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Lexus RX 330



  • I couldn't agree more.
  • Don't have the Tow Pak on my RX330 so no 1st hand knowledge.

    But, since your question of "Where's My Tow Package?" demands an in-depth response, why don't you simply ask the Lexus Service Manager when you drop-off the vehicle for its 1000 mile service?

    And please post the results here for all the other Tow Package Owners that don't know what it is exactly that they bought.

    And by the way, not that I don't appreciate unwarranted criticism as above, but....have YOU contributed any general or specific RX knowledge tidbits to this board?
  • I did ax the service advisor (and the 1-800 person) about the "tow package" which comes with virtually every 330 and was told that it meant that the RX330 was "prewired" for a hitch and included a larger transmission and antifreeze cooler unit. later, ldf

    RX330 Black Forest Pearl, now at 8k and doing great (except for the damn navi system)
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    What seems to be a problem? Can't find the way home? Seriously, many say this is a good system except that you can't input anything while the car is in motion. Isn't it true that you can watch DVD movie on the nav. screen (if you have the factory installed DVD player) when the car is in "P" or "D" with emergency brake on.
  • I opened my sunroof up this morning, and didn't have any wind noise. My speed didn't top 40 mph though. I really don't use the sunroof much.

    I also have the DVD player, but rarely use it. I am always the driver. :( But you can watch the DVD on the navigation screen when the car is in park. The sound (ML) is incredible.
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    Is there any buttons to push for watching the DVD on the nav screen? I assume there is a switch to select DVD movie, navigation system and back up camera feature.
  • You press the audio mode button to switch to "AUX"

    The backup camera only comes on when the car is in reverse.
  • The understanding I have regarding the tow package is that the hitch receiver had to be redesigned (or something) due to the new location of the spare tire. I was led to believe that eventually the towing package option will cost more when it the factory will have the receiver component ready.

    If you need the receiver for something like a bike rack that requires no lights, etc you may be able to find a non-factory option that costs less.
  • Thanks, laterldf. That is what the sales person told me when I posed the question to him, bigger radiator, transmission cooler, etc. under the hood. But he could not explain what "wire harness" is and where it is. I had thought the wire harness should be something one can actually see but I could be wrong.

    The sales person also said that the manufacturing of RX330 in Canada started sooner than planned and there would be no more Japanese-made RX330's. That led me buying the RX330 with a lot more gadgets than I would have needed or wanted, my first Lexus. I have driven it only once -- from dealer back home. Since then I have been glancing through the 600+ pages of the manual so that I don't break anything with any stupid move. The car is very quiet as I expected. However, I did notice what I suspected to be wind noise when the speed reaches over 40 mph, which I don't remember hearing during the test drive. I have just moved the frontal cross bar backward a little and don't know the result yet.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I suspect, like me, most owners NEVER open the sunroof, and when I do open it it's usually in the rear tilt-up position to get more exhausting airflow.

    Personally with modern day luxury vehicles climate controls being as they are I really don't see the need for a sunroof that opens. Seems to even defeat the purpose IMMHO.

    Some of the wind noise can be reduced by simply removing the mostly useless (75 lb limit) crossbars.

    Actually I would mostly op for cars without a sunroof if the manufacturers would supply them that way without losing other bundled or "package" options.
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 372
    Does anyone know if you can "special order" a 330 w/o sun/moonroof? Because of my height I had to get a 300 w/o a sunroof. I had to special order it. By doing this I could get all the options I wanted, unbundled.
  • Is the AWD version of the 330 good on steep hills and driveway in snowy and icy weather.

    Have 300 but 2wd, and have moved to hilly area this summer and concerned about getting around.

    Any input appreciated
  • rx4merx4me Posts: 58
    I drive with my moonroof open quite often and do not hear much windnoise where it is unbearable. When I took delivery of my rx330, the cross bars came installed toward the back (away from the moonroof) of the roof, so this could be the reason I don't experience as much wind noise as others who have posted.
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    arlenfick - I guess you can order one (FWD or AWD) without sunroof. It is a part of the Premium or Premium Plus package or individual option. But I think most RX330s has factory installed sunroof. I can't find any RX330 without sunroof on the road. And it may takes time to order one without it. BTW, what tall are you? Did you adjust the seat when you sat on the RX330 with sunroof? I found some tall people without any problem because of their long legs and not the upper body. They can just simply lower the seat. Hope this is the answer.
  • lok88---- Thanks for your reply but think you intended it for someone else, as I was looking for driving in snow on hills input
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    Sorry. My answer was for avey1.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    over on the Sequoia thread there are some sad stories about the Sequoia getting stuck while in the RX330 AWD "mode" (use of brakes as LSD) and not being able to shift into true 4WD once stuck with spinning wheels.

    The RX330 doesn't have the "shifting" option so you'd just be stuck!
  • rycaryca Posts: 17
    Has anyone else noted that the RX 330 leaves a tremendous amount of condensation/water on the ground when the air is in use. I have had to put a pail in the garage to catch the excess water. I have never had this much water/condensation come off my other cars. Is this just a very efficient air conditioner or is there something wrong?
  • I guess you could order anything you wanted. I actually special-ordered the RX330 three months and the dealer did not mention anything that I MUST have. However, the special order went astry when the dealer informed me that the car was NOT built in Japan as the original order has asked. That was when I bought my RX330 with more options than I would have wanted. If you place a special order now, my guess is that it will be built Canada.

    rx4me: Thanks for your information. I agree that the noise was certainly bearable. The RX 330 is definitely more quiet than my Nissan and Honda. Perhaps my expectation is a bit too high.
  • Where are you located? My dealer in the Pacific NW told me that the West Coast will continue to get RX330 from Japan, and that the East Coast will get the Candian made RX330's. A couple of other people from another board also heard this from their dealer.
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