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VW Passat TDI



  • IT was the GLS Sedan, and I got it below invoice.
  • wow

    what kind of vehicle you bought,is this a passat 2.oT with package1+winter package or just a basic passat.thanks and let me know

    i paid almost 25980 :( in louisville kentucky.

  • Does anyone know anything about using vegetable oil in a TDI. With the price of fuel soaring it might become cheaper to buy fuel at the grocery store. I have read posts about biodiesel and one from someone claiming to use pure veg oil. Most refer to obtaining used oil from fast food restaurants and filtering it, but could you just buy the new stuff and add it to the tank or what??
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,676
    You better do more research before you dump canola in your tank.
  • It is the GLS, not the base GL. It has the Monsoon sound system, 16" alloy wheels, moonroof, and heated seats. As far as I know, no "options" beyond that, but I did get the Passat floor mats.

    I'm thrilled. Today I saw regular for $3.23, and I got diesel for $2.69.
  • I have an 05 TDI GLS. I just purchased a pair of Sylvania Silver Star light bulbs for the headlights. I once installed these on an MB E430 and it was a piece of cake. However, I looked at the Passat and it doesn't look to be so easy. Has anyone ever installed these? Not sure if I should be doing this. Any advice? Thanks.
  • Considering Passat TDI Wagon but have 2 questions: What is average mileage? On this website it says 37/45 (w/average at 40) - - but people say it's more like 28mpg. Second question: I previously considered the volvo and mercedes diesel wagons but want better mpg however, despite better mpg, I wonder if the Passat engine will last like a mercedes or volvo on the average? I can only afford a used Passat and so miles would be high. Good mpg doesn't pay off if the repair bills are high! ADVICE, please!
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,830
    i think you can forget about getting above 40 mpg unless you drive a constant 60 mph. i suppose some people do that but i think life's too short! we see about 35 mpg average, mix of city & 'realistic' highway speeds, 70+. dashboard mpg display reads 2 mpg above real mpg. on a cross country cruise, 80+ to ~100, mpg ranged from 31 to 37 with my lead foot. in pure stop & go city traffic for a whole tank, i can believe it would be 28 mpg. never tried that, probably never will.
    also beware the 'bucking' issue, on lift-throttle decel or feather-throttle cruising - try it on a test drive. our dealer service dept reports "they all do that". it's unacceptable to some drivers. apparently it's due to US emission/EGR requirements. some folks have hacked an egr restrictor plate that supposedly eliminates the bucking, but it causes the computer to throw a code - technically it's an illegal emissions modification. supposedly the euro version of the same car gets substantially better mpg due to less stringent euro emissions requirements. something like that. or so i've read...
  • On Friday 16 September I ordered a new Passat P6 2.0 TDI SE and to bring it up to the spec of my current 2003 car cost $3621 in "optional extras"! For an extra $5247 I could have leather seats and satnav.... but I passed on those two. The other I passed up was the rain sensor, such a toy is redundant in Scotland. There were a total of 119 optional extras on offer, the only freebie being the de-badging.It seems VW are, initially anyway, offering just the skeleton and you have to clothe it yourself! Delivery is estimated at late November though this waiting time should decrease as production gets into full swing.

    I'm hoping the six speed box of the P6 will produce the 60 mpg I currently manage (50 mph), as this week diesel hit $8.50 a gallon up here in Scotland and have no doubt it will: the increased torque meant that I had the demonstrator car toddling along urban streets at 30 mph in sixth gear with no protest.

    At the end of November I'll let you know if it lives up to the hype.

  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,676
    Just had the 5000 mile service done on the TDI. Total charge $50.63. Filter was $6.89 and oil $5.50 per liter. I made sure they had the right stuff before they started. This is not the dealer I bought the car from. They have treated me real well both times I have gone there. Highly recommend Drew VW in San Diego.
  • Is the TDi Passat going to have 4-Motion (All wheel drive)?
    The US (like Germany) has many mountainous snowy roads.
    Last year you could get the TDi or 4-Motion, but not together - Lame.
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,830
    josephus, no way. what TDI passat are you talking about. there is no more TDI passat sold in USA and no plans for one to be sold. definitely not for 2006. i understand that in USA, VAG will be having audi offer more diesels and volksy offer fewer diesels. the only volksy diesels will be jetta (sedan only) and beetle. i bet you'll see quattro offered with the future audi usa diesels, however. bigger $.
  • I just recently purchased a 2005 Passat TDI and I noticed several things seems like it takes longer to accelerate when the pedel is to the metal than it should, also the car bucks when the automatic transmission switches gears...and I have seen a puff of black smoke when accelerating quickly. This only happend once. Is anyone esle experiencing the same issues? Should I be concerned about the black smoke? And what is it?

  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,225
    In my limited experience with automatic diesels, flooring the pedal doesn't seem to be the best method for acceleration. That seems to cause the motor to rev beyond it's power band, when you feel the acceleration start to fall-off, lift your foot and let the transmission upshift, then put your foot back into it. Worth a try anyway, a diesel isn't a point-n-shoot engine IMHO.
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,830
    the smoke is normal when you stand on the accelerator, especially after you've been driving for a while. it's soot that builds up in the exhaust system. i find it works nicely on tailgators.
    the bucking is also "normal" as in "they all do that" - apparently VW can't or won't fix it. please do give your dealer crap about it however. it's not necessarily related to shifting - instead it occurs on 'lift-throttle' or 'idling/coasting' along. there are lots of theories & posts about the bucking on tdiclub , some dudes have apparently fixed it by customizing an "egr restrictor plate". technically that violates federal/EPA law i think. and it causes the ECM to throw a code. but apparently it does fix the bucking. sigh.
    another workaround/prevention is to just force the car to run in a lower gear, either by shifting manually or putting it in "3" or "4". once it bucks, dropping a gear will not necessarily stop the bucking however - you must have it in the lower gear to begin with.
    as for the accel, i do believe that flooring it does provide the best acceleration - there is quite a turbo lag from a dead stop however. maybe it's not turbo lag - maybe it's the ecm programmed that way. the engine has lots of torque, maybe too much, so that fuel has to be metered slowly when starting from a dead stop.
  • cosmocosmo Posts: 203
    My wife and I just returned from a 1700 mile business/pleasure trip to San Francisco. We drove from Central Washington through Oregon on US 97 to I-5 in California and on into South SF (719 miles) in 13.5 hours and averaged 40 mpg in our 2004 TDI wagon. Coming home we drove around in SF, then up the CA coast to Crescent City, then to I-5, to I-84, and then north again on US 97. The trip home included side-trips up the mountains to see the giant redwoods and the Oregon Caves. Overall we averaged 38.3 mpg and used 1/5th of a liter of oil. To quote my wife while I was driving up the winding California coast highway: "I know you've totally forgotten that you're not driving the Audi Coupe anymore." To quote my 2-year-old grandson after a carnival ride: "Fun!" :)
  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    Good post, I got 04 GLS tdi wagon with insert leather; one of my favor cars, 11200 miles in odometer with two times oil change, is a very reliable vehicle.
  • markstmarkst Posts: 1
    I just bought a 05 TDI wagon in August and have had problems with this "bucking" also. Mine occurs when I level off the accellerator and the car is in 3rd gear. I have talked to the service dept at least twice and they act like they don't know what the problem is. So this is a common problem with all TDI's? And if so I would assume the service dept is avoiding the issue.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,676
    Anyone out there know a good source for a VW Passat remote with pop out key. I cannot find one of mine. Dealers want a lot of money for them.
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