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2013 and earlier Nissan Murano Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hey I think it is time you look for a nother Nissan dealer in Florida. IS there anymor dealers not to far away from whair you live. this dealer is dooing what dealers do best games. they shorlly could go down on price alot on that 2007 maby $25000 but since they wont go lower then 30000 and they are saying no rebates on the 2009 Maranno. Think you should look at a nother dealer. or also look at used 2007's or a 2006. keep us updated have averry good day everyone thanks for reading my posting.
  • hudginskhudginsk Posts: 8
    I am currently looking at a 2009 Murano SL with Sun roof, Tech, leather, premuim package, floor mats and splash guards. Retail price is $34730.00 salesman quoted me a selling price of $32122. I have a friend that works for Nassin and can get me employee pricing. Can you tell me what the murano should sell for with this discount.
  • I bought the save exact 2009 Murano Sl and the sticker was $34,730.00.

    I got it for Dealer cost #31,688 minue $1,000 = $30,688.00. He is about $500 too high. Remember that Nissan Murano's sales went down the tubes due to the Gas prices increase.

    Remember the above price is before all the dealer add on and sales tax.

  • Where are you guys located and what dealer? Quotes I'm getting on an 09 Murano SL with tech, leather, premium, and moonroof are coming in over $36K for MSRP, so they are telling me invoice is a little over $33K. The quotes I'm getting for the SL that are around the $34K price don't have the tech package...which is a big selling feature for me. I like the push start and the one touch hatch up/down, etc.

    I'm located in PA but wonder if it'd be better to go with a dealer out of state to get a better price

    Did anyone else hear that prices should get better in September?
  • Well you are on the Edmunds website, you should be able to see what is running up the price, 36K vs 34K. You should also be able to see the dealer price for your package. Then $1000 less is what you should pay. Really, anything $500 below dealer invoice is a good deal.
    Nissan was in the news today saying it was making some adjustments in the truck and SUV line do to low sales. Lot of Muranos sitting on the lot now, not like the 1st of the year. Your in the driver seat. The end-of-year sales are just beginning, not that the 2009 Murano is endofyear but I believe they will be on sale too.

    Joe K0BX
  • hudginskhudginsk Posts: 8
    I live in the Baton Rouge/New Orleans market. If you would like to check out the dealer inventories, use zip code 70454 and search 100 mile area.
  • jim696jim696 Posts: 12
    Here is the quote that I just got...Rosen Nissan in Gurnee, IL
    Your Quote includes the destination charge from the manufacturer.


    Invoice MSRP
    BASE $27,159 $29,480

    FLO $90 $120

    LTH $1,388 $1,600

    MRF $1,015 $1,170

    NAV $1,605 $1,850

    PRM $867 $1,000

    SGD $100 $125

    TEC $1,648 $1,900

    50S $0 $0

    Freight Charge $745 $745

    Total $34,617 $37,990
    Rosen Discount: $1565 below Invoice

    Sell Price: $33052

    Nissan is offering a $500 cash rebate

    Total Sell Price w/ Rebate: $32,552
  • I am trying to buy an 09 murano SL - leather, premium, tech, nav. People here are talking about $1,000 under invoice!!! A dealer just offered me $34,652....sticker is $36,685 and invoice is $33,487. Should I offer him $1,000 under invoice? I am in NC. I'm also this making a difference?
  • jim696jim696 Posts: 12
    I have yet to step in a dealership....I did everything over the internet. If you look on the Carmax website and find one of their dealerships that sell Nissan's, you will find that they have them for sale at about $1000.00 below invoice.....Print one out and use it to get at least that much off from your dealership. July auto sales where the worst in the last 15 years and SUV's are not flying off the lots like they were a few years ago. If they won't deal, go somewhere else....Good luck :-)
  • Shop at and you will find a great deal there. They have internet pricing online without having to call them or e-mail them. I just bought a vehicle from them. They are great to deal with
  • Hi, it says you are leasing, if thats the case, how is 31 k the sales price?
  • is the sales price on that really 31k? how did you get so much to come off the sticker?
  • Right now I am looking at a 09 Nissan Murano and am looking for the best price possible.

    The sticker on the suv is almost 34k
    He is willing to go to 31340 and with the 500 rebate it comes to

    30890 plus TAX

    This just isnt acceptable to me, especially since I can go get a pretty loaded chevy equinox for about 23,000 with $6,400 in rebates taken off, thats $23,000 out the door.

    I told the Nissan dealer if he matched the chevy discounts I would buy the car, and he declined.

    I am looking for a nissan employee discount, if anyone would be willing to let me use it I would be willing to trade a ford A plan discount should you need it.
  • A 2009 Murano SL 2WD Merlot color.

    Sticker 32,010.00

    Premium pkg


    Floor Mats

    Splash Guards

    29,194.80 was the sold price of car.

    Virginia Tax, titling tax, and Licence fees 992.98

    Total 30,187.78

    Rebate -500

    Total price out the door was 29,687.78 This is what I paid the dealer via a check.

    No other fees were charged.

    I hope I didnt take it up the shorts to bad and this helps someone else.

    PS, My wife works for this Nissan dealer. Her Boss came in to talk to me during negotiations. (kinda hinders the deal making process, doesnt it?) He informed me that my wife was coming up for review next month........I'll ask you this, what would you do at that point? I wimped out and took the offer given even though a better deal was down the street. I think WE made out in the long run. I mean, they do pay her salary. LOL
  • pasell3pasell3 Posts: 15
    I hope that you are not seriously considering comparing a Nissan Murano to a Chevy Equinox? If you are, and I was the dealer, I would probably politely thank you for coming and move to the next customer.

    1st, the 2 vehicles are not even close to comparable. Fact is, the Equinox is just a small, no frills SUV that is not very comfortable, is noisy, and does not come close to driving like a Murano. I know since my company vehicle is the Equinox and my wife drives a 09 Murano.

    2nd, GM is MUCH MUCH more desperate to get cars off their lots. They are offering very good incentives right now, and Nissan, while hurting like many others on the larger SUV's, does not NEED to offer those incentives to move their vehicles, least of all their hot selling Murano.

    You have to compare Apples to Apples, and when talking about both vehicles, you are comparing a grape (Equinox) to an Apple (Murano).

    Good luck.
  • flightnurseflightnurse at 35K feetPosts: 1,523
    FIrst off, Employees of the dealership get dealer price when buying.
    Second, I wuold tell your wife what her boss did and said to you. So after her review she could have a talk with her boss about that...
  • That's the good part.....She was sitting beside me....This is her second level supervisor, The GM. For those who might mis-understand, this was her boss's boss.

    If you have the Ba**'s to correct someone in that situation, you have my respect. I will say this, I didnt like the situation and respectfully informed him of such, in a profesional manner.

    Can your spouse just quit his/her job over principle? In this case, a few hundred dollars?

    The salesman later told me, "you were bold". Whatever that means.
  • I ended up buying an '05 Murano that had just come off lease. It was loaded with everything except Nav for $18,500 which is less than private party price according to Edmunds. I took it on a trip this weekend & it drove like a dream (and I got almost 27 MPG). Add another happy Murano owner to the list.
  • Does anyone know how much discount is given on an 09 Murano? I know someone who works for Nissan. I hate to ask him to get me the VPP discount if it makes little diffence in the final price.
  • A dealership told me that the VPP would put the price at 1/2% below invoice. I called to get my VPP number from Nissan but never got an official quote from a dealership to verify that this true.
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