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2004 Town Car

nhlimomannhlimoman Posts: 1
edited March 25 in Lincoln
Does anyone know when the 2004 Town Cars will be available? I'm about to order a new 2003 and a friend suggested I wait for the 2004s. He seems to think they're only a month away. Does anyone know for sure?

Also, is there any info on the 2004 Town Car? Will the body style change? Any major improvements or additions to the vehicle or its features (other than the V12 engine.)




  • I just wonder if they will build a V-12, since Ford Motor Co. is in economic trouble. They had this planned way before the trouble fell in. I have not heard any more on it for almost a year. I do hope they build it to show up the Caddy Devill.
    I have not heard any confirmed info. on the '04 TC, but my guess is that it will be unchanged, maybe a few minor changes.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    I could be mistaken, but I don't think the 2004 Town Car is a major redesign. For more information, you might want to visit the main Lincoln Town Car discussion in our Sedans board at:
  • they can forget building any V-12s for sale west of Utah.......
  • FoMoCo will not install a V12 in the current Town Car. I'm not sure where this rumor came from, but it doesn't take into account Ford's long standing reluctance to inject even the smallest level of excitement into the Town Car platform.

    The Town Car currently uses a SOHC two valve per cylinder iron block 4.6 liter V8 that puts out 239hp. I can't imagine Ford jumping from this uninspired lump to a V12. And what would that V12 be? Would it be a version of the 6.0 liter in the Vanquish (two 3.0 liter Duratechs) or would it be a 6.9 liter (based on the current modular V8)? Neither seems like a viable option.
  • Ive just been reading through your discussions about the Ford V12, and I think I know where the rumour might have come from.

    Before Christmas one of a British car magazine that follows the American car scene over here published a small article that said Ford had approached Aston Martin about developing, one their V12?s for possible use in the Town car within the next few years.

    That was basically all that was said and Ive heard no mention of it since.
  • I agree, the Townie has been drabbed down the past few years. I can't imagine it becoming a rocket either. But it's hardly a dog. Performance is darn adequate, IMO.
  • I havent had much experience with the Town Car but last year a got to spend a week with a 96 Signature and I thought it was great. Although I did get a few remarks about its size. But it was simplicity itself to drive.

    Its performance was okay around town, and driving on the motorway was just effortless.

    My only complaint was that the headlights could have been better. Dark twisting country lanes did prove to be a challenge. That said, I?d have one tomorrow if I could afford one!
  • Rented a 2003 T/C executive last week, put 200 miles on it. It has improved from the 2000 I used to drive considerably, but mostly under the hood. Handling is excellent for a car of that size, I still feel power is good. Quite comfortable, although there hopefully is a better seat in the Signature, as the Executive seat felt ok at first, then got rather annoying by the end of the trip. My only real complaint is the weak A/C, a problem not known until 98, and not yet corrected. I'm sure it would be fine, if the privace glass was raised in your limo, but a stronger fan is needed for the sedans. Like what they did with the dash.
  • Ive only seen the latest models in magazines but I do like what I see. I gather that Lincoln went for an independent setup on the rear; this should make for good handling and ride.
  • Still live axle, I think, but they use something called "watts linkage", and it does make a difference!
  • Im not sure where, but I have read something about independent rear suspension and the Town car. Possibly it something that?s coming
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    Wixom's paint shop has a "Vivid Red" they apply to the LS, but refuse to lay it on the Towncar. If all you are going to get for an engine is what they put in the Crown Victoria, save 15k and buy the CV. You won't find a Chevy engine in the Cad.
  • but I had a few Caddies that I WISH had had a Chevy engine!!!!
  • I hate Vivid Red on a Town Car, it looks cheap.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    If it looks good on an LS, it looks better on a TC because most of the TC colors are sedate, drab, and off the mark, especially Autumn Red which looks like dried blood metallic. I'd buy a Vivid Red Executive with the Aviator engine and WSW tires right now.
  • navigator3740navigator3740 Posts: 279
    it has an Air Conditioner....... The current version doesn't.
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    The 2004 Town Car will not see any improvements, for 2003, enough was done. If anything, a few packages might be shuffled around, and a new Navigation system might be offered, but thats about it.

    Also, these rumors of a larger V-12 engine, are not true. These came from a spy pic, as one was testing the 6.8 V-10 Triton engine. Making some journalists believe a V-12 version, was the answer to Cadillacs concept. When actually the V-10 was tested years ago, prior to Cadillac going upmarket as they are trying to do.

    I do think they should offer the DOHC version of the 4.6L, which is now in the present Aviator, and this might be a viable option for the future. Although a 5.0L (bored out 4.6L, will definatly go into the vehicle, in a few years). Ford wont be concentrating much on this vehicle, and it will be phased out by 2008-2009, along with the Crown Vic and Grand Marquis. Probably be left for Limo conversions.

    The Continental will fill the new flagship for Lincoln, so all these bigger engine rumors, will undoubtly occur in the new Continental. Also, Ford is not going upmarket with Lincoln, as GM is doing with Cadillac, so lets erase these notions that they MUST, to compete with the Jones'. Ford has Jaguar and Aston Martin in that segment.
  • navigator3740navigator3740 Posts: 279
    can we rely on these statements? They sound logical. Do you have "local knowledge", or are you speculating with common sense? Looks to me like the T/C, GM & CV have already been pretty much relegated to livery stables, and they sell them retail on the side. So what you say makes sense to me.
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    When I speculate, I'll state it before the sentence... like "I do think they should offer the 4.6L DOHC", while "although a 5.0L (bored out 4.6L) will definatly" is information that you might call local knowledge.

    The reason these vehicles (TownCar, CrownVic, GrandMarquis) arent getting much attention, is because they pretty much have paid themselves off. The platform (while intensively re-engineered last year) is Body On Frame, and that doesn't appeal to many customers.

    Benefits of Body On Frame, is durability, stronger in an accident, easily adaptable for limo/extended lengths. Thats why they are highly used as Taxi's, Cop Cars, rental, Limos use them, consider the abuse they are placed on in relation to those. NO FWD vehicle could deal with that, throw a FWD into a curb like the Crown Vic cops do, and there went your front axle.

    Unfortunatly the Crown Vic has received negative media attention. Some police officers have parked on the side of the highway, and they've been hit at 70MPH and the cars have burst into flames. Pretty much ANY car would burst into flames being hit by an SUV at that speed, so certain states have banned Crown Vic purchases for their dept., pending investigations.

     Investigations so far conclude they are safe, and there's "kits" that allow people to retrofit their gas tank to lessen the issue or rupture. I would like to see a Camry get rear ended at 70MPH by an SUV and see the same occur, but the media watchdogs haven't testing this theory out yet.

    Therefore, CrownVic, GrandMarquis, TownCar sales have dwindled a bit. And just like the Taurus, it'll be left for fleet/rental sales eventually, all depending what the sales state.

    So this leaves us with a question, will Ford produce a RWD vehicle to replace these vehicles, one that is Unibody, to combat the Chrysler 300C ? Yes, that option is being considered, and work to investigate if it's viable, is well underway. Ford is studying Ford Falcon of Australia, as the possible vehicle to this. The UAW (United Auto Workers) would have a canniption of Ford would do, what GM is doing with the Pontiac GTO, exporting it here.

    The Falcon was just released in Australia, and has received numerous awards. Now, common sense dictates that car was just relased, by the time they federalize the vehicle, for U.S. customers (emmissions, bumpers, safety, left hand side) it can easily take 2-3 more years. Already at that time, the Falcon would be considered dated...why bring a dated product to the U.S.

    Instead, the senario that is being worked out, is building the vehicle on a Dew-Lite platform. (DEW is the basis for the Lag S-type, Lincoln LS, Tbird) Dew-LITE will share more with the new Mustang. The Falcon uses a platform that dates back, quite awhile. And give a similar version to Ford Australia, for the next Falcon cycle, meaning, we'll get the new version here before they do. So far this is the most spoken, and realistic plan.

    Other hurdles need to be addressed. A) Will customers receive the Chrysler RWD, if so this will allow it B) Being they'll be using larger engines, use CAFE credits to ofset the gas milage, meaning build MANY more Focus', new Futuras, and Hybrid Escape, so the credits they gain on fuel economy, is used on the new RWD's C) Building the vehicle at a pricepoint competitive with Chryslers, and financially sound...

    Once these factors are accomplished, then plan to see the vehicle by 2006-2007.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    So, what is the source of your authority?
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