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Lexus RX 330



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
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  • gardencargardencar Posts: 293
    Hey, cotmc. I I've been looking at Miata's and even the Mazda RX8's. However, my wife's refusal to learn to drive a stick is kinda putting a damper on buying a bona fide sports car right now. We also went to look at some certified E430's and some 5 series Bimmers. For a short time after test driving a Cayenne S, finding out that it has a 7700# towing capacity, and that they are now 9% off MSRP, we thought about trading in our beloved RX330 for a titanium or brilliant silver Cayenne! However, a few days after leaving the Porsche dealership, sanity returned as the memory of the test drive ebbed away. Right now we're looking at GS400's...

    You are right about cl's point. It's good to have a fun car to drive. However, seeing as he already has a Pilot, it's puzzling that he would get an FX. Although it handles better than the RX, it is no sports car. I didn't reply to his rather challenging post before, but seeing that he is rather tenacious (no insult intended, Sally), I will put my two cents in.

    Before buying the RX330, the FX was one of the crossovers I test drove. The styling was unusual but trendy, IMO. I felt the RX had a classic look that would not look dated even five years from now. Cargo space and utility were no contest. I instantly was unimpressed with the FX's interior. After the two mile test drive in the FX45, I felt the acceleration exhilarating, the handling on par with the X5, but below par with the X3. The ride was even stiffer than either of the BMW's and even though I did feel it would be fun to drive around town,I knew it was not a highway cruiser. It would be too punishing for the three plus hour drives, out of town, that my new car would serve duty for. In the end, tight handling and speed had to take a back seat (pun intended) to comfort and luxury. If it hadn't, I'd be in a Bimmer right now, or even a Cayenne.

    By the way, I listen to the Herdsmen, the Wonders, Earth Wind and Fire, Shania Twain, John Meyers, Kenny G, ABBA, the Bee Gees, Outkast, Fifty Cent, and Ludicrous, among others. Depends on the day.
  • bennbbennb Posts: 143
    this means nothing ... it's just their way of trying to get you in the trade up for a new car ... you're not getting any special deal ... they're just mentioning it to give you intrigue. Do you want an '05? Go for it ... if you're happy ... stick with your car. You won't get any special deal over just walking into the dealership off the street.
  • volaravolara Posts: 5
    Does anybody have statistics regarding the proportion of men/women driving Rx? Is it my imagination that most drivers of Rx are females?
    Would appreciate opinions.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    I read them a while back for the 1st generation RX, the RX300. I believe it was close to 60% female, 40% male. The RX330, supposedly, has brought it closer to 50/50. OF course, the male/female proportion numbers aren't fully correct because of factors like husbands buying them for their wives, etc.

    You may find it interesting, but the proportion of men/women BMW 3-series and Z3 owners/drivers leaned more towards women drivers also.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    But then how many women dictate the purchase of what their husbands drive them around in?

    It was my wife that really chose teh RX300 that I drive her around in.
  • Anyone have experience buying an aftermarket towing hitch as opposed to the one sold at the Lexus dealership?
  • cotmccotmc Posts: 1,081
    It was my wife that decided the less-expensive Nissan Murano would not suit her. Simultaneously, my bank account statements were telling me the RX330 would not suit me; that is, until you announced rumors of good discounts in southern california back in June '03.

    Even though I'm the big mouth within this forum, the RX is really my wife's car.
  • cotmccotmc Posts: 1,081
    I purchased an aftermarket tow hitch from Curt Manufacturing. It looks great, and it was easy to install. Note that I am using this exclusively for a hitch-mounted bike rack. I did not provide for a wiring harness. My cost was $110 + $25 shipping. I provide further details within post #2864 and #2882.

    If you perform a search within this forum for "tow hitch", you should find many posts regarding tow hitches, including after-market models. There was quite a bit of discussion about tow hitches within this discussion topic.
  • armanarman Posts: 2
    Curt aftermarket tow hitch for RX 330 is on Ebay for $92.00 and $23.00 for shipping. I think that is a good price. The seller is TopTenHitch and has a very good feedback.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,978
    You may want to weigh in here:

    dealer13 "Kia Sorento" Oct 21, 2004 6:21am


    Steve, Host
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    I am glad the RX was the right choice for you it is a wonderful car just wasn't right for me.

    I live in Texas now where 7 out of 10 vehicles is an SUV or Pickup. I chose the FX as my "Fun Car" because I liked it every since it was a concept and the crash compatibility with larger vehicles on the road. Also I am A Big Guy so I don't fit to well in a lot of smaller cars. The FX has plenty of room and comfort for my needs. It also served me well on a 2500+ mile tripmy family of four took last year. I am looking at a sedan/coupe (m45, Pontiac GTO) for my next fun car purchase but do not know if I can give up all the features and driving position of the FX.

    I like the RX and if they put an adjustable suspension with a good sport setting and a beefier steering wheel on the 400H that may also make the list.
  • cotmccotmc Posts: 1,081
    Hey, gardencar. Keep up the good hunt, and please let me know what you decide to bring home to your garage.

    For what it's worth, I had checked out a used E-Class and a '99 GS400 before I settled on my '00 5-series. This was back in May-July 2002. Even though it was only the 6-cylinder 528i, it was equipped with the sport and premium packages, and I found it to be more interesting to drive than the other models. I liked its steering, handling, and road manners the best. The GS400 was faster, but, in comparison to the BMW, it didn't seem as fun to drive, imo. For the cockpit, I liked both the BMW and the Lexus GS interiors more than the MB. When you consider other factors, such as customer service and long-term reliability, I certainly see why the GS might be at the top of your list.

    We used to own a '99 Miata, which was the best value in a sports car we've ever owned. Driving this with the top down almost always brought a smile to my face. I agree that it probably wouldn't be the same if you equip it with an auto instead of a stick. I also like many aspects of the RX-8, except for the poor fuel economy. I think Edmunds is averaging only 17-18 mpg on their long-term RX-8 tester. I've seen other RX-8 owners complain about poor mileage within these forums. There is something about that little rotary engine that drinks down the gasoline. I find it amazing that a practical and reasonably powerful SUV like the RX330 gets better gas mileage than a little lightweight sports car! In fact, I believe the RX330 2WD model has a higher highway EPA rating than either the RX-8 or the IS300.
  • gardencargardencar Posts: 293
    I'm glad the FX is working out so well for you. In general, my younger friends (early twenties) prefer its styling and agility. A majority of my older friends (late thirties) however, prefer the RX. Seems like you stirred up a baby hornet's nest. Thanks!

    It's great when we can agree to disagree.
  • gardencargardencar Posts: 293
    Hey, cotmc. Thanks for your helpful thoughts, they are appreciated. I had forgotten that your moniker had come from the fact that you've had so many different vehicles over the years. Seems that we share similar tastes in vehicles.

    We were looking at the eight cylinder models because in the used car market, they seem to give you the best bang for your buck. I also think the Bimmer was the most fun to drive, but I agree that in longevity and reliability, the GS400 has a decided edge.

    Things have been somewhat hectic around here, so the burn to buy our "fun" car has cooled somewhat. We aren't in dire need at the moment, so we intend to savor and enjoy the "hunt", as you aptly put it. We will definitely let you know what finally ends up in our garage.

    Never did hear if you and your family took a road trip to Clear Lake in July, or decided on a different destination. We were there in early July before travelling out of state for the remainder of it. Happy motoring!
  • gardencargardencar Posts: 293
    Somebody else posted a similar question regarding the RX, except that they wanted opinions on which of the RX's colors were more feminine and which more masculine. I've never really thought of cars this way. IMO, they are unisex and the person driving them determines whether it is more masculine or feminine.

    But FYI, since my wife is a stay at home mom, it was agreed I would be using it more of the time for business or our trips to the lake, when we weren't towing anything. As it turned out, my wife prefers driving our Explorer, and like a good husband, I acquiesced to her wishes and now am the primary driver of the RX330.
  • Hey Everyone! Just checking in to give an update on my experience thus far. Most of you know I spent ALOT of time (about 1.5 years) lurking on the boards and trying to find the right fit for me. Well I went with the RX and I LOVE IT. I average about 23 mpg on my tank (I have a 2WD), I have grown to love and appreciate the auto windshield wipers, and the quiet ride is UNDENIABLE. So far so good. I have not had any of the problems others had mentioned before (knock on wood), and my husband loves to drive it as well. Although, he is looking at the GS and LS for himself right now. Just wanted to give an update, and I will continue to lurk.
  • hfanghfang Posts: 31
    My wife was in a rear end accident about a month ago (her RX rear ended someone) and resulted in quite a bit of damage (about $22K) - front airbags deployed, and the front was pretty much caved in, but no engine issues as far as I can tell. Just got it back, and it looks great and rides as before. Our intent when we purchased this car was to keep it for a long time (7+yr, 100+K miles); would you guys trade it in and get a new one, or keep it as originally planned? We're not upside down on the car, or anything that would prohibit trading in the car-

  • hfanghfang Posts: 31
    Her RX truly runs as new (right now), and all the replacement parts were new. But the entire front (fenders, hood, front doors, etc) were all repainted (flint mica). What kind of hit would it take at trade in if that were the course we were to take?

  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,978
    Check out Pricing used vehicles involved in accidents/reconditioned, especially posts about diminution in value of a vehicle after a wreck.

    Oh, nevermind, you found it.

    Steve, Host
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