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VW Passat TDI



  • I have a '92 VW double-cab truck with a 2.5L 5-cyl. engine, and my wife's '94 Eurovan has the same engine. Is this the same thing going into the new Jettas and Passats?

    (its transverse, and a longer-stroke versionn of Audi's old 2.2L 5-cyl, which was generally longitudinal ... but all new VWs will be transverse starting with the new Passat I understand)


    Which TDI will the new Jettas and Golfs get?

    2.0 like the current Passat?
  • todd53todd53 Posts: 47
    dolphin - I went online and purchased Motul VW spec 505.01 for $28 per 5 liters. The website is

    Hopefully they will start making this stuff available in stores...
  • I had just bought a Passat Wagon GLS TDI in January 05, but I was also interested in the 05 Mercedes E320 CDI. I like both cars very much. The Passat Wagon GLS model that I had has the leatherette which I prefer over the leather because I think it is stronger and no animal has to be sacrificed. Although I bought the Passat TDI, I'm not over the E320 CDI. I'm thinking of trading it back in to get the E320 CDI. I would lose about 2k for doing this. This really does not make good financial sense to me, but I want to be in a car that I love to drive for a long time. I traded in my 95 S320 for this Passat TDI and I missed it. The E320 CDI costs twice as the Passat TDI.


    Can anyone convince me to keep my Passat TDI or I should go ahead and trade in the E320 CDI?
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,850
    Can anyone convince me to keep my Passat TDI or I should go ahead and trade in the E320 CDI?

    Welcome to the forum:

    The Passat wagon has all that extra room. It will probably get slightly better mileage. But then that E320 CDI is a beautiful car. If it was me I would drive the Passat until it gets 7500 miles on it. Take it to CA and sell to someone for about what you paid for it. Then get your E 320 CDI....
  • gagrice, do you use CA to refer to California or Canada? Is Passat TDI allowed in California? I know that E320 CDI is not. Are people paying slightly more for this car in Canada or California?


    I thought that for longevity, the difference between these two cars is that in 10 years the E320 CDI will probably be worth $15k, but the Passat Wagon TDI will probably not worth as much, maybe ~$4k. However, it most likely costs more to maintain E320 CDI which makes up the difference.


    Another thought is that VW won't be making Passat TDI for 2006 and there is really no plan on when they will make the next diesel model. Mercedes, on the other hand, plans to make 3000 of the E320 CDI every year starting from 2004. I read somewhere that VW may actually raise the price of the next Passat TDI which could mean that the 2005 Passat TDI could actually appreciates in value.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,850
    The market for used VW TDI cars in California is good. One VW dealer in Los Angeles buys them with 7500 miles and sells them at or near new MSRP. I would think in a year you could get your money back along with a trip to California. A quite a few sell on eBay also. I have considered both cars to keep at our home in Hawaii. It is just difficult justifying $60k for a vehicle to sit and depreciate over there. Plus the wagon would be more practical. It sounds like the 2006 Jetta will kind of take the place of the Passat with very close to the same dimensions.


    Are you getting decent mileage with the Passat? I assume the handling is good.
  • That sounds very encouraging. Right, financially it does not make a lot of sense spending $60k for a car. We just have to meet in the middle of the needs and the wants.


    The Passat handles reasonably well and I do have fun driving it as compared to my old S320. The difference is that rear-wheel drive cars tend to do a better job going up hills than front-wheel drive cars. I like the Passat's Tiptronic feature where I can feel like I'm driving with a stick-shift. The only problem with the Tiptronic is that it doesn't shift when you tell it to. It only shifts when you tell it to and when it's ready.


    I drive in the city about 80% of the time and my manual calculation tells me that I'm getting about ~28 mpg. This is probably because I use the Tiptronic a lot. Somewhere I read that the Tiptronic tends to use a bit more gas. It's interesting that I don't get better mpg even though I coast a lot when going down hill or coming to a stop light.
  • Does your local Benz dealer have any e320CDI's out on a 2-year lease? They probably do, and you can pick which one (for color, etc) you want.


    The Benz is $30k more than the Passat now.

    In 2 years the Passat will still fetch $25k and the Benz lease returns won't be much over $40k.


    So, in 2 years, trade-up the TDI for the 2-year old CDI of your choice for only $15k, and you've got $15k in your pocket compared to buying it now!
  • I'm not really sure if this is practical. Has anyone done this before?


    Are you overly optimistic about being able to sell a 2-year old Passat Wagon TDI for $25K considering that the retail price of a new Passat Wagon TDI GLS is only $27K?
  • What everyone is saying is that used TDI's sell for new prices in california because you are not allowed to buy new TDI's there. People who want a diesel VW need to buy used there.


    I live in CA and I want a TDI, but you can't buy new TDI's here. But I will wait until next year when the feds lift the diesel rules in CA.
  • mrjettemrjette Posts: 122
    A similar thing seems to happen in New England. The TDi is not sold in NY, MA, VT, ME or RI (only CT and NH). I drove onto a NY VW lot, and the salesman came right up to me and said "I hope you are here to trade in that TDi!" He explained that they can't get them new, but can sell them used. I never considered that it may be worth more in another state, but guess it is basic supply and demand?
  • If this reasoning is true, shouldn't this same thing happen to the MB E320 CDI? I would guess that it would even be better since MB makes only 3000 of 2005-model E320 CDI compared to 30000 of 2005-model Passat TDI.
  • jimgjimg Posts: 1
    I think it's ridiculous to compare the Mercedes E320 with the Passat TDI. The Mercedes costs at least twice much. The only comparison is the type of fuel they use.


    If I were you, I'd trade in the Passat and buy the Mercedes. I also think you should buy Google stock at $200 per share.


    Both are comparable investments.
  • I have seen some used 2004 tdi wagons (2004's) listed at calif dealerships for over $35K!


    A little known loophole in CA dmv rules states that you can buy a new TDI only if your car "dies" and you need a replacement (emergency). Most TDI owners recommend spending $100 for a clunker, driving it across the border to Washington or Oregon, draining the oil from the engine (while running) and have it "die" in a VW lot. The dealership can then vouch for the car being dead beyond repair, and sell you a new TDI to be imported into CA. It's a lot of work, but possible!
  • Just a quick check of the web...

    In my neck of the woods, everything is EXPENSIVE. Most expensive place to live in America, I believe (1000sq foot 50 yr old homes sell for about $800K to 1mil easy). Daily!

    Area code 94530 (out in the boonies) has 2 TDI's available (per auto at 29,900 (used 2004's with 10K miles).

    Oakland, CA (not exactly glamorous) has a 2003 with 43K miles for $27K. Walnut Creek, CA has one with 30K miles for $28K. And both of these are not even diesels, after a second check!

    Most dealerships in the SF bay area feel they have a license to print money since they are located in a place where citizens are willing to pay $2,25 for a gallon of gas.

    Nearly $30K for a car with 4 years of mileage (and it's not even a diesel)!
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    ...for used cars have very little to do with actual transaction prices. I've always been bemused by the fact that Kelley gives used car dealers a 30% markup between the wholesale value of any given car, and the so-called "Kelley retail value" that often gets posted on cars, and then "generously" discounted, to say, only a 20% markup!

    Look, all used car shopping should start from the wholesale price and work up, not from the asking price and working down. California is the most competitive car market in the known universe, but you have to be a good shopper to take advantage. And the price of gasoline and real estate hasn't much to do with automotive transaction prices...unless owning a $700k house with a $600k mortagage makes one feel "rich".
  • I contacted those dealers to see whether or not they are interested in my 2005 Passat Wagon TDI, only one replied to say that he's not interested. I wonder how good these dealers are. Maybe, they were able to buy these used TDIs at a low price and mark up so much to take advantage of the few who want the TDI.
  • There is a recall out on new TDI's for the injector pump. It may come loose and develop a leak, causing all kinds of problems.

    We have a new 2004 Passat with the TDI and have had a hesitation problem at constant speeds since day one.
    Now at 8000 miles it would not start. Dealer has had the car for 17 days and has replaced the injector pump, injectors,egr and others. They got it to start again but still has the hesitation. Last word from dealer friday was he thinks factory will buy it back. It's too bad because we really like the ride and mileage, but we have lost all confidence in reliabality
  • todd53todd53 Posts: 47

    Do you know any of the specifics regarding this recall, i.e. the official name and/or code? I have a 2004 Passat TDI with 22k miles. Every now and then, the engine does not turn over immediately when cranking, requring 2 to 3 attempts. Perhaps this potential defect has something to do with it. Other than that, it runs perfectly. Please share any details you have regarding this recall.
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