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  • npsdnpsd Posts: 2
    Thanks vsroman for your input. The invoice price is $35470 so the dealer is offering $1700 over invoice. I personally think it's a great you think I can do better?
  • I compared the X3 to the 325XiT because my wife currently drives the 325Xit and we were considering the X3 as an alternative to another 325Xit when the lease is up.

    Also I consider SUV/SAVs like the X3 to be very similar AWD Station Wagons with more ground clearance and a higher center of gravity. SUVs like the Ford Explorer are Station Wagon bodies on a pickup truck frame. I think SUVs are much more popular because Station Wagons seem to have an image problem in this country (USA).

    Regarding your 3 series, if you have had it nine years it must be an E36. I used to own one of these and the interior is much closer to the X3 than the interior of the E46 (which is the version of the 3 I was comparing the X3 to). IMHO the E46 is a much closer to the pervious 5 series in ride and interior quality than either the E36 or X3. It rides better too which in the New York City area is a definite plus.
  • Can anyone please tell me the 4 functions of the on-board computer. I am also ordering the nav so I guess I get another 4 functions with that. I searched the manual and bmw website but could not find anything.

    Any help is appreciated.
  • I think I just figured out the 4 functions myself...
    Outside Temperature
    Average fuel consumption
    Cruising Range(Distance before you run out of gas)
    Average Speed

    However, I still don't know the four that comes with the nav.
  • Has anyone ordered hands free phone with your x3? can you give details related to cost and whether it is dealer or factory installed.

    I am considering as it is going to be a law in NJ pretty soon.
    I remember reading a partnership with Nokia but couldn't remember where.
  • X3,Base Price USA Port of entry: $27,735 2.5: $33,195 3.0
    X3,Base Euro delivery price: $25,645 2.5: $30,720 3.0
    Munchen Delivery.
  • Does anyone have any details regard a special leasing for the X-3? I am told that BMW is running a special until the end of March. Is it same for 2.5 and 3.0 Versions. If anyone knows the details, I would totally appreciate any information on them. I am having a hard time getting honest answers here in Southern California and also in trying to decide which model will be best!
  • I have to say this board has helped me decide to purchase the X3, 3.0. Has anyone seen the Flamenco Red? Please, please give me feedback on the privacy glass, should I bother? Any info on the universal homelink, are they in yet? Any input appreciated.
  • I have some pics of the red. Email me at
  • m5x3m5x3 Posts: 23
    With the nav, you also get a second mileage setting and speed limit warning, and you get altitude, miles to destination and a time to destination incorporated into the dual nav display.
  • m5x3m5x3 Posts: 23
    I've got to admit the privacy glass is not very dark. It may be cutting out some of the UV and might help a little in the summer, but the glass doesn't seem to make much difference at the moment.

    My dealer thought they had the homelink mirror assembly, but it turns out the X3 assembly is different from other BMWs using this setup, so mine's still not available, and neither is the CD changer.
  • Does anyone know if this can be added outside of the Prem Package? Is this something the dealer can install? It seems silly that you have to order the 3K prem package to get the convenience of a auto-rearvw mirror which is almost base equipment on other manufacturers...
  • mamgtmamgt Posts: 67
    I have to say, I like the fact that the privacy glass is not too dark. I provides some privacy, but it's not so dark that it obscures vision when checking the blind spot or backing-up at night.
  • I took delivery of my X3 2.5 on Saturday. I can't express how happy I am with my choice. One thing I discovered though, was how crucial the tire pressure is to the ride quality.

    When I picked up the car, the dealer had over inflated the tires by several PSI. I was shocked at how harsh the ride was on bumpy streets. This wasn't at all like my test drives. After I let some air out, and set to the correct PSI, the difference in ride quality was AMAZING!

    I'm wondering if this may be a partial cause of the vastly differing opinions of ride quality and overall comfort in the various reviews here?
  • The prodn date on my order confirmation was feb 8th but the dealer says it was produced on feb 18th. Isn't the prodn date given accurate?
    My car is still awaiting shipment.
  • I love the Silver Gray but also the beige interior but not sure if they will match... Does anyone have any thoughts or have seen anything like this?
  • Silver Gray with the Natural Brown? very nice.. At least on a 3-series.

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I orderer black exterior. First I considered the beige interior as it looked good from outside. But, when I sat inside the beige was too bright. I wasn't sure if it will be enjoyable on the long run. Maintenance is another thing, even the slightest stain will be more prominent.
    I finally ordered black interior as I like things to be subtle.
  • ulepulep Posts: 63
    saw the leatherrete at my dealership. it almost looked like real leather. cant tell which one is which until yo touch them.
        the other day i checked the status of my order and it said "at the port awaiting a shipping vessel", i was shocked because last week it was already in transit and OC order tracking says it's en route. nobody can explain this to me. customer service said it should be at the vpc by now. and my dealer cannot confirm this too. did anybody have this experience and can help me with this. I'm sick of waiting, ordered my x3 silver grey in the first week of december.
  • mjmx3mjmx3 Posts: 17
    Ulep: as of today my X3 has the same status as your's "at the port awaiting a shipping vessel" when I checked its status via BMW's 800 number. However using BMW OC on line, it states it is at the preparation center. I believe the latter to be the true status as I have been "En route" for just over 3 weeks.

    I ordered my X3 the very end of November.

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