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Lexus RX 330



  • tneeftneef Posts: 1
    Been awhile since I read thru the messages but looking at trading in 01 rx300 for new 330 but hear talk of updated rx350 coming out in next few months as an 07 model. Anything current as to this information? Thanks.
  • iancariancar Posts: 31
    X3 is already score low on interior materials. I just wonder how many people are still going to buy 255hp X3 3.0i or heavier 2007 X5, when BMWs is going to be trumped by RAV4 and RX350 easily from red light.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Just how many SUV buyers do you think really care about being trumped, or not, at a red light? Of a lot more interest, at least to me, and I suspect the majority of buyers, is how adequate the AWD/4WD system is in handling adverse roadbed conditions.

    X3 happens to have a absolutely stellar AWD system in comparison to the current RX models. I'm hoping the upcoming RX model adopts the new RAV4 AWD system.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,940

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  • Can you please advise name of the local business and whereabouts are you located?
    OeM costs for these clear bra is about $800.
  • #3680 Reposted with phone number removed:

    I'm just west of Minneapolis. The name of the local business is "Trim Doctor" in New Hope, MN. Looking at my receipts, I paid $139 + tax for the RX, and $175 + tax for my FX45. The FX included the rear bumper, which was not needed on the RX.
  • One dealer told me that the RX330 would start arriving with Sirius in January, and another told me that it would be MY 07. Since it is not on the option list I would suspect 2007, but wanted to see if anyone knew if this would be a mid 2006 change?

  • Does one really need Lojack for a 2006 Rx330?
  • "Does one really need Lojack for a 2006 Rx330?"

    Unless you live in an area with an unusually high car theft problem, and often park in risky areas, and don't carry comprehensive insurance, the factory installed alarm system should be plenty adequate. I put Lojack in the same category as special paint protection, rust-proofing, pin striping, etc - things that dealers push hard to pad their profit.
  • nelsoncmnelsoncm Posts: 103
    You know, hauling your kidlet(s) around in? All I ever see is older people or grandparent types driving them here in So Cal. But I only have one kid (plus a hubby and a dog) and am looking for a mid-size SUV. The idea that the center console and the rear seats slide back and forth makes it sound pretty versatile. Plus mommy would dig the plush ride. I've looked at Pilot, MDX, XC90, Highlander, haven't ruled all of them out, but the XC90 (back seat too cramped.) Any feedback would be appreciated.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    have more money, (no kids, more disposable income) just as a general rule.

    Go for it!
  • We've been using the RX330 as a family car since October 2003. We had only two kids back then. Added another this last March so when all three are back there, the back seat is tight (but comfortable) with an infant car seat and a toddler booster seat. We have the Rear Seat DVD system and that seems to keep the kids occupied (and very quiet!) on extended drives. With the rear seats all the way back there is still plenty of room in the rear for a full size stroller and other gear.

    We are thinking about moving up to a bigger car (7 seat SUV or minivan) but my wife can't bear the thought of leaving her RX330 for another car. We are also in So Cal and the FWD RX has been more than a pleasure to drive as the family car. We're content right now since our kids are still young (7, 3 and infant) but will most likely have to move up as they get older. Hopefully by then there will be a 7 seat RX!

    I recommend going to a dealer and trying an RX for size. Put the car seat in the back and see what kind of room you have when you or your hubby are driving. Hope this helps.

  • finch3finch3 Posts: 113
    I have a light on in my dash, something like "maint requid". I have my service done locally and I need to know how to turn off this light. Any one know how to do that?
  • mvd1mvd1 Posts: 30
    The instructions are in your owners manual Page 93. They are:
    The system must be reset after the engine oil replacement.
    Reset the system by the following procedure:
    1. Turn the ignition key to the “OFF” position with the odometer
    reading shown. (For details, see “Odometer and trip meter” on
    page 86.)
    2. Turn the ignition key to the “ON” position while holding down
    the “ODO/TRIP” button.
    Hold down the button for at least 5 seconds. The odometer
    indicates “000000” and the light goes off.
    If the system fails to reset, the light will continue flashing.
  • r1_97r1_97 Posts: 181
    I can only echo what you've been seeing here. The RX330 is a great family car/suv. There should be no problem for 2 adults, 1 child and a dog to drive in comfort. I don't understand what you're concerned about.
  • lantolanto Posts: 1
    Is it possible to get an RX330 without the premium package? I was told by a dealer in Los Angeles that all of their cars have the premium package (basically leather seats and a moonroof) and that they can't order a base car without this package. I would prefer to save $4000 and not have the leather and moonroof. Is there a way to do this? thanks!
  • Possibly you can factory order, question is will Lexus build a base model??

    I was told that the Mark Levinson/Navigation System package was not available in the Northeast. The dealer said they only ordered with the Premium or Premium Plus package with selected options like 18" wheels, rain sensitive wipers, heated seats and about 20% with navigation. When they realized I was not interested in what they had in stock they gave in and factory ordered a RX with the package requested. My wife's RX was ordered November 8th and is due to arrive early this week, this Canadian built has been a 6 week wait.

    If the dealer will factory order, you may be able to get the package you want. Be firm, have a deposit ready and realize this order may be a long wait especially if it is made in Japan.

    Good Luck.
  • finch3finch3 Posts: 113
    I tried the recommendation several times and it doesn't work for me. Also, the page numbers don't match my RX 330 manual. Any other ideas?
  • I'm in the process of trading in my 02RAV4 for the 06 RX330. I just read that a 350 is coming in 07. Do you think it would be worth the wait? Also, how much of a price difference can it be?
  • armandodeluna,

    The RX350 most likely will be introduced this spring. I asked the business manager at Cherry Hill Lexus if the same discount that my wife got on her 06 last week would be available on this upgraded model ...guess what his answer was? Even though the RX most likely will not undergo a body revision, the 3.5 L V6 will probably sell at MSRP+ on introduction, of course price will be decided by supply and demand.

    I was aware of this engine upgrade in early November when my wife ordered her RX330 and we decided that 0.2 liter additional was not that important, we may be wrong. Will the RX350 get a 6 speed auto? another cost addition but a great feature. Discounts on the 06 model are better now then what they were in early November and probably will continue until and after the 350 debuts. With a modest increase for the newer engine plus paying at or close to MSRP (IMO) the cost with no discounts will be at least $5K to over +$6K for this new RX vs. the current model. This is probably a great time to buy a RX330, all depends on how much you want to spend.

    The RAV4 probably will not depreciate much over the next 3-4 month's so it may be worth the wait. decisions...

    Good Luck
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