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Lexus RX 330



  • Thanks Cole!

    This is great news. Can't wait to get a 2006 RX. Came close to purchasing 2005 Thundercloud Edition yesterday w/Navigation - but it didn't have the factory DVD Player. Kind-of glad they didn't come to terms with my price cap ($1000 over invoice) because I now have Rear DVD Player as requirement (new discovery was after deal went south). I'm waiting till November/December time frame to attempt negotiations of a loaded 2006 AWD RX @ $500 over invoice. Probably wishful thinking, but that's my target price.

    I appreciate the quick response :-)

  • $500 over invoice for a 2006................ never happen until maybe after the Christmas holidays.
  • bennbbennb Posts: 143
    I have a black RX ... I wish I would've done the clear bra b/c there are A LOT of chips on my 2005, but I have already put 15,000 miles on so ...

    Anyways ... I have ZERO chips on the actual bumper ... I would guess that just doing around the grill and headlights up the hood and the side mirrors would be enough.
  • wrahnwrahn Posts: 45
    Thanks for your input. I'm scheduled to have my clear bra installed on Thursday.

    Wes :shades:
  • bnh7543bnh7543 Posts: 10
    Wes..Also considering the same. Please report back to us on how it goes. Thanks :)
  • Looking an the Lexus webpage there are black all weather mats for the Lexus RX400h, wondering will they fit my 2005 RX330?

    My only concern is the anchor points, are they the same for both vechicles.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.
  • bnh7543bnh7543 Posts: 10
    rich18944..Help !!
    You suggested I can e-mail you to get further details on how to installl the wiring harness that I got from the dealer to my new RX330, but I don't have your e-mail. Can you e-mail me at details of the harness hook up? Thanks very much in advance. Joe
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
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  • wrahnwrahn Posts: 45
    I changed my mind. I decided that after paying $40,000 for a car why pay another $550 just to stop some chips at the front. I'm going to get dings all over the car by the time I'm ready to trade it in, like I'm done the last three times. It doesn't seem to decrease the resell value.

  • Interesting analysis...I would have thought you'd say, "After paying $40,000 for a car what's another $550 to keep the chips off the front." I guess the alternative is to spend $10 for a bottle of touch up paint... :confuse:
  • That 3M film will not look great as the car starts to age.

    Dont tailgate trucks and proper maintenance waxing etc. your vehicle will be fine.
  • wrahnwrahn Posts: 45
    I know people might think this is way off the subject, however, since I'm not putting on the 3M Bra I need another form of protection. I have the Crystal White 2005 and I'm more interested in protection, rather than "showroom" beauty and I don't want it to be a full time job. So, which wax is the best to use to PROTECT the car's paint?

    Sorry if I'm too far off the subject, and thanks for any knowledge and experience with Lexus paint protection.

  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,960
    While waiting for responses, check out the Store Bought Waxes Part II (No Zaino Posts) discussion .

    For showroom fans, there's Zaino Car Polishes/Products--Your Experiences (Part 2).

    Steve, Host

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  • I find Meguires to be the best wax.
    Their newest wax, NXT Tech Wax, goes on easy without the "dust" normal wax creates. Good for clear coat and last a long time IMO. You can get it at WalMart for about $13.
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    Also, check out
  • finch3finch3 Posts: 113
    It's not going to stop dings, but you should put a coat of wax on your car at least every six months. I've used Mequires Clean-Wax for years and it's great stuff. You're cleaning all the road junk off and adding a coat of wax at the same time. One of the easier products to use.
  • I bought an 2005 Rx 330 AWD It now has a little under 3,000 miles. The mechinac at Lexus told me to expect to see a great improvement in gas millage at 5,000 miles. Also I spoke with two different Mechinacs about the octane and both said the car will get better millage and run better with 91 Octane. I am very pleased with my RX 330. It was made in Japan.
  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103
    At today's gas prices I would be curious to do a cost-benefit calculation on the price of 91 octaine vs how many additional miles you get out of it. Has anyone ever figured out if it is worth it?
  • Anyone has experience of buying a new car online and have it to ship to you? I am a first time buyer. Any advice? :confuse:

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Bought my new 2001 Porsche C4 online and took factory delivery. Bought black 92 LS400 in Tucson and flew down and drove back. Bought Four Winds MH on Ebay but it was local.
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