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  • scotth6:
    I hate to pee on your parade scott. But,if you think that your getting black carpet you are misinformed. No matter what color interior you order it will arrive with GRAY carpet. X-3's do not offer any other color carpet except GRAY!!! You might consider talking to your salesperson. Oh, please inform us when you find out. Thanks
  • kkl3kkl3 Posts: 7
    Weight balance on the X3 is 49.9/50.1 for the manual and 50.4/49.6 for the automatic.

    Saugatak, why do you feel you have to insult people? Can't we have friendly discussion (even with differing opinions) without putting others down?
  • saugataksaugatak Posts: 488
    i don't think it's at $2.5k off in the east coast yet. snow around here has been so bad for the past 3 years that most people i know in the new car market are looking for AWD or 4WD, and i think that factor will keep prices up compared to SF.

    besides, i don't need a new car until may of this year. i'll see how far prices have gone down on X3 then, and compare it to the G35 with the new interior and TL and make my pick then. the serious discounting and bargaining will occur when BMW starts giving dealer kickbacks to move these cars and that's when i'll jump into the market.
  • We all remember the first X-3 that each dealer received in November. They were all Blue 3.0s with gray leather. Then a week later each dealer received a Black 3.0 with sand beige leather. The both have the same MSRP sticker on the widow that reads as follows:
    base $36,300
    metallic paint 475
    premium package 2550
    Steptronic trans. 1275
    privacy glass 350
    destination charge 695
    total $41,645

    The 6 recent arrivals for sale have the MSRP as follows:
    base $36,300
    metal ic paint 475
    premium package 3300
    Steptronic trans. 1275
    privacy glass 350
    destination charge 695
    total $42,395

    OK, do you notice anything???
    BMW has the "BALLS" to RAISE the price of the premium package by $750!!! I double checked and the premium package is identical in equipment. Just an increase in price with nothing added.
    Thought you all would like to know. They are having selling the X-3 and they must have thought that if it costs more, it's got to be better!!!
    Now isn't that special. Go figure??
  • saugataksaugatak Posts: 488
    "Saugatak, why do you feel you have to insult people? Can't we have friendly discussion (even with differing opinions) without putting others down?"

    With all due respect kkl3, if you take the time to read the posts, you'll find that the insulting goes both ways. Maybe it's easier to remember my trash talk b/c I have a way with words :)

    With respect to the X3's handling abilities and weight balance, I agree that it handles well and I'm well aware that the X3 has close to 50-50 weight balance as do all other BMWs. However, it's still an SUV and is higher, longer and heavier than a comparable performance sedan.

    With respect to your earlier post regarding HP and acceleration on a BMW, it's difficult to compare different vehicles' acceleration based on HP. For example, BMW enthusiasts will compare the 330 to the TL and say, despite the TL's 270HP, the 330 can keep up even though it only has 225 HP.

    This is true, but discounts the fact that:

    1) the TL is a bigger, heavier vehicle which slows acceleration ; and

    2) the TL engine is actually smaller than the BMW 330 (3.2L vs 3.3L) and thus has smaller displacement and less low end torque.

    Given the variance in car weight and engine size and thus displacement and low end torque, I find HP to be a pretty good benchmark and given a vehicle's size, I have an idea of how much horses are needed to power a car that size. The bigger and heavier the car and the smaller the engine will slow you off the line, but once you're already moving, the car with the extra HP will move faster.

    Since I very rarely accelerate hard from a stop (hard on the engine and burns gas) and most of my hard acceleration is when I'm already moving (want to pass someone), I focus more on HP that stat is most useful to my driving style.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    The insults stop now.

    tidester, host
  • I got the production # but when I go to the owners circle it says the color is Alpine white while I ordered jet black. I checked with dealer, he says they swapped my vehicle with another so that they can get mine sooner.

    Did any of you have similar experience?

    Guys, please take it easy.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    If you are using MSRP as a predictor of market success go right ahead. Remember the G35, it sold at sticker for 3 minutes and then people were getting thousands off. Nobody in this range buys at MSRP, I won't and I didn't. If you buy an exotic car you may pay MSRP. But when dealers stick to MSRP I walk.
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,898
    The 330i has a 3.0 liter engine, not 3.3.

    I think most of you are missing the point regarding the pricing of the X3. BMW has never been able to compete on price when compared to the Japanese luxury nameplates. The typical 325i has an MSRP of $35K-36K. BMW makes the X3 for people who want a BMW and an SUV. Look at the price of a 325xi and add about $1000-1500 and there is your pricing of the X3. They aren't building it to compete on price with the MDX,
    RX330 or anything else like that. They are building it to capture the 3-series buyer who wants a small SUV rather than a sedan.

    It usually comes down to whether you want a BMW or you don't. The X3 is no different than other BMWs. It usually comes out behind on a strictly monetary value basis. It seems to me they priced exactly where they had to, taking into account the pricing of the rest of their model lineup.


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  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    "The X3 is no different than other BMWs. It usually comes out behind on a strictly monetary value basis."

    To me the RX, MDX and the like also loses on value. The fact they sell a lot of vehicles, like BMW doesn't make it the value of the century.

    To me Hyundai is the leader in value mobiles. It thinks it's funny the thought on the comparo board, is if you want to make it to a million dollars buy an XT better value, than the BMW.

    It's easy to see through this nonsense. If you want to make it to a million dollars you buy the cheapest thing you can affort, which will be tens of thousands less than the Subaru. To make it to a million, run don't walk away from Subaru and into the hands of your capable Hyundai dealer. Now there is value and real money saved toward your first million.

    Of course, you may have your million already or be well taken care of. Then run don't walk into the hands of your waiting BMW dealer.
  • mamgtmamgt Posts: 67
    Some of the statements of the X3 selling for huge discounts and dealers not being able to move product are either hugely exaggerated or simply not true based on discussions I have had with a couple of dealers in the North East. I get this sense that some on this board are not really interested in the X3 and, for whatever reason, would like to see it fail. As others have said, we have been rehashing some of the same stuff for some time now and, although it made for some interesting reading at first, it's frankly becoming tiresome. I log onto this board to hear experiences from people who are either genuinely interested in the X3 or have bought one. Those who just want to trash it, please move on! I have a feeling others feel the same way.
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,898
    BMW really didn't make the X3 to compete with those other cars. Especially on price. It seems a strange comparison.. An X3 with a G35 or a TL.

    Getting back to that horsepower thing. I'd check the car mags... I doubt that the TL is more than a tenth faster to 60 than the 330i. But, then again, those two don't really compete on price either, as the MSRPs are about $8k apart, comparably equipped.


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  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,898
    If the only people that frequented the board were people that bought one, or were thinking about buying one, then the board would die quickly. If a post irritates me, I try to ignore it. It takes all kinds, if you know what I mean. Plus, this would be a pretty one-sided discussion if it only involved owners...


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  • mamgtmamgt Posts: 67
    Point well taken. I do enjoy a lively discussion as long as I feel it's coming from a genuine place. That's all.
  • saugataksaugatak Posts: 488
    kyfdx: that's right the 330 has a 3 liter engine. my bad. on pricing, let's see how the market reacts. IMO that's the best and most objective determination of price.

    magmt: regarding sales, it really depends on what area of the country you're in. in the NY/NJ area, it's possible to get up to $1500 off MSRP. In other areas, it might be more, it might be less. Also, you have to take what dealers say with a grain of salt. They always say they're moving the product at MSRP. They're not going to open up negotiations by saying "We can't move these things, please make us an offer." The only way to really see if these cars are moving is to stop by the lot on a regular basis. If you see the same 5 cars after a month, it ain't moving.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    "If you see the same 5 cars after a month, it ain't moving. "

    Right on saugatak. However, I pass by my BMW dealer quite regularly and see a lot of the same cars month after month. Usually it's because they are part of the loaner fleet.
  • scotth6scotth6 Posts: 43
    BMWBOB is right my carpet is gray but the doors,
    dash and trim are black and the carpet is dark so I am happy. You can try and burst my bubble and all the other people who have ordered one but I have a feeling you are only trying to get reinforcement for your bad decision. I really don't care if the X3 isn't moving off lots, I drove it , I liked it and it has all the features I want and the same for most of the people on this board. I own an X5 and I've owned a 325i, 328ci, 330cic, and 2 M3's and I don't want a 325 wagon or an X5 I want an X3. We don't bash your 325 wagon and we don't bash your X5 which I could easily do having owned them. You got what you want and we got what we want, your opinion is you like the X5, my opinion is I like the X3 and I have 45,000 on my X5 so I know the X5 well.
  • From what I have heard/read X3 is not selling as BMW expected it to but remember BMW's expectation was pretty high. They expected it to be selling in record number for a new entry.

    When people think of BMW they do not think of an suv and when they think of SUV they cannot think of BMW. So, I understand the criticism about x3 but these people will have to look at the sales of x5. I guess that when X3s are on the road the sales will pick up.

    Now, to my question... I have a confirmed production date of Feb. 8th (happens to be my b'day). When can I expect the delivery? I live in NJ.
  • I had a similar experience. Dealers get allocated a certain number of vehicles. Each vehicle allocated already has a preasigned production #, and preassigned paint color and options. Once the dealer gets a deposit, they can alter the color and options for a particular production #. The changes in color usually take 48 hours to show up on the website document after the dealer has made the change on their order computer. If you don't see it by then, have the salesperson double check their order computer information. They key is this: the paint and options can be changed for a certain production # only up until the time that a vehicle identification number (VIN) is assigned to that vehicle. In my case, the VIN was assigned about 2 weeks before its production date.
  • mamgtmamgt Posts: 67
    "They're not going to open up negotiations by saying "We can't move these things, please make us an offer."

    You is unlikely they would offer $2500 off MSRP right off the bat? :)
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