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Chevy TrailBlazer Transmission Problems



  • My 2002 TB transmission blew out at 49k miles. F-Chevy. Any luck on warranty coverage at 49k?

    Unbelievable. :lemon:
  • benomatic2benomatic2 Posts: 1
    Took my 02 Trailblazer to my dealer as we kept hearing/feeling a "clunk" when the tranny downshifted from 2nd to 1st gear. With only 32,500 miles and all work done by the dealer, I felt confident it would be a minor problem. Wrong! Got a call from the dealer and was told the tranny broke when the mechanic went to drive it into the bay for inspection. Since it was out of warranty, it would cost me $1,634.00 to repair it. I called GM's Customer Service (very friendly) and was told they would call the dealer and advise me "what GM could do for me". In the meantime, I found this blog and read up on all the problems customers were having with their GM trannys and what to expect GM to do. (The best out-of-warranty offer I saw was: all work done but customer paid $500) The car was fixed the next day and the mechanic showed me the part that failed...The dreaded sun shield) This metal part is shaped like a large bowl and about 1/16 inch thick. A 2 inch opening at the center has teeth that mate to a sun gear. The failure occurs when the sun shield cogs shear off due to the torque generated by the engine. I'm not a mechanical engineer but even I could see why these parts are failing. I asked the mechanic if these parts could be permanently mated (welded or manufactured in one piece) and was told "absolutely...that would fix the problem". The GM Customer Service rep called me and offered to "split the cost" of repairs...I would pay $817.00. After a long discussion, I paid $617.00. Still not happy as this is GM's problem (faulty part) and I shouldn't have to pay for it. Also, the CS Rep told me this was NOT as widespread problem otherwise GM would have issued a recall. I asked him if GM had a database that would show how many sun shields had to be replaced and he didn't know. Ergo, how does GM keep track of failed parts in order to issue a recall? Hmmm.
  • bdknocksbdknocks Posts: 2
  • egiffordegifford Posts: 2

    Could you please advise me how you went about having Gm Customer Service offer to split the cost??? This just happened to my 2002 trailblazer and by reading this forum it seems that they are familiar with this faulty part . I just contacted them and they said I should first bring it to the attention of a local GM service manager, but acted as though there is little they would do (if any) to help.

    If you could also tell me where you found this "out of warranty" offer??

    Your help is so greatly appreciated.
  • egiffordegifford Posts: 2
    Same problem happened to me today...Did you make any progress with GM customer service? :confuse: :confuse:
  • bdknocksbdknocks Posts: 2
    No help from GM. I paid 1,500 at AAMCO. Replacement part is named "THE BEAST" they said it should last forever............
  • jworkmanjworkman Posts: 27
    I have an 02 TB LT 4WD with almost 100k. At about 90k, I developed a serious, immediate transmission fluid leak. Luckily, I was at home when I noticed Lake Dexron forming under my TB. Being fairly mechanical, I inspected the problem for myself, and found that the culprit was a very burnt hole in my trans cooler line. It seems GM, in their infinite wisdom, decided to run the trans cooler line up the passenger side of the vehicle, RESTING ON THE EXHAUST PIPES! They did cover the lines with some heat resistant fabric, which apparently lasts about 90k miles. I was tempted to fix the problem with an inexpensive brass compression fitting, since the trans cooler lines aren't under considerable pressure, but the desire to not get dirty prompted me to take it to the dealer (Culberson Stowers, Pampa, TX). MISTAKE # 1. Being familiar with the service manager, ( I have worked in various auto parts store for many years) he allowed me to enter the service bay and point out the problem to the tech. The tech nodded and said this was a common problem, which led me to ask the service mananger if GM was going to take care of this obvious design flaw. Has anyone else had a service manager laugh directly in your face? The guy told me that the replacement cooler line was about 60 bucks, would take less than hour to put on, and he could have it in 2 days. I swallowed my aggravation and told him to go ahead. The part actually came in a day early, but the service manager called to inform me that the line had been redesigned, and would not mate to the OTHER line that went on to the cooler. The other piece of line would be another 60 bucks, and they could have it the next day. I told him to forget it, I would come get the TB and fix it myself with a compression fitting. He went on to inform me that they had already pulled the tranny and the crossmember, and it would cost me 400 bucks labor to reinstall and come get my truck. I explained to him that obviously GM had found a problem with the original design, had updated it, and this was GM's problem, not mine. I was completely blown off, even after talking to the General manager and threatening to call the better Business Bureau. I was also out of town, and knew I would need the TB when I got home, so I had them fix it. So anyway, those of you who are mechanically minded might crawl under your TB and see how close your Trans cooler lines are sitting to your exhaust pipes. GM might have fixed this problem in later models (mine is an 02), as the part has been redesigned. Moral of this story.....just use the compression fitting...hahaha.
  • magnitudemagnitude Posts: 8
    I have an '02 with 138k and I guess I'm lucky my tranny hasn't gone out. The only issues I have are:

    - slow shifting from a cold start
    - sometimes when starting the light above the 2HI indicator blinks and the car won't engage 4WD
    - when in 4WD the car feels like it grinds while trying to reverse.

    Anyone else experience grinding while backing up in 4WD or Auto 4?
  • jworkmanjworkman Posts: 27
    On a few instances, after using 4wd, I have experienced a harsh banging sound and sensation from the rear end while backing up...but it has always gone away after a few tire rotations
  • I am about to pull a 6x12 u-haul trailer across country with my 05 Trailblazer 4X4. I can't get an answer if it has a tranny cooler or not. Can anyone help?
  • I don’t see here what kind of maintenance people have done on their transmissions. Most people that do bother to do a trnas service simply change the fluid and filter, there is a system that actually flushes the fluid from the transmission and the torque converter,,, supposedly much better as there is a great quantity of fluid in the torque converter that does not get changed in a normal service---that said and I did do the flush,,, I’m worried reading all these problems

    I have an 02 2WD with 67k and have had no trans problems but maybe a little slippage and an occasional clunk--but did have problems like some of the first isues with shifting weird and power down and had the fan clutch replaced about 7k miles ago [for over 900 bucks,,] I've been waffling trading the chevy in, for either a honda pilot or a new chevy,,,, had kind of given up, but I think today I'll try to go make a deal,,, maybe a 2 year lease on a new trailblazer 4WD as I do like the truck a lot, even though the honda has the coolest navigation system, up here in the seattle area honda dealers just will not deal,,,,, but I guess they have a better product, which I greatly hate to say, but a 2 or 3 year lease on a new TB will be within warranty time, mostly
  • wags2wags2 Posts: 7
    I had the same problem with my 03 trailblazer.Even though i am the second owner at 36,200 miles the trans wouldn't shift out of first and i would have to shift it with the throttle "tapping it to the floor to shift" and also once to 55mph and floored it to pass it would feel like it went into nuetral. At first the dealership said it was the fan motor housing????? After dropping the pan they seen one of the bands were junk. I called the gm hotline very friendly but she was wondering what i wanted. I said fix it, at 36200 miles on a trans and also never towed a trailer previously to that and it is junk. They said they wouldn't because i had no service history of the vehicle at the dealership. Of course after i fix it the first chance i get its sold.
  • I have a 2002 Trailblazer with 40k, and I have been having a problem with the engine hestiating when I am trying to accelerate. It's like the gear won't change and the RPMs drop down and it won't go anywhere. I have to either wait a couple of seconds and keep my foot on the gas, or take my foot off and re-apply. Does anyone know what the problem might be? It is a really scary situation when I am trying to enter into high speed traffic.
  • ralo44ralo44 Posts: 1
    Sounds like we have same problem. Took mine to chevy dealership, said it was FAN CLUTCH. They wanted arm and leg for replacement part, am looking into buying one at local auto part store and getting it replaced. Mine is a 4.2L L6 2002 needs electronic control fan clutch. hope this helps
  • Do you have a pushbutton switch that switches to four wheel drive ?
  • My transmission was bad after they told me that first.One thing odd is once i changed the transmission i discovered there was already a remanufactured gm torque convertor???I don't have a clue why at 36k.
  • The transmission in my '02 Trailblazer EXT crashed with 42K miles. My truck has never pulled a trailer and is driven gently. There was a major clunk and then a whining in the transmission and no reverse gear. I contacted GM customer service because of the advice from this forum and told them I had seen several people on these forums having transmission issues in Trailblazers. They advised me to take it to my selling dealship and that they would call ahead to inform them of my situation. After my selling dealership inspected the transmission they offered to replace entire transmission and warranty it for 7 years/100k miles and my cost would be $250. Needless to say, I jumped on that deal. They had it fixed two days later and it has ran smoothly for about 3 weeks now.

    I feel lucky with the deal I got and I thought GM stepped up to the plate with this out of warranty offer. I will be buying my next GM vehicle from that same selling dealership.
  • is it possible to get that GM Customer service number???
  • Obviously the dealership is not a BERGSTROM owned dealership like all of the Wisconsin area is owned by.It seems i have to input what cost to them before i can get any "cost" service back out!!!
  • 866-790-5600 is the place to start.
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