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Hyundai Tiburon Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • i went to shopping for 2006 Hyundai tiburon. when i was walked into this place which is called "The New Hyundai of Paramus --Dodge of paramus". the KOREAN GUY walked to me. I asked him about the car, and told him that i want to have the color in black or moonlit blue. he told me the color i want is UGLY. I insist, and ask him check wether he has it or not. (Meanwhile he was try to sell the only one tiburon he has which is really dirty old one) he come back and told me Not only hime but all of Hyundai dealer in NJ and N.Y do not have the car with black or blue. Cheater! (after him, I saw a moonlit in the ohter NJ dealer only 15 mins away from him, and one black one in NY manhattan). After all he finally told me he cold order one in on coming week, then we sit and started talking about the price. He give around $19431 which is close to the invoice price that showed online. I try to negotiate with him, he do not want to lower the price, so i was leaving, and he said:" THANK YOU FOR WEAST MY TIME" . WOREST DEALER EVER SEE!!!
  • borg18borg18 Posts: 2
    ok, here's the deal. i got a 2005 Tiburon GT as a birthday present about 1yr and a half ago. My parents just told me that they got it on a lease, but the problem is that they got it for 5 yrs. who's heard of a 5yr lease?? The buyout is $16,000. Is there a way to get out of this contract?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,667
    If you are looking for another new car, you can trade the Tiburon to the dealer.

    Is the current buyout $16K? If so, it will be treated like any other trade-in. If they give you $16K for the Tiburon, then you are even.... If they only give you $12K, then you have to come up with $4K.. or roll that negative equity into the new car loan (never a good idea).

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  • borg18borg18 Posts: 2
    thanks for replying. ok, here's another question. instead of trading it in can i pass the car to another person and for them to take over the payments? in there name of course.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,667
    Some finance companies allow this, and some do not..

    Of those that do allow it, some will release the original lessee from financial responsibility (which is what you want), and some will not. If they don't release you from liability, then you wouldn't want to transfer your lease.

    I'm not sure about Hyundai Finance (assuming that is who your lease is through). You could check a web-site like, and look for other Hyundais that are being offered for lease assumption.. Usually, you can find out the details on the individual finance companies that way.


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  • What is a good price to pay for this car. I am being offered 18,626 for the GS with the option 3 package? should I keep shopping?
  • I leased a 2005 GT tiburon for 39 months with a buyout of $8,000 in 2008. I don't see how your buyout after 5 years is 16,000? Is that the buyout for today, because that's about what the car is worth right now. I just wrecked mine and I'm looking for a new car, which is why I stumbled on this site. The insurance is offering me $16,000 if they total my car. I had about 18,000 miles on it. You might also look into, another website I stumbled on recently. I don't know if it's very good, but I found it and you can buy or trade your lease to someone else and it puts the lease in their name (or at least that's what I understand about it so far)
  • I just purchased a 07 Tiburon GLS(4Cyl) Automatic as a third car for my family. Having a SUV and a Sedan already, I figured something alittle sporty was needed. The MSRP on the vehicle was $19,675 ( including destination ). I offered $18,600 with destination included before rebates. With rebates ( $500.00 ) on the Tiburon and ($500.00 - valued owner ) "Already own a 2002 Santa Fe" , I received an additional $1,000.00 off making it $17,600.00 before taxes, title, and doc fee. Options on the vehicle included Sunroof with Cruise control, Floor Mats, and Cargo Net. I added the mudguards for $60.00 afterwards.
  • In August a dealer in Sheboygan,Wisconsin ofered to sell me the exact same car with your options for $16,809. Arrow Hyundai in West Allis, Wisc. offered to sell me the same vehicle at $17,000..We alreadt own two Hyundais. I decided to wait until the 2008 Tiburon comes out before I buy it.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    Can you tell us if there were any incentives included in the $16,8 price?
  • dlaabsdlaabs Posts: 4
    The incentives were $500. owner loyalty, $500. Hyundai motor finance corp. & $500. rebate on the GS model. The dealer also took off at least $1000. in dealer incentives. For October almost all the incentives are gone except for the $500. rebate plus whatever dealer incentives you can get. I'm still waiting for the 2008's. However the prices from Aug. & Sept. generally can still be gotten as I've checked with the dealer. Hope this helps you.
  • yea talktome ihave a 04 35 th miles by the prices i see on here you will be pleased
  • listen up guys if you would pay 18 gs for a tibb then u should hit me up the perfect tuner but its still bone stock like i said if u would pay 18 for a 03 hit up ill blow your mind
  • im looking at a 2004 tiburon gt v6 6 speed with about 30,000 miles on it. The person wants 13,500 for the car. I was wondering if that is a good deal or should i offer him a lower price. Any feed back would be much appreciated

  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,240
    see answer in the other forum you posted in.
  • That's right. I bought a red Tiburon new in October 2001. It was on clearence (for the new 2003 Tiburon). It was a base model with stick shift (no sunroof, no leather etc etc etc). I walked out the door in less than 2 hours with a price of $14250.00 (with $750.00 of extended warranty, tax, title, and license included). I still have that Tiburon today with 249100 (quarter million miles) on the odo. I drive it from Dallas to Wichita, KS every week (700 miles to and back). I do the maintainance regularly. I did screw up once and did not change my timing belt until 175000 miles. It broke and tore up my valves. It had those replaced for $1000.00. I just had a new timing belt replaced at 235000 miles. The only other parts I had replaced was the wheel bearings. Other than the parts that wear out (break pad, disc, clutches), everything on my tibby is still original. I only had it in the dealership once since the day I bought it. Is this car a good investment or what? I am still driving it. Fixing to "rice" it up..........
  • Hi all. I just bought an '06 white GT Limited 5spd with 10,500mi for $15,338+TT. That includes $250 trade in. I just hit a deer. Do you think I got a good deal. Oh. yea, I bought it at Flemington Hyundai and I already had the rear window replaced the top three defrost elements didn't work and had the steering wheel centered all covered under warranty. They gave me a loner car too. I'm very happy with this dealership.
  • wait a minute. You just hit a deer while driving your new Hyundai Tiburon? Or while driving your old trade-in? Yikes. Rough start to enjoying your Tibby! I hope you get it back in tip-top condition if the Tibby was damaged in the front end right after you traded in for it.

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  • My trade in was only $250 because I hit a deer the week before. The car was 11 years old so I didn't have collision on it. It would have cost more to fix it than it was worth. Guess I could have worded that post better.
  • libra8. The Hyundai Tiburon is a favorite of mine and I am happy for you that you bought one. I like that you bought the 5-speed, however, there have been some 2003 Tiburons(the first year of this remodeled looking Tibby)that have blown their clutches out way too early. And Hyundai is calling it "normal wear and tear."

    Please comment on this and then let us know how your clutch experience is going with your Tiburon, OK? Congratulations to you though, on your "new" used Hyundai Tiburon!

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