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2013 and earlier Nissan Murano Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • SL A Package is - Premium Package - $1,000
    SL B Package is - Technology Package - $1,900
    Leather Pkg is listed as Leather Pkg - $1,600
  • ok, so I have read all this and that about how to get a fair deal and I read that you should never bargain down from the MSRP but bargain up from the actual dealers cost but how does one find out what a dealer paid? Edmunds and the other sites only tell you invoice and thats not what the dealer paid. Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks :)
  • adnipsadnips Posts: 36
    Thank you tazgirl. Your help was appreciated.

  • adnipsadnips Posts: 36
    tazgirl, try going to for invoice costs, holdbacks and analysis of how any particular car is selling. They estimate days of inventory on the lot of specific models & how they are selling. I'm not certain if they have the 09 Murano info yet but I've used this service for my last several car purchases and found it to be quite helpful. I plan to use them for an analysis of the Murano for me and the Rogue for my wife.

    Their fax attack stategy is worth the cost of the program. They provide a ton of good information. Good luck!

  • This may help a little. I have ordered a SL 2wd. loaded with about everything but the back seat video. MSRP. is $36,390. The invoice is $33,146., this does not include hold back or any other insentive the dealer might get. So this should help you have something to grind on them. I don't think a person will ever get below invoice, because the hold back ects. is very sacred.
  • Thanks for all the replies to my post. Thats awesome of you to post that website! This info will help me. I always break out into a cold sweat when approaching the dealership!!!! :shades:
  • I actually ended up paying $25 below invoice for an LE which was fully loaded. The original deal was $100 over invoice an internet rate only. When they located the car the next day it had the Illumination plate to the tune of $280??? The dealer split the difference and we ended up overall with $25 under invoice.

    This is Brenner Nissan in Harrisburg. They say their $100 over Invoice price is for Internet inquiries only.

  • Tazgirl...

    I just bought an 09 SL AWD w/ Leather, Premium Pkg, and Moonroof for $31,600.00.

    Yours had the tech package (mine does not) but yours was also a FWD (mines an AWD).... I would imagine you can get your car for less than $32,000 before TTL.

    Dealers will go down to invoice it seems, but definately not below.
  • ok, another dealer just got back to me with this:

    $36,264 for the following:

    09 Murano SL AWD
    Splash Guards
    SL A Package
    SL B Package
    Nissan Hard drive nav system with music box
    Leather Package
    Floor Mats
    Roof Rail Crossbars

    This is all before tax, title and dest. fee. A good deal or should I press for a better price? :confuse:

  • I used this website a few years ago when I bought my car. There is a section where you can use an Excel worksheet to figure out the exact cost of the car for you. It calculates invoice pricing, factory holdbacks, dealer profit percentages, etc.
  • thanks. I will check into this.
  • another dealer just got back to me offering me 35,614 for the same I mentioned in this earlier post. so i guess there is room to move and the dealer that moves the farthest is going to get my sale.
  • jaymkjaymk Posts: 86
    Can anyone who bought the 09 Muranos please let us know if the side mirrors dimm at night like the RX. Means does it have auto dimming side mirrors?
  • I paid 37000-4000 for a trade in on a 2009 LE AWD with the navigation package, sun roof which comes with it, splashguards, crossbars (which I did not care about but were on this car) and Illumination plates (also did not care about but were on this car). Taxes in PA were 1980. We paid 118.95 for transfers, doc fees, online registration fee and online dealer fee. Also comes with 3 months of XM.

    This price was 2369 less than another local dealer who could not locate the color I wanted. Be careful when you say loaded. Ensure you know exactly what is on and what is not. There were features on this car I could have done without that cost us 2-300 more but it was the only one in white they could locate. I love the car.....

    Hope this is useful.
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 262
    For starters you might want to learn that POSTING IN ALL CAPS ON THE INTERNET is considered shouting and is extremely rude.
  • Here's the 'final' offer that I got from one dealership:

    $36254 OTD price

    - Platinum Graphite / Black Leather
    - Premium Package
    - Leather Package
    - Moonroof Package
    - Tech Package
    - Navigation Package
    - splash guards
    - 3 piece floor mats
    - 2 years of oil changes
    - lifetime VA car inspection
    - tax, tags, delivery charge, processing fee of $359

    Will price that out with the three other dealerships in the area, and will buy from whoever can go the lowest. Not a bad deal though...
  • I received the same offer from dealer in my area and then another came in lower at 35,614 so I am s far going with this dealer. there is room I see. :)
  • Nice job, good for you! Think you can post the breakdown of what your options are, and what else is included in that price (I am assuming it's an OTD price).

  • Sorry about the caps in previous message. This LE Murano has Nav, dual moonroof, tow pkg., illuminated door sills, black roof rails, splashguards, 3 floormats, cargo protection. In addition there is a $414.00 dealer charge. Total price is $41,589 and dealer will sell for $36,775.00. I guess there is more according to the posts I have read here. $4814.00 off list.
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