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Transmission problems with Lexus ES?



  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    ATF refill too high...?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    edited March 2011
    Again, make sure the ATF isn't overfilled.

    Overfilled, and once it grows in volume due to rising heat it might begin to be stirred, FROTHED, by contact with the rotating gear train. It's hard to maintain the downstream (of the pump/relief valve) pressurization of ATF that is highly "contaminated" with millions of "tiny bubbles".

    Not that your 2001 RX300 wasn't due, even overdue, for a transaxle failure as a result of the direct mechainical coupling from the accelerator to the throttle.
  • lforbuslforbus Posts: 1
    Yesterday I paid $350 to replace this sensor which the dealer said was causing the problem of my car cutting out while driving -- almost like it's holding it's breath for a couple of seconds.
    I drove 10 miles and it started doing the EXACT same thing. Turned around and took it back to the dealership. Guy calls me this morning being a smart butt. Anybody experienced this type of "cutting out" problem? Any suggestions?
  • My friend owns a 1996 Lexus GS350 or ES350. His sunroof leaks but he has no idea where the water is coming from. The rubber is not worn, the gaskets are good but the water seeps through and absorbs itself into the interior roof and works its way towards the back. Any suggestions? Trying to help him get some answers.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Are you by any chance talking about the (standard) 1-2 second re-acceleration delay/hesitation?

  • replace the fuel filter.
    when you step on the gas it gasps but it idles fine.
  • Hello,
    My name is B Boyles and I have been reading all of the forum posts regarding the ES Transmission problems. I could not find out if any of the other members on this forum have had these problems with the ES 330 - 04 model. That is the year that I have. I thought that I was crazy thinking that it was just me with the hesitation of my transmission. Everything that I have read on here is exactly what I have been dealing with. I have taken it into Lexus and also Toyota many times and they also tell me that there is noting wrong with it. Often times it jerks when shifting or when you are slowing down coming to a stop. I also have the problem of it when getting on to the freeway. I now have a faint exhaust problem in the cab- when I have the AC on. It is enough to give me a migraine swell up my glands and also makes my hair and clothes smell bad. I took it into both Lexus and Toyota and they say there is nothing wrong with it - they said there is zero smell. Has anyone had this exhaust problem? I don't know what to do with the car.....I was thinking of getting a used vehicle - this car works for me since I have had a severe spinal fusion- the ride and seats are comfortable and they work for me......but not if I have to smell exhaust when I drive the car of turn on the AC. I don't know if anyone knows of a better car to try that has a similar ride in the comfort of this car. Any help that anyone can give me - I would really appreciate it so much. I have been offered a small trade in value for my car- I don't want to keep it if the Transmission is going to go out or possibly get me into an accident by having the terrible hesitation. For some reason Microsoft email does not work on my computer- that is why I went ahead and registered on here. I hope that I am able to communicate with others on this site. Thank you for your help.
    Sincerely, B Boyles
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    As long as the climate is warm you can run the A/C system in recirculate wherein only a small portion of the system airflow is from outside.

    But DO NOT use this method if the climate dictates the need for heat, too much danger of (sometimes SUDDEN[***]) windshield fogging due to the build-up of cabin Rh from human metabolism.

    *** Thanks to the idiot design engineers at NipponDenso, Denso US.

    PS: Is it truly exhaust you smell with A/C on or is it maybe the "leavings" of the microrobes that make up the mould and mildew "family"..?? Also a VERY common problem with the NipponDenso, Denso US, automatic climate control designs.

    If the latter there is an aftermarket kit available that will intermittently run the A/C blower for up to an hour after ignition off in order to disperse the residual mosture, breeding "ground" for those microbes, remaining on the evaporator core.
  • Hello- Thank you for the information on the ac. I do have it on the recirculate all of the time. Both the dealers of Lexus and Toyota say they smell nothing and they find nothing. It is a frustrating situation. I need to trade the car in and find somethings else that will last for me. After looking up many other cars - they all seem to have transmission problems-even the Avalon XLS and the Camry's. I appreciate your helpful information. Sincerely BBoyles
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "...reciculate all the time..."

    That use can during cool/cold weather can turn dangerous quickly in a vehicle with a Denso climate control design. Plus it actually lends to the breeding of those microbes.

    Just on the chance we're talking mould and mildew odor, try this...

    Provided you park inside, every evening for 2-3 weeks leave the windows down slightly. It would not hurt to "flush"/purge the system of moisture during your last few minutes of daily drive. Turn off the A/C system/compressor, put the system in "fresh", windows lowered, and with the blower speed max..

    It is the dampness of the evaporator/plenum area overnight that promotes the rapid breeding of the spores.

    I think "Airsept" is the name of the company that sells the aftermarket EED, Electronic Evaporator Dryer. Worth a read of how and why it works if nothing else.
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