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  • kohinahikohinahi Posts: 103
    Hi kyfdx!
    Yah, this memory seating stuff is really funky. Still have not figured it out 100%.

    On the Radio. It remembers the last memory if you pressed 3 last, it'll remember 3 the next time around, If you used AUX last, it'll remember AUX. The climate control works exactly the same, it remembers the last temperature you set.

    The seats seem to be similar in nature - I changed the settings while I was driving and it retained those settings. My memory position #1 had my previous programmed settings. I had posted earlier whether we had 3 or 7 seat memories, because that is what I seem to have - 7?!!

    Another thing to consider is that the X3 manual advertises that 4 individuals can have their own preferences of seat and mirror is that possible???

    We've (my wife is, it works for me each time!) been having some issues with the seat setting. I (like you!) do not get to drive the BMW a lot, so can't give a 100% accurate answer.

    You seem to be right about the key not storing anything...just actuating the seat memories, but how do you account for the 4th driver memory?????

    Anyway, can't worry about these trivial things today - HALO 2 is out tonight!!! ;o)
  • jedjed Posts: 24
    Having read Jimbob's helpful statement as to the service bulletin for the creaking noise, as well as Harplayr's use of same, we took our car in about a week ago for "the fix." The service guy seemed bemused, and didn't indicate this was a known problem to him but he looked up the information, treated the car and so far so good. Before this service our car seemed to only creak on the left side doors and it wasn't noticeable except at low speeds on less than perfect roads. We're hoping the problem doesn't come back (Harplayr, is your fix still working?).
    Anyone who has the creak and didn't catch Jimbob's earlier information, I think it is message number 1291 on this board, and was posted in July, 2004.
    On a different topic, has anybody bought the roof cross bars, and if so, what do you think of the look?
  • Hi Jed,

    Yes, so far so good on the creak fix. I haven't washed the door jams yet, so that will be the real test for me, to see what happens when I do. I just know that I'll never wax the door jams again, as that is what made the creak real bad to begin with.
  • pmorpmor Posts: 1
    I've been thinking about getting an X3 for a little while -- the fun driving of a 3 series with a little more utility sounds like a good combo to me. I told a friend that I was going to check them out, and he said, "What? That's a chick's car!" After that, I started looking out for them on the roads, and I have noticed that the majority of X3 drivers I've seen are women. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area...anyone else notice this? Or is my friend nuts? (OK, I know he's nuts, but is he right?)
  • designmandesignman Posts: 2,129
    pmor... If you have any doubts just buy Chrysler 300 and fire up a stogie. Problem solved.
  • Hi, all,

    Curious if anyone had any feedback on the X3 regarding:

    1) if you have the NAV and Park Distance Control, does the NAV screen display a pictogram of which PDC sensors are going off? A dealer told me this, but he didn't have an X3 with PDC and Nav on the lot for me to see for myself...

    2) for the absolute best rock bottom purchase price, is European Delivery the way to go, or can dealers usually do better than the 7% ED discount mentioned on BMW's website?

    Thanks for any feedback.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    You really need to look into ED more thoroughly..

    The ED MSRP and invoice are both 7% lower than US MSRP.. but, it is still negotiable..

    So, even if the dealer would give you 10% off MSRP for US delivery, you might negotiate the same discount off the ED price...

    IOW, you'll always save more with ED.. whether it is worth the cost of the trip,etc.. is a personal decision.

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • >>I told a friend that I was going to check them
    >>out, and he said, "What? That's a chick's car!"

    Don't worry, I can tell you that I am a Manly Man and drive a X3!
  • Thanks for the feedback.

    My family and I are already planning a vacation in Europe next March, regardless of whether or not we buy an X3, so from our perspective, there won't be any incremental trip costs - we wouldn't be going just to pick up the car.

    A local dealer quoted me $39,705 for ED for an X3 3.0 equipped with Prem. Pkg., Cold Weather Pkg., Steptronic ($0 cost option), Servotronic, Heated Wheel, Xenon Adaptive Lights, Power Folding Mirrors, Park Distance Control, Privacy Glass, Premium Sound, Nav System, Rear Side Airbags.

    Sound reasonable in your estimation or might there be more room to maneuver in terms of ED price?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    That is about $2000 off ED MSRP, which is already $2640 less than US MSRP.. I didn't price out the invoice price, but it looks about $1500 over ED invoice..

    A pretty good deal... It looks like he is passing along all of the ED savings.

    If he has already quoted that, he is likely to come down a few hundred more, if you commit to ordering it.. If you want delivery in March, I'd try to do it before the end of the year.


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Go online to and click on services...

    don't go through the "build" routine, just select the vehicle you wish to purchase.

    You will recieve an email from the dealer's Costco appointed sales rep and then you can go in and see the Costco price and the factory invoice.

    I understand that the ED discount is in addition to whatever deal you strike with the dealer.
  • saugataksaugatak Posts: 488
    designman -- "pmor... If you have any doubts just buy Chrysler 300 and fire up a stogie. Problem solved.


    pmor -- I told a friend that I was going to check them out, and he said, "What? That's a chick's car!" After that, I started looking out for them on the roads, and I have noticed that the majority of X3 drivers I've seen are women. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area...anyone else notice this? Or is my friend nuts? (OK, I know he's nuts, but is he right?

    Pmor, isn't SF the one place in America where a man can drive a chick car, wear chick clothes, wear chick makeup, and no one will even notice?
  • designmandesignman Posts: 2,129
    ROFLMAO. Where you been man? I can’t dilute all of this car seriousness alone. I need some support ;-)
  • Hello Everyone, my wife and I are expecting a child in April 2005, I was wondering if anyone out there has put in a child seat in the X3 and if they had any problems doing so? I am assuming all the X3 models would be able to handle one, but if there was anything specific I should avoid, etc, please let me know!

  • Thanks for the link and the warm wishes., I will take a look at the link. Enjoy the X3, I love the ride, it gets better by the day.
  • kohinahikohinahi Posts: 103
    I have installed a child-seat and a booster seat in the X3.....there are no problems with the installation.

    It has Automatic-locking retractors on all passenger safety belts which aid in the installation of child seats and also has Isofix (Hard-Latch) attachments.

    The tether for the child-seat is towards the fore cargo area and I think you will lose a little cargo-room between the tether and the back of the seat.

    You can position the child-seat in any of the 3 positions on the back seat.
  • 5000 mile report:

    Taking the car in this week to fix the passenger window that seems to have died.

    Other than this - and a cup holder that had to be replaced, so far so good. Still an enjoyable car.
  • -Loving this car, drive it whenever I get the chance, even though fuel economy (around 18.5 mpg)) on a mixture of freeway/city driving isn't what I was hoping..

    -Everything working fine so far, couple of design things hope that BMW fixes in future:

    1. Need some sort of signal if trunk door is open
    2. On steering wheel, there is no way to switch between radio/cd
    3. Cupholder way too small (small gripe!)

    -Ride can be a bit bumpy, but I don't mind this one bit most of the time. Handles like a cat..

    All in all no major grips so far, besides the fact the rims get dirty very easily!
  • Turns out the passenger side window failed because the connecting pins came loose and the electric wasn't getting contact? That was the explanation from the dealer. It was a quick fix though. And during the half hour it took to fix it, I luxuriated in the BMW Service lounge watching CNN on a plasma screen, drinking coffee, eating a complimentary Krispy Kreme and checking email at the computer station. LOL.
  • saugataksaugatak Posts: 488
    Hey Designman, I've been REAL busy at work. I was actually back in NJ visiting the parents for the weekend.

    My sister's hubby just got a massive raise and he celebrated by leasing her a 645ci convertible which I drove all weekend.

    I'm going to the 6 series forum to voice my opinions on that car. I'd love to hear your responses.
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