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  • ULEP: which dealer did you purchase from?

    Thanks in advance. I agree with you on this vehicle's positives, and will be buying one too!
  • ulepulep Posts: 63
    Difeo BMW NJ. it is much bigger than other bmw show room that we went to around nj and basically the only one who took us seriously. i'm 25, maybe the other dealers thought i was just nosing around. i think the x3 appeals more to the younger generation. even my jaguar driving pops doesn't like it. hey,to each his own just like one of the post said.CHEERS!!!
  • saugataksaugatak Posts: 488
    hmmm . . . sounds like from what's been posted the demand is there for the X3 2.5, but not the X3 3.0 and one poster (ulep) has already been able to shave $1.4k off MSRP even though these vehicles aren't supposed to be shipped until 2/1/04!

    For all those X3 supporters out there, the X3 detractors aren't saying that the X3 is a bad vehicle. Just that the X3 (especially the 3.0) was a bit richly priced at around $43k for a decently optioned X3.

    If you can get $1.4k off before the ship date, I bet that if you are willing to wait a few months you'll be able to knoc a lot more off the price.

    As it stands, I am not in the market for the X3 at $43k or even $41.6k, but if the X3 takes a hit such that it gets dragged down to $35k then I'll be interested.
  • ulepulep Posts: 63
    well for those people who will get the x3 for a cheaper price than what i got if for in the next few months, CONGATULATIONS GUYS!!!ENJOY YOUR BRAND NEW X3!!!(i'm not really a hater ;-))
        and for the price?same reason why i buy nautica jeens were as i can buy it at walmart for 10 bucks (and that still not on sale:-0)and why some people choose the EVO over the G35. i also dont see why you cant bargain for a cheaper price. i mean the car doesnt have to sit on the lot for 1-3 mos before the dealers can sell them. making it easier and less expensive for the them to sell it. and they dont even have to maintain the car. in turn they can lower their price and attract more buyers.
         What i did is i emailed all the dealers in nj and made them bid againts each other. everybody wants your business but in the end the strongest survives(wow!!! just like a movie)because they want a custumer not because they have a crappy car. after that were both happy.i got my x3 and he got my business.
         and for me, the only one who got the 3.0, .....damn.................ALELUIA...
  • "As it stands, I am not in the market for the X3 at $43k or even $41.6k, but if the X3 takes a hit such that it gets dragged down to $35k then I'll be interested."

    That's quite a reversal, Saugatak. I'm glad to see that you're coming around:).

    I bought the 3.0 X3 and it topped out at $49,770. I originally wanted the X5 4.4 topped out, but I saved over $12,000 between similarly equipped vehicles. I like all the goodies:).

    Saved $1,000 off MSRP, but after reading above, I plan on re-negotiating when the car comes in in February. Thanks for the info!!!
  • saugataksaugatak Posts: 488
    what reversal?

    I said all along that the X3 did not have a quality interior befitting a car in the $43k price range. No dual zone climate, cheap plastics that rattle.

    If you read my previous posts, I've been pretty consistent in saying that I like the X3 3.0 at $35k to $37k, but at $43k it's a rip.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    "I said all along that the X3 did not have a quality interior befitting a car in the $43k price range. No dual zone climate, cheap plastics that rattle."

    Dual zone climate control? Sheesh. I *NEVER* use the dual features and I had it on two prior vehicles. The X3 that I tested did not have cheap plastics that rattle. The interior was very BMW, rode and handled was ver BMW like. The draw for me is the xdrive, which sounds like a cross between FT 4WD and other systems. The fact it can direct torque to one wheel is a plus.

    I'm not sure why you aren't looking at the FX35. From everything you say, that sounds like it's the car for you.
  • kernickkernick Posts: 4,072
    Since the X3 is made in Europe (Austria?) where they use the Euro, and since the Euro has risen significantly against the $; this would cut into BMW's profit margin.

    This would therefore work against BMW offering many additional discounts, even if sales are slow in several months.
  • wwillwwill Posts: 3
    Considering I pay 71.000 euro (3.0d, all options except xenon/adapt.lights, sports options and gps-things) in NL, a decent $-price should be *1,27= $89.500,=.
    You lucky americans!
  • Hi all! I'm still debating if I want to place my order for a 3.0 X3 with options MSRP at $44,700. My dealer has offered me $2,045 off as a preferred client.

    I think the X3 looks great with the sand interior, gray carpet and all, but the material quality of the interior is not up to VW/Audi standards. I love the interior of my Passat GLX 4 Motion wagon. But what the X3 3.0 does have is plenty of power, for a 4100 pound vehicle, decent gas mileage, adequate passenger and cargo room, a great AWD system, and BMW typical, awesome handling. Plus the moonroof is great.

    Considering the other options available for me what other choice is there?

    FX Twins-Ugly interior and exterior styling plus no local dealer here in Moline, IL
    VW Touraeg-Wonderful interior, too heavy, poor gas mileage
    Audi Allroad-Wonderful interior, nice performance, decent handling, rumors of turbo lag, questionable resale value with discontinuation after 04
    2005 VW Passat Wagon-Awesome looks, nice powertrain choices, NOT available until at least spring 05.

    Am I missing any other choices that are wagons or X3 sized sport utes with great handling and luxury oriented interior?

    Give me your input guys? Happy New Year's
  • ksomanksoman Posts: 590
    i agree with you.. most people who buy at walmart want to move up to target at some point in their life and when they reach target they realize they want to shop at some other pricier place and i'm not implying walmart quality is target quality... that's human nature (as conditioned by incessant feel good advertising in every media possible).

    i am increasingly leaning towards becoming a spiritual monk.... scary. I think edmunds should ban me before i radicalize.. ;-) Hey KD, since you threw in the towel, you wanna join my monkhood?

    today i'm the windshield
    yesterday i was the bug
  • kernickkernick Posts: 4,072
    I think you could also consider the Volvo XC-90, and Cadillac SRX at that price. The SRX has a nice size sunroof supposedly, if that's 1 of your main desires.

    If you have a business, I've seen where the 3-row seating XC-90 qualifies under Act 179 per its CGVW to qualify for immediate 100% depreciation. Take the purchase price right off your income.

    Also I don't know if you've seen the European Delivery section on the BMW website. You can get 7% off sticker by taking a European delivery. seems to be more than the dealer is offering you!
  • I'd appreciate it if you could email me directly ( with your name so that I can use it to get a comparable discount at your dealer. They asked me this morning for the reference of who they gave the discount to.

    Thanks in advance.
  • We are all looking for something different, but I'm holding off on the X3 until the new Subaru Legacy Turbo wagon comes out this spring. Don't laugh, it will have more room inside than a 3-series wagon, 250+hp, and be lighter than my current WRX wagon.

    I need something that will fit me (6'4"), my surfboard, my kids, has a manual transimission, has AWD, and is fun to drive. I was very impressed with the room inside the X3. I can sit comfortably in the rear seat with the driver's seat set to me, and have more than enough head room in the front seat, even with the sunroof. In the X5 my head touches the roof and I cannot sit comfortably in the back seat. Go figure.....
  • kernickkernick Posts: 4,072
    Yes the Legacy Turbo is going to be a nice vehicle, and keeps people in the U.S. employed. So many good choices out there; nothing like competition to drive improvements and keep costs down.

    Personally, I already have a performance car, and really would just be shopping for a good winter vehicle, and to do some towing and hauling. My wife drives a fullsize PU, which we use for the heavy jobs.

    So I'd be looking for a moderate price, safe, and snow-capable vehicle. An X3 2.5 or a Subaru Legacy (I'd opt for the non-turbo Outback) would fill my needs.

    I guess my philosophy is not to try to buy 1 vehicle that does everything, but to buy a few vehicles, each that does something very well. Currently own a Silverado X-cab 4wd, Subaru Impreza Outback, and a Firebird Formula.

    BTW, I find the stock 310hp of my Firebird could use some improvement for a performance car. It is slightly lighter than the X3, and doesn't have the losses of an AWD system. That is why I've said here a couple of times that I would not opt for the 3.0 engine. Either way it is not going to make much difference, except in your wallet. The X3 in my mind is a moderately luxurious, safe, high-tech, all-season practical vehicle.
  • saugataksaugatak Posts: 488
    kd, since you have acknowledged that you are nothing more than a BMW mouthpiece, all of your praises of BMW or reactions to legitimate BMW criticism have to be taken with a gigantic grain of salt.

    i am not the only one to complain about the cheap interior. look through this board. it's the one factor that is holding back a lot of prospective purchasers.

    regarding dual-zone climate control, just because you don't use it doesn't mean i or other people don't use it.

    i happen to like it very cold so it's very convenient for me to to blast the A/C up front when driving while my dad or wife (both of whom like it a lot hotter) sit in the back at a much higher temp.

    frankly, i think the biggest problem bmw is having with the X3 is that if they make it too good, they'll undercut the X5. I happen to think that a $43k car should come standard with dual-zone climate control and a quality interior materials. But if they did that, who'd pay the extra for the X5?

    Of all the $40k plus cars I have looked at, the X3 has by far the cheapest interior. I think we'll have to wait for a redesign of the X5 (my guess is BMW will make it bigger and more expensive) before they start putting in decent interior in the X3, or if X3 sales are not good BMW will also spruce up the interior.

    Regarding the FX, I think it's a good car but I don't like driving Nissans because in my experience the VQ is a good, but dirty and fuelthirsty engine.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    "kd, since you have acknowledged that you are nothing more than a BMW mouthpiece, all of your praises of BMW or reactions to legitimate BMW criticism have to be taken with a gigantic grain of salt."

    Seems a little vitriolic to me.

    As far as everything else goes. It depends on your priorities. To me dual climate control is not a deal breaker as neither are the cupholders. If you don't want this car because of dual climate that's your priority in vehicles. As far as the interior goes, there are differing opinions. I have only had one vehicle with front/back climate controls. And to me that makes more of a difference than dual climate controls.

    As far as undercutting the X5, that is neither here nor there as far as the car drives. If BMW is shortsighted and cannabilizes X5 sales with X3 sales, their bad.

    Yes I do have legitmate criticisms of BMW, after all their cars suffer from compromises as others suffere from. It's just that the compromises are different.
  • saugataksaugatak Posts: 488
    of course everyone has different values and price points. for some, the driveability and the fact that this is the only SUV (or SAV if you prefer) with a stick other than the X5 make it worth the $.

    for me, the X3 falls a little short at the MSRP price point. hopefully, the real market prices will go down where it meets my value/price point.
  • Yep, I'm with you about not trying to mix your sport with utility vehicles. The WRX wagon was suppossed to replace both my barely-legal, track-oriented Miata and Grand Cherokee. It actually serves this paradox fairly well, but I am getting tired of changing the wheels/tires, brake pads, adusting the sway-bars, etc. every time I want to go to the track.

    My wife is so blinded by the BMW badge, that she would be willing to let me buy another Miata if I would replace my WRX with the X3, and not the Legacy. My wife has a real image problem with Subaru's, though I'm currently on my 5th Suby wagon.
  • saugataksaugatak Posts: 488
    "Yes I do have legitmate criticisms of BMW, after all their cars suffer from compromises as others suffere from. It's just that the compromises are different."

    What compromises are you talking about? As far as I've seen, you have not said one critical word about any BMW vehicle.
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