.I'm inclined to go with the place that has the Black on Black in stock even though it is slightly higher.It has 6 miles on it.I guess Monday in the day is join the Murano crowd.I hope its as good as i have read about. :)
  • I bought the SL with the leather package on Feb 14th. Just love it!

    Talk about excellent customer service! From day one, Bankston Nissan was a joy to work with. I submitted a request through Edmunds and someone called the next day and emailed shortly after, working with me on the price and package.

    The salesperson (I'm not suppose to use names here) called me early Monday morning Feb 12 and he had double checked the inventory around the area and found the color/package I was looking for at a close by dealership that had just come off the truck. The other three dealerships I was working with did NOT do this and therefore that particular vehicle was over 200 miles away for them.

    They were also the only dealership of all four I was working with to give me the best price.

    The whole experience was awesome - from the first phone call, to driving away in my new vehicle. I will go back to Bankston!
  • honk2honk2 Posts: 13
    Hi I know this discussion is more for new sales but wanted to pass along some information. For those of you looking to buy used here is the breakdown for a 2006 Murano SL AWD Blue with tan interior with Touring Package (not sure if it has XM or Sirius not a big deal for me), cargo protector, roof rails, floor mats, 6000 miles in service date 10/06, No Nav. Car according to my dealer/buyer "Beautiful just Beautiful, Incredible." We have been looking for about 6 weeks because he he is very finicky about the cars condition.
    $26,800 Auction price
    $350 Auction entrance fee.
    Just thought I would pass this along so people can have an idea about dealers' used profit margin.
  • klpklp Posts: 1
    Just bought a SL fwd with touring pkg and most standard options (mats, protector, sunroof deflector, etc) in the Dallas area for $29,986 + TTL. The OTD price was $32,121 on a vehicle with a MSRP of $35,220. This was by far the best deal I negotiated on the Murano in the metroplex.
  • Very nice deal.I got the same thing just AWD for 34,700 OTD.I pick it up tomorrow.Maybe i should have waited?I needed one and that was the best i could get so i'm not to upset. :)
  • schasschas Posts: 1
    I just bought the 2007 Murano SL/FWD with:

    Touring pkg w/Xm Radio
    Floor Mats
    Cargo Prot
    Sunroof wind protector
    splash guards

    For 34,400 OTD..
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