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Lexus RX 330



  • Thanks for the note. The noise is intermittent but I do seem to notice it more when I first start-up the car and the air comes on. I suspect the noise is related to the temperature contrast. But who knows, the noise could be coming from somewhere beyond the dash. I had a horrible rattle in my '01 Accord that I thought was coming from the trunk. Turns out it was the sliding fabric panel for the sunroof (and Honda never could fix it correctly).

    I know this means I have to head to the dealership with my next service but this isn't very convenient. The closest dealer is 40 miles away. I travel a great deal (by air) for my job and when I am home I have to take an entire day off of work to take the car in for service (no Saturday service at my dealer). And, this gets back to one of the many reasons why I got rid of the Accord. My Lexus dealer will pick-up my vehicle at my house and leave a loaner on service visits.

    I guess I am just a bit bummed that I haven't been able to fully escape personal visits to the dealer for service. But I will get over it. I still love my RX.
  • I thought I would pass this along from today's Web version of the Moscow Times. Russia's new elite love luxury cars but in the past the choice was almost always Mercedes or other European makes.

    (Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2003, 7:47 PM Moscow Time)
    In January to September 2003, sales of Toyota and Lexus on the Russian market made an impressive 200-percent streak against the same period of 2002 and reached 17,624 cars, the press service of the Russian office of Toyota Motor reported. Sources in the company announced that in 2003 they expected to sell over 20,000 Toyota and Lexus cars in Russia.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 39,016
    Japanese Nameplates Appeal Most to Luxury Owners (Yahoo - JD Power APEAL study)

    Steve, Host
  • ctk1ctk1 Posts: 79
    It's very annoying "thug" come from transmission when up & downshifting at the range of 30-40mph during rush hours. Schedule to bring in next week, hopefully some kind of the software update but not major operation.I don't think this new 5 speed auto trans is reliable as the previous 4 speed. One thing I'm sure it can never, ever beat the X5 5speed steptronic auto trans. After 2 years still love the X5 at every ride, but start to hate this RX330 already after test drive to work for week. Let see how it does after service from the dealer.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    In the JD Power 2003 APEAL Study results (referenced by Steve above) the RX 330 was the #1 ranked luxury SUV. The Lexus GX 470 was #2 and Land Rover Range Rover #3. The study measures "owners' delight with the design, content, layout and performance of their new vehicles."

    Also, Lexus ranked #1 as a brand.
  • Seems like the study should have included the transmission. Never seen a owner "delight" in the fact that his transmission is acting up.

  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    I think it is for the initial quality.
  • To "bmwbob27":
      "You are not using your moonroof enough!"
    According to the unofficial Lexus RX 330 manual:
     "Using the moonroof controls frequently will build thick callouses only your fingers. These callouses will protect your fingers from the exterior door handles which incorporate pinch points that are engineered to...."
    Come on "bmwbob27", get with the Lexus mind set. Lexus knows better. There's a reason for all this stuff!
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    This was not the initial quality study. Once again, it was the APEAL Study which stands for Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout. It measures how much new vehicles actually appeal to the people who bought them on various characteristics.
  • mb280mb280 Posts: 27
    It's a sad commentary if the RX330 is so highly rated. The quality is good, my transmission does not clunk, my wife finds the passenger ride most comfortable, the toys are great, but my long deceased '76 Suburban was more fun to drive.

    I would sell today if I wouldn't take a big bath.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    If "fun to drive" is an important criteria to you, why would you buy a model that doesn't meet your expectations? This is one element that you can easily judge from a single test drive.
  • cotmccotmc Posts: 1,081
    It's nearly impossible for a single SUV to meet everyone's expectations. Probably the one weak spot for the RX330 is in the "fun to drive" category. However, I still believe it performs reasonably well in that department when compared with many other SUVs, especially when equipped with the 18" rims.

    If one is willing to sacrifice some luxury, reliability, customer service, comfort, cargo space, and/or expense (initial cost and/or resale value) in order to have an SUV that is more fun to drive, there are other good choices. The FX45/35, X5, Cayenne, and Touareg come to mind. If utility isn't really needed, there are plenty of sedans that provide more smiles for the buck. The trend in our family these past few years is to have one sport sedan for the "smiles", and one quality SUV for all the other reasons. The RX330 fits the bill very nicely.
  • ctk1ctk1 Posts: 79
    steptronic and sport package. The 3.0 litter in line six is economy & fun enough. Want higher octane! get the 4.4 or even the new 4.8IS.
  • cotmccotmc Posts: 1,081
    Yep, I completely agree with that. Want even more fun? I think the test drivers at both Car&Driver and Edmunds have said the 540i station wagon sport is more fun to drive than the X5 4.4i. They also claim the wagon provides more cargo space. (I haven't driven both, so I can't speak from experience.)

    Of course, there are some disadvantages of jumping to an X5. Although the driving experience is more fun, jumping from the RX330 to the X5 typically provides an increase in purchase price, less cargo space, lower fuel economy, a less compliant ride, and statistically worse reliability.
  • mb280mb280 Posts: 27
    Probably should have looked at the 540i but I don't think that has all or 4 wheel drive. The FX is fine except that that ride (if you want their nav package) is like a rock with the sport suspension. I can't understand Infiniti's marketing department in that regard.
  • serenoaserenoa Posts: 21
    I have had my RX330 about 6 weeks and am generally happy with it, but have one annoying problem. The cruising range aspect of the trip computer is so inaccurate as to be completely useless and all I get from the dealer so far is that you can't expect any more. I am getting 21.6 MPG on the computer and 20.2 by actual measurement. It only goes to slightly over 300 miles when I refuel and never increases as the fuel mileage increases. On the last refuel, it went to 303 miles. I traveled 321 miles to where the warning light on the gas guage came on. I refueled at once and it took only 15.8 gallons even tho' I really milked it. The range read 12 when the warning light came on, so the computer is even at odds with the guage, since apparently there were over 3 gallons left in the 19.2 gallon tank so that I could have gone about 380 miles.
       I will admit that I hate it when components just don't work especially when they are touted during the sales process. I have had 6 computers in various cars and altho' computing MPG is usually inaccurate (always high, never low), the range has always been reasonably accurate.
        I have not seen any posts on this subject. Does this mean that others are better than mine or does everyone grin and bear it or not pay any attention to it?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    believe it's the RX computer and not the one within the station fuel pump??

    The next time you refuel when the 19 gallon tank is supposedly empty and refueling is substantially less then drive around the block three times and then fuel again. You'll need about three more gallons....
  • So I'm not the only one with this problem. ... Cruising range is definately way off. Couple of weekends ago I left Provincetown at the tip of Cape Cod for a return to Boston, about 112 miles away. Cruising range says 31 miles. It's late and I don't find an open gas station, am contemplating a call for roadside assistance when I finally find an open station at about 25 miles. It took 14 gallons.

    And I am suspicious of mileage but haven't cross checked it yet. Is there a way to check mileage if you don't trust the odometer? Haven't seen a "measured mile" around here.

  • rx4merx4me Posts: 58
    Anyone know why there is no functional lighter? Alot of people, including myself, would've found a functional lighter quite useful even though we may/are non-smokers. The lighter didn't have to be used only for lighting cigarettes. For example, during an emergency, it could be used to light a torch or something (don't know if it'd really work, though).
  • I have also noticed the same problems with my trip computer. And I have also had surprises when filling up. Based on mileage and the gas gauge I am always expecting to pump more fuel into the RX than I actually do.

    I'm not too concerned about this. To me, the computer is making an error on the side of caution. This is a good thing in my mind.... it forces my forgetful husband to put in gas a bit sooner. He would let the tank run dry if he knew the computer was wrong (hence I haven't mentioned it to him). And, if I really want to know exact mileage, I will calculate it manually by comparing actual miles traveled to total gallons pumped.
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