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Chevrolet Aveo Sedan



  • Hello.
    I'm interested in purchasing an Aveo. Can not make up my mind for a 5 speed or automatic. I know each has its pros and cons.

    Any sugestions?

  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    A manual will give you better mileage and not require as soon the expensive overhauling an automatic will,but I'd still say that unless you genuinely enjoy the hand/foot interplay of a manual,I'd go for the automatic.

    That said,I just got my first manual four years ago, and I'm loving it! I think the manual adds a good deal of fun to ever mundane driving. I have driven a manual Aveo,and i liked it very much. I'd still say you have to really think it's have to shift far too many times every day to think it's just a smart economy move.....
  • Thank you for your reply.

    My last manual was a 1984 Dodge Omni.
    Also I guess I can squeeze a couple of more miles per gallon,
    even in stop and go traffic than an automatic.

    Have a great Labor Day weekend!
  • I live in jersey too and have an automatic aveo. I used to drive a toyota truck with a shift but the automatic is a lot easier in stop and go traffic.No need to explain driving conditions to you if you live in Bruce Springsteen country.The gas mileage all depends on your driving habits whether you have an auto or manual.
  • Does the automatic have a fair amount of acceleration being it is a small four?
    The EPA raitings which of course is not real world conditions only rate a difference of one mile per gallon between the different types of transmissions.

    I see that Pinebelt has a total of ten left in their lot.
  • I'm looking at a Aveo LT automatic...anything I should look out for? I have a Sunfire now, I'm not happy with it...I'm hoping the Aveo is better....Couldn't see much better in the price range in the comparison.
  • I drive the same mileage (40 miles one way) to work at two different locations, mostly highway driving with my 2005 Aveo auto/air. One location takes me through a 4 mile section of red lights, the other has one stop light. I get 36 mpg with one stop light and 32 with all the stop lights. If 8 miles of stop and go driving makes 4 mpg change, then the Aveo w/auto is not a good in town car. Others that I have talked with, that drive in town get 32 with their manual.

    See #719 of 734 I wish I had your Aveo by lipreader Aug 31, 2005 (2:12 pm) in the "Chevy Aveo (hatchback)" forum.
  • yeah, the auto trans has good acceleration if you are driving mostly on level roads. If you are going up hills the engine and auto trans have to work harder to get up the hill. I don't think the manual would make much of a difference.The highest hills around me are in Atlantic Highlands and Highlands near Sandy Hook.Pinebelt in Eatontown had a good amount of Aveos on the lot most were 2005 models so you might be able to get a good deal on one.
  • I have a chance to get a 2005 LT sedan auto with 5k miles on it. While sparing you the details, all I can say is that the person selling it is a friend of mine and I know it is in great shape and that I will get a price "at or below wholesale."

    My challenge is deciding whether I want to spend less money up front for what appears to be a good example of a decent car -- or whether I want to spend perhaps double the amount on a new or similarly low-mileage Corolla or Golf.

    I am a little concerned that the Aveo has a poor resale value when compared to the other cars I am considering. However, this goes in my favor right now because I can acquire the vehicle at a price well below retail.

    I don't know whether or not the car will be financed. Probably so, but I would hope to pay down the principal sooner rather than later.

    Most of my driving is to and from work (less than 10 miles round trip) and to the grocery store, Best Buy :-) and other such places. I might occasionally have a big dog in the back seat or a passenger every once in a while. Maybe 5 times a year I would take a 12 hour trip on the interstate.

    Help me make up my mind. When I look at the Corolla or Golf reports, I see they are "excellent" choices whereas the Aveo depreciates quicker and is a little cheezier than the other two (let's face it, they're right about the cheeziness.)

    When I read other forums about people raving about their Golfs and Corollas, I can't help but think they are paying much more to "get in the game." Sure their cars will hold their value better than the Aveo, and they may get a tad better gas mileage than the Aveo.

    Any comments or insight will be appreciated. This is my first post to this forum, so please "be gentle."
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,621
    Sci-fi fan, eh? :D

    A few thoughts:

    * The car has one year of depreciation (since the 2006s are out now) so it should be priced accordingly. And as you probably know, cars take their biggest hit on value in the first year.

    * How long do you plan on keeping it? If it's for over 4 years or so, depreciation will start favoring the Aveo--plus you'll have a lot less invested up front.

    * Do you like how the Aveo drives compared to the Corolla and Jetta? Do you think you could put up with it for 12 hours, 5 times a year? Maybe your friend would let you take it on a long drive one weekend (you pay for gas, wear/tear) so you can see how you like it. Also, some rental car companies carry Aveos for a low rate so you could rent one and try it on a long drive. Also, take a long test drive in the Corolla because its driving position can be uncomfortable for taller people and even many averaged-sized people (like 5'10" me).

    * One area where the Corolla and Jetta have a distinct advantage over the Aveo is on crash tests. Both the Corolla (with side air bags!) and Jetta really shine in the tough IIHS crash tests. If that is important to you, it could be worth the extra bucks.

    * How important is it to you (and how much is it worth to you) to own a car that is basic transportation (sorry, Aveo fans, that's what I think it is) vs. a very refined small car like the Jetta, or something in between like the Corolla?

    * How important is reliability to you? The Corolla has a rock-solid record there. The Jetta does not have a good history but this is an all-new model (which could be considered an even greater risk). The Aveo is in between.

    Basically, what you need to do is write down what is important to you in your next car, and rate each of the cars against those criteria. Be sure to specify "must haves" (if the car doesn't have it or do it, it's out of the picture) vs. "nice to haves". Also figure out what you could do with all that extra money that you would NOT spend on the Aveo.

    Good luck!
  • Thanks for the thoughts, Backy. I have been kind of schizophrenic with my vehicles and my wants/needs overr the past decade. I did the family thing with mini vans, the macho thing with a large 4x4 F150, the exec thing with a Lexus 400, and the yuppie thing with the Jeep Liberty. Right now the spouse's car is a fairly new Toyota MR2 Spyder.

    I bought a 2000 Hyundai Accent last month with just 27k on it. Very spartan but IMO a smart choice on many levels. I just resold it to a family member more in need of cheap, reliable transportation.

    The spouse insists on power windows/door locks. Other than that, she will "sign off" on whatever I want -- within reason. A Jetta, Vibe and other pricier models have not been ruled out.

    Truth is, I don't know how long I will keep it. I just know I want to be a tightwad this time around.

    In my area, the few used Corollas I have seen are outrageously priced. Ditto for the VWs. Also, I lack confidence in my local VW dealership.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,621
    If you liked the Accent OK, then the Aveo should be just fine for you. It is clear that you don't need to be pretentious in your cars.
  • You hit the nail on the head - pretentious. But on a more psychologically-complex level, I am wondering if I am trying to make a statement about my unpretentiousness by choosing an Aveo.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,621
    In that case, you should get something like a BMW 330i, just to prove to people that it's not important to you to drive a fancy car, but you are above the need to demonstrate that to people by driving an unpretentious car like the Aveo.

    This is getting very complicated.
  • Yes, confusion reigns. I am also thinking about trading in my 20 year-old Schwinn racing bike for a mountain/urban bike and pedal to/from work (3.6 miles one way.)

    If I do that, I might just have to keep the 99 Caravan -- despite it completely filling up my side of the garage :)
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    I've actually looked at an Aveo...There's something appealing about it,even though as a car guy,I'm used to driving more delux cars.

    It's very spacious for its small footprint,for one thing,and I admire that.

    I wish GM would put another $2,000 in it,though...
  • if you are using a car for mostly around town driving I would go with the aveo.It is great for basic transportation.Why spend twice as much for other cars that are also losing their value every day? The aveo is easy to park, maneuver, and is good on gas. The cabin is roomy and quiet for those few long trips you are planning. With the LT you have air conditioning and an mp3 player.I use a mountain bike on nice days to go to the bank, buy beer, and food.Everything I really need is 1-3 miles away.The mountain bike is more rugged than a racing bike and holds up better when you hit those bumps and potholes especially here in NJ.
  • Thanks, Ratso, for your thoughts. I was actually thinking about the kind of bike the cops ride around here. I don't think they are too expensive because the city I live in is pretty cheap with their expenditures.

    Right now, my thinking is that if the used Aveo I am thinking about priced right, I will get it. If for some reason it doesn't work out, I may still consider an Aveo, but it will probably be a brand new hatchback.
  • the cops that patrol the Henry Hudson bike trail in Middletown use Cannondale mountain bikes I believe.My 05 Aveo hatchback is due for bike rack in the near future.
  • Okay, so I bought a used 2004 Aveo (purchased originally new in January 2005) with 15,000 miles for $8225 and I've tested it pretty well at this point....

    Here are my thoughts--


    -Assembled overseas w/Korean Engine & Japanese Transmission (Usually I don't buy American)--more Foreign than a Honda.
    -CHEAP! if you can find a used 2004 for $6500-$8300 you can really pay it off quickly (24 mos. or less).
    -pretty good gas mileage (around 25-35 mix of city/highway), better if you're a master with the stick.
    -EASY to park (I squeezed easy into those parallel half-spaces left by surburban SUV's)
    -fun to drive if you buy the stick....a real race car at Red Lights.
    -EASY to find parts because it's GM
    -28 months left on the warranty
    -don't have to wait until Spring for the Honda Fit, Nissan Versa, or Toyota Yaris.
    -Italian designed (Giugiaro -Italdesign)...looks A LOT like a Fiat Punto--with reason!!
    -still novel enough for people to say "what is that, a Fiat?"
    -enough space for 5 people...yes, pretty hard to believe!!
    -Cheaper than Hyundai, Cheaper than a Kia...
    -I don't expect to sell this car in 3 or 4 years for more than $1500 or so.
    -Manual Locks and you have to lock the driver's side door from the outside with the key.
    -First and Second Gear rev to 3000 rpm too quickly, you need to change gears to third to go more than 25 MPH.
    -Air Conditioner takes a lot of power (but then again, so did my Civic and my impreza)
    -bad side crash rating
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