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Chevy TrailBlazer Transmission Problems



  • There should be one on that truck.Look just below your front bumper in the air dam below it there should be a cooler right there. It is kind of hard to see because its painted black and is about a foot long and 6 inches tall.
  • I'm seeing this problem a lot posted here-- happened to me yesterday. Big clunk and then a whirrrrrr, and no reverse. Had to have it towed to the local dealer. I am taking the advise in the above posts and called GM (am on hold at the moment.) The quote to replace the broken 'shell' at my dealer is $1500. If post 188 was accurate, it is sure worth sitting on hold for a while!
  • yea i thought that was it...someone told me that was for the a/c....thanks!
  • nope...just a selector switch that turns...isn't that what all the 4wd TB's have?
  • 05 TB I6 Pulled a fully loaded Trailer 2000 problems it pulled just fine:)
  • I had same exact problem(loud clunk and then a screeching sound so horrible) however i was driving about 45mph with my 5 year old son in the truck. I pulled over into a parking lot to look under the hood for a belt or something that had broken (mind you im a single mother so i was all alone with my son) didnt see i go to back out of the parking spot to find i have NO REVERSE. so I have to push my truck backwards alone and drive home where i find out i have to get 1st gear to get up to 3000rpms then tap the gas or take foot completely off to get it to shift into 2nd and if any of you have driven in New Jersey you know taking your foot off the gas is a death sentence. I bought the truck 4 monts ago yesterday with 36,525 miles on it and just turned 41000 miles...i called GM headquarters and they had me take it to the dealer where i purchased it for a full diagnosis even though my mechanic told me it was the reverse sun gear......diagnosis from chevy is broken reaction shell (reverse sun gear) i did not pay for the diagnosis as i told them i would not. they got me a rental car that they are paying for since i cant even food shop, that would require backing up out of a parking spot. i am currently waiting for GM to call me and tell me if they are paying for this repair. if anyone out there is curious how many trailblazers this has happened to just type in google "chevy trailblazer transmission problems" and see how much pops up. they know this part is defective i was told they know. dont pay for your repair. fight for them to pay. call headquarters!!!!!!!
  • 2003 Chevy Trailblazer with 34100 miles service engines light comes on, i take it to the dealer who fixes it and recommend I have the transmission and another regular maintenance completed that cost me over 400.00 dollars. Two weeks later I have to take it back because the speedometer went past 115 miles while sitting still, a week later the transmission starts stalling while going forward and the engine fan is running constantly even on start up. Checked the fluid I had none in the transmission. Yet it was suppose to have been filled when maintenance was done. Took it back to the dealer it is no longer under warranty and JUST UNDER A HUNDRED MILES LATER my 2003 Chevy trailblazer which is 3 years old. There is a problem with the transmission in the Chevy trailblazer and I am not the only one experiencing this. Something needs to be done. Help
  • don't pay was told the same thing yesterday mine is 2003 with less than 35000 miles, transmission was serviced and it stalled when i took it to the dealer i was told the fan wwent out but why was the fluid missing from the transmission after 4 weeks.??? Gmac has a problem we all have to stick together on this one. Follow the link to report it
  • Warning for everyone who owns a trailblazer... My family and I have purchased 7 of these vehicles and have ALL had major issues. If it drives well now, trade it in. We have gone through GM assistance as i have read many others have and they are Zero (0) help. I lost my transmission recently and they decided to string me along for a month telling me i was eligible for a 50/50 only to have two AVM (area vehicle managers) change their mind and leave me with the full bill ($3200) and a $1200 rental to boot. After a month they decided this because despite all the documented issues it had, It still made it close to 90,000 miles. They said the average life of a GM tranny is 100,000 miles so I was the low end of an average lifespan. They did offer a loyalty certificate for $2000 toward a new vehicle though. I told him what to do with that. This all happened after the transmission flush. My service record was perfect, never towed with it, etc. It was towed 5 times due to issues with the tranny since the day I bought it. I even provided GM Assistance with 7 vin numbers of chevy pickups and this trailblazer that i have owned since 1999 and they still didn't care. My fathers two trailblazers are 1 year old and they both live at the dealer getting fixed. My brother won a lemon law suit on his. They have made a family of loyal GM (Chevy) owners trade in these P.O.S. and buy other non-GM lines. I am now anti-GM (as you can tell)and I hope you all get out before they have a chance to do this to you.
  • Although I'm an Envoy owner, I'm posting this here because the TB has the same transmission

    At 68,000 miles my 02 Envoy transmission failed as a result of faulty sunshell gear. Failure occured as I was merging into traffic..could have been very bad, but luckily there was a median so I could pull over. My local dealer diagnosed the problem over the phone...tells you how aware they are of the issue. Next day they called with an estimate of $1100.00. I called GM assistance (1-800-790-5600) and they've offered 50%. I have to pay the whole bill and then have to go through the hassle of sending in paperwork (original repair order, proof of payment, & proof of ownership) which I thought was bogus because I was going to a GM dealer to have repairs made...but since this multi-million dollar company doesn't have an online claims center I have no choice.

    In the event GM issues a recall I'd get reimbused the remaining amount. The only way we'll see a recall is if everyone reports their issue to the National Highway Transportaion & Safety administration.
  • I had the same issue with my 02 Trailblazer, except I called GM and they offered me no assistance because I bought it used... Mine only has 56,000 miles on it. I am now stuck with a $1,350 bill to pay because of GM's faulty part - the dreaded sunshell. I asked if they have considered a recall on this part and they claim that they are unaware of any problems with it...
    Any ideas on what I can do now??
  • I just wanted to let everyone here know that YES in fact Chevy does admit to the problem with the reaction gear/sun shell/reverse sun gear, whatever the mechanics want to call it. i posted here in beginning of october(#197) let me tell you the outcome. I did explain that my dealership gave me a free rental car and i was waiting to hear back from GM about covering the cost of fixing the transmission....well the dealership called me back before GM did and they had my trailblazer fixed already at NO charge. i informed dealership that i hadnt heard back from GM yet and he said neither did he but he knew they would pay the repair cost so he went ahead and fixed it.......i had my truck back the day after i brought it in for the diagnosis. I then heard back from GM...they had called dealership before they called me and found out the truck was fixed so she (specialist at GM) said to me ok good luck.......i said hold on a minute....i want a warranty......dealership gave me 12/12,000 with the new transmission and I want better, told her i had read posts on this website and someone got a 7/100,000 and thats what i want.......she asked me to give her a week to work on it and i said fine...she called me exactly one week later and offered me a 6/72,000 warranty on the transmission for free so i took it. the bill for the transmission was about 1300.00..i believe the part itself was 200 maybe....the rest was labor...they tried to give me a receipt with no prices on it since they covered it but i got them to give me a copy of the one they were sending to GM headquarters but i dont have it with me as i am at work and cant give you the exact numbers.......i do know i was quoted 2200 from AAMCO before i got GM to pay for it. i did as much research as i could because i didnt have the money to fix it.
    Everyone needs to call GM and just fight for it........ask for a specialist........dont deal with the first person who answers the phone and know what you are talking about when you call them. let them know you did your research and this is a defective part, tell them you went on the internet and couldnt believe how many people had the same exact problem you did.....its called a silent recall!!!!when they tell you to take it to a GM dealer for a diagnosis tell them fine but that they are paying for it.....if you bought your truck at a "family" dealership you may have better luck than others.....i do believe that was why i got mine fixed for free and by the next day. good luck to everyone i hope this is of some help to you all.
  • Greetings,

    I have not had a major tranny failure (yet?) but I have been following this thread and I need someone to let me know if they have ever experienced this BEFORE their own failure.

    When it's cold and I drive away from the house, something causes my 02 TB to kind of BOG DOWN. I feels like I'm not shifting from 1st to 2nd and there is a kind of WHOOSHING sound like a fan is running at high RPM.

    I just drive slow out of my suburban neighborhood and by the time I get to the major roads something has warmed up and I'm off to the races.

    Tips or ideas on this would be great.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    That sounds like the viscous fan clutch. In cold weather it takes a little while for the fluid to warm up, causing the fan to run at a faster than normal speed. If that's the only time it happens it probably isn't a problem. If it starts to do it all the time the clutch may need replacement.
  • I have had an 03 chevy trailblazer that has been nothing but trouble. The engine light is constantly going on and off, I have had the entire fuse box replaced, and I have had the speedometer go up to 120 m.p.h. when I am only doing 45. (had the instrument panel replaced at my cost: $460) This vehicle has stalled on me 12 times in the past 2 months despite the dealer saying they had fixed it. ($1200+ out of my pocket and 2 trips to the shop). They test drove it for 20 miles after my second visit to the dealer and then returned it to me "all fixed". The vehicle died on me again one week later in a very busy intersection. The dealer reset the computer on the vehicle, returned it to me once again, and it stalled 5 days later making a left hand turn onto a 4 lane road. Be very careful if you have an 03. There is a very high probablility of transmission trouble and no, the chevy dealer is not always admitting to knowing of these troubles, even though they are VERY well aware of them!!! The 03's are mostly faulty and the stalling of the engine makes it an extremely dangerous vehicle. Even the tow truck driver admitted to me that he "tows more trailblazers than any other vehicle." Watch for your "service engine soon" light to come on, or your gages to be off...these are warning signs. I traded my 03 in this morning for a Nissan Pathfinder. Best move I ever made!!
  • I just bought a 2003 Trailblazer and the service engine light came on. Well it sounds like it has a turbo or something when you first start out but once you get going faster then it sounds okay. I hooked it up to get the code on it and it said the fan is running at a high speed. We are going to replace the fan clutch in a couple of days so I will post back to let you know if this is the real problem. It only has 52,000 miles on it.
  • I own a 2006 chevy trailblazer with 8600 miles on it and I believe my transmission is going bad already. I was parked at a Walmart store and I had my transmission in park and the moter running and all of sudden I felt like someone had hit my chevy on the rear bumper. it was a slight tab And I turned to look back to see who had hit my blazer but there was nobody behind. I think it was the transmission. This has occur about 5 times since Jan, also it seems that the shift in gears from first to second is a little rough. I wonder if anybody's trailblazer has done this???
  • I left a message on here a couple of days ago. I was hearing a really bad whining sound in my 03 Trail Blazer and the service engine light came on. The whining would go away as long as I was driving 55 to 60 mph. The code was fan running at higher speed. I changed the electric clutch fan and it is running like a new one. The clutch costs about $200.00, if you get it at the right place. Call around because it could cost up to $500.00 at some places. Also in the owners manual it talks about the clutch fan sounding like the tranny going out. It may be something to look into. ;)
  • saimsaim Posts: 1
    My biggest mistake of life.
    Three months ago i bought brand new TB06, just after completing 5000KM service, last week when i tried to start TB it refused to crank at all, there were lights in dash board but engine refused to start i called Road side assistance and they took TB to maintenance dealer since then (almost six days now) i have not recieved the TB. i am realy stuck, every time i called dealer they just reply that they are trying to locate the fault as they suspect that there is some short circuit...
    Anyone had similar experience?
  • HI,
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