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Chevrolet Aveo Sedan



  • wave54wave54 Posts: 209

    When the car is cold, it goes to 3.5 to 4K RPM before start moving. It just not responds, or takes a while to get traction. I took the car to the same dealer and show them what was going on. They heard the noise and the feedback I got next morning was: "we will change the transmission fluid".

    Today a got the car. It still not responding well but it is a little better. If I put in drive (D4) and do not step on the gas, the car does not move 1 inch.

    How cold are we talking here? If it's way below freezing, most automatics will barely move until the engine and transmission warm up. I have the same year Aveo with auto and it's a bit sluggish if cold. It's designed not to shift from 3rd to 4th until the engine reaches a certain temperature.

    I believe that it's normal not to move unless the accelerator is pressed, but revving to 3 or 4K rpms is a sign of some greater problem with the transmission.
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  • 79customd79customd Posts: 87
    Howdy Freinds, This here's Tubb Bilford Jr speaking

    I have devoted a lot of research into the Aveo due to low price and how it sips gas rather than guzzle. However, I have read in the Edmunds roadtest of the 2004 LS hatch, that Chevy/Daewoo engineers used wide gear ratios on the mauaul tranny. They said it was to cut down on the shifting around town, but also that it forsed drivers to downshift to 3rd on freeway driving. I know that certainly there are Aveo owners here who own the stick shift so can any of yawll inform me if this is really the case. Any input will be appreciated.Thanks!

    Tubb Bilford Jr
  • barry42barry42 Posts: 64
    The '07 Sedans are out !!
    Does anybody have the specs ?
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    Specs are here:

    The press release notes that the standard side torso airbags also provide head protection, something I did not know before (or maybe they were upgraded from '06). There are currently two major approaches to head protection: side curtain airbags which drop from the ceiling, and side torso airbags with an extension that also protects the front row heads.

    Integrating head and torso protection into side airbags (Ford also does this on the Focus, but the are optional there) provides complete side body protection, but only for the front seat occupants. Separate side curtain airbags can easily extend to the rear, to protect rear seat occupants as well - that's how it works on the Impala, which has them standard (but not standard torso protection) and on this year's Malibu.

    I think Chevy made the right decision in the Aveo. Most cars have single occupants anyway; and with a car in the Aveo's class size, adult rear passengers are much rarer. Kids in child seats won't benefit much from rear side curtains, and even a little bigger kids are usually too low in the seat for side curtains to help. So Chevy did a smart job of triage and gave front seat occupants full protection. Thanks!

    The Aveo has now proved it's no "flash in the pan" for Chevy. This is the second full year of production with a much upgraded model. I would probably now recommend this to my friends instead of the Scion xA or Toyota Yaris since it is a better supported model, and would even recommend that friends on a budget consider it over a Fit, since the Fit is so overpriced in my opinion (a subcompact car with a compact price).

    I see a lot of these around San Francisco. Chevy has hit a home run with the Aveo!

    (Be aware that the 5 door hatchback continues forward unchanged this year, it has none of the sedan's improvements.)
  • I dont understand what you mean about driving in 3rd gear on the freeway.....I dont. It is just about like every other small car with a manual I have driven for the past ....28 years. Automatics downshift by themselve when you pass, and on a manual you have to do it yourself. It just depends on how fast you are going, and how fast you are trying to pass. Sometimes you might have to shift into 3rd. ;)
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  • Well my '04 aveo just cost me 1600 dollars. The timing belt went and the values bent. Got a value job done and asked my mechanic when the maintenance on the belt was required. The owner's manual says 60,000. My car has 93,000.I did some research and California law requires timing belts to last up to 105,000 miles. It looks like GM went cheap and did not upgrade the belts. My car was checked the last time I bought it in for service and my mechanic said all my belts were fine. I am thinking about filing a class action lawsuit against GM. This could be a huge problem for aveo owners. I commute over 100 miles per day that's the reason for the high mileage.
  • scaveoscaveo Posts: 2
    my 04 sedan zips around town from 1-3, but it has no power on the freeway. occasonally I have to hit 3rd up hills, and passing is downright is slow. my only complaint is i wish it had more power, Im thinking about getting a chip, you can find it on ebay, but the gas milage i get it insane.
  • Hey I feel your pain,
    My Aveo just cost me $2,000 for my timing belt and head to be replaced, i wish i heard about the problem before mine went. my car only has 74,000 miles on it, i have a long drive to work as well, how did you find out about the law suit? i need to check on any in my state, i am in Michigan, i have had alot of problems with my car my throw out bering went right off the bat like 6 months old.
    hope things works out with your Aveo
  • :sick: My son just had the same thing happen to his car while he was driving. The car just died and he had to have it towed to a shop. They just called and said they won't work on it because the valves/pistons might be bent. The car is 2-1/2 years old and has less than 50,000 miles on it. This just shouldn't have happened! His gas cap and manual door locks have also broken. The car is crap! If there's a lawsuit out there, I'd like to know about it.
  • willyt3willyt3 Posts: 2
    Accidentally posted an earlier message in the hatchback stream. I need to know if an 07 sedan front bumper cover will fit an 05 sedan. They loo :) k really close.
  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,023
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  • alchemist1alchemist1 Posts: 2
    I heard a strange hissing sound when accelerating in my '04 Aveo sedan (auto trans, 56,700 miles)and decided to have my dealer check it out. At first I thought it was a tiny hole in the exhaust system. Bottom line was that the dealer's mechanic stated I had a stretched timing belt and it should be changed. They had another Aveo in the shop whose timing belt just broke resulting in damaged/bent valves. I agreed to this repair after having read multi-complaints of timing belts breaking prematurely. They also recommended changing the water pump and would take 3hrs labor to perform. They did not stock these parts but were able to finish the repair the next day. I think GM needs to install longer lasting belts or switch to the timing chain for future models.
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 209
    I think GM needs to install longer lasting belts or switch to the timing chain for future models.

    I agree -- it'd be a selling point. Most people will spend $1000 or more with belt changes and water pumps over the car's lifetime. In essence, the Aveo loses some of its price advantage when compared to Yaris, Corolla, Fit or Scion that use timing chains.

    Unlike other cars I've owned or driven, this model has no margin of error with belt changes. Many have had problems before the 60,000 mile interval.

    It makes so little sense to build an engine that'll last hundred of thousands of miles, but can experience catastophic failure due to a $30 rubber belt breaking.

    C'mon GM! Ditto for any other automakers using them.
  • I drive the freeway to work and back home everyday and I've never had to downshift into 3rd gear with my 2007 Aveo Sedan. I've shifted into 4th a few times to get upto 120km/hr on a hill, but never 3rd gear.

    Last night I was in 5th gear and floored the car to 160km/hr (100mph), the car was totally quiet and very stable.
  • OK - I am in the market for a replacement car. I have a 2000 Focus wagon with 110k on it. Not a bad car, but now driving over 420 miles per week and want something with a warranty, etc. I am 6'2" and 270 lbs - how will this car be driving every day for a guy like me? I sat in an 07 Summer Edition 4 door last week and the car seemed a lot bigger on the inside than it looks. Also, am I going to get at least 25 MPG or so. I sort of beat cars up and hope that this car will last. Is there anyone out there that has over 50k miles on their car and can report how it is holding up? 1 last question - is there anyone that has bought a sedan version and wished they got the hatchback? Sorry for all the questions - but if I am going to spend a decent amount of money on a newer or new car - I want to do it right the first time.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    If you look at the regular Aveo forums there is a post or two with people with a few extra pounds, and people with over 100,000 miles. One has over 150,000 miles. The car does have a pretty roomie interior for its size. I'm really not sure how it will hold up compared to other cars this size available.
  • The owner's maintaince book says to replace timing belt at 100,000KM or 60,000 miles. I don't think you have a chance in heck of trying to go after GM when it was your fault. Good Luck trying. :P
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