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2004 Town Car



  • navigator3740navigator3740 Posts: 279
    He probably can't, or would prefer not to tell us, and I understand. But, Thank you, ANT, that is very interesting, and appreciated by those Fordophiles on the board...... This is probably my last Navigator, I anticipate not needing the SUV any longer when the lease is up, and going back to a car. It won't be a Lincoln unless either the T/C is upgraded, or they have a new product out that works for me, as the LS is too small. So I'm always looking toward my next car....
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Yea I muat keep somewhat of a silent factor on what to say.

    Instead of Lincoln, have you thought of another Ford brand...Volvo, Jaguar. I would think after leaving a Navigator, everything else would be considered small and cramp.

    Years ago I went from a 98 Mark8, to 2000 Lincoln LS8. Space wise I was going up a size scale and noticed it well.

    BTW, yes the LS is small, but at certain points it's larger in some ways than comparable vehicles. What glorifies this feeling, is the high side window sills. It's amazing what one inch here or two of window sill, can alter someone to feel tight and claustrophobic. This will be rectified on the next LS for 2005-06 .

    Just like Pontiacs, VW, Audi, BMW red instrumentation makes many customers feel subconsciensly hot, bothered and angry. Ironic some of the things we learn.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    Jaguar comes to mind, but in the states of WA & OR there are fewer dealerships & remote they are at that. Over fifty miles away for either dealership whereas there are Ford dealers everywhere. I shopped a Jag dealer in Fife to see just how much rear leg room in the "S" after adjusting the driver's seat for me. Not like the T/C by any means. Installing grandchildren's safety seats in the T/C is a lot easier than the Jag or Lincoln LS. When will all Ford dealerships be having the educated mechanics and related tools to deal with Jaguar warranty work? Volvo = no thank you.
  • navigator3740navigator3740 Posts: 279
    A response to both of you, ANT & Kinley, yes I actually have considered and tried both. My partner has a Volvo S-80 T-6. Actually, I bought it for him, he isn't a car guy. He loves the car, even though it's been a bit more trouble prone than he was used to in his GM cars he always drove before. (His Dad sold Cadillacs in Rochester, NY). When he goes on vacation, he usually leaves me the Volvo to watch, and I grew to really like the car, so yes, I would consider an S-80 definitely. It's an amazing performer, and very comfortable in the cabin. Don't know about long term, but I don't go too long term anyway.

    If it's going to be a Jag, it has to be the XJ sedan series. I haven't driven a new one lately, but the ones I have driven are nice....little low to the ground for my taste, but certainly in the running.

    This is exactly where I would go if Lincoln isn't there for me in 2006. But I've driven Lincolns for 11 years now, except for a brief moment of insanity when I leased a Mountaineer for 24 agonizing months because I needed the SUV, but the Navigator wasn't out yet. I'm really fond of the Lincoln feel. I've never owned a Town Car, but I have rented them for years when out of town, and have always liked them a lot-until 98 when they forgot to put a blower in the A/C. In Las Vegas, that's a problem. I notice they haven't fixed that yet. But if they did by 2006, and didn't cheapen something else up, I could be happy in one. I'm probably old enough for one now.......
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687

    I really can't discuss personal experience with the dealer because I've never needed anything done on my vehicles that relates with me having to take it into the dealership. When I've needed new tires, I'll do Sears. Oil change (when I remember), on my own. So I couldn't give you a confirmed answer. Personally (wild guess here), if it's an emergency sitation such as being stranded 100 miles from the nearest Jag dealership, I would guess a Lincoln or Ford dealership can give you a quick fit, because of the LS and Tbird sharing kinship.

    BUT if the dealership is really giving you a hassle over it (which they probably will because Ford/dealer relations are horrible, they might not want to help you being it might come out of their pocket.


       For 2006, you might have 3 Lincolns to look into. One based off the Futura platform. (Not many specifics have landed on my eyes yet). The Continental (this hasn't been confirmed by Ford yet). Also look for a longer/larger LS that will answer the tight rear seat issue. The Conti will not be confirmed till (a few factors) are resolved. Look for a Ford confirmation (or denial) next year at one of the auto shows on the first week oif January. If you do not hear it by then, maybe March-April of 2004 (if these other factors are answered).
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    BTW, all dealer orders for 2003 Town Cars (if you wish to get a 2003 model) are due May 30th.
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