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  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    Quote the manual - interpet as desired.


    Electric defrosting* Both mirrors are automatically heated when you turn the ignition key to position 2.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,613
    That pretty much says it all...



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I have been stationed in Germany for a total of 7 years now, and the X3 i have purchased will be my 3th BMW (and first new one). I currently have a 95 325i which i have owned for 5 years . I have opened it up on the autobahn to 130mph for periods of time, but never dared ready trying it out on the corners really hard, cause i dont want to lose the back end and crash and total the thing. Has anyone put the X3 into the corners hard? To see how it really handles? I have a second question but will post another message to keep the conversations separate.
  • I have seen may posts on this board complaining about the price of this option and that option. or settling for what's on the lot, even though they would like more options.


    This will be my first new car purchase, and i am getting the works, loaded and waiting for it to be built. If you are going to drop $35,000+ for a "BMW" or any vehicle for that matter, why are people complaining about a such and such dollars for this and that option, all to save $10 dollars a month on a car payment????? Or this thing is not getting the gas mileage on the "tin"


    This is what I think when to break the $30-$35 threshold for a base priced vehicle, these are not things to dither about. If you think you can be up in this class of vehicle then "GO FOR IT" it is worth every penny. I will be very happy that I got every option I wanted when i take delivery. No second guessing or trying to add stuff i regret i did not want to pay for at the start.

    If you can't afford to tank up well I better get a Honda CVX, and if you want the cruise, well stick with the bow tie (chevy) get the cruise and save yourself $15K.


    28 Jan is my Xmas day for my dream "SAV", WOW what a long time to wait.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Maybe a form of standing around jawing near the heat and the cracker barrel.


    It's a harmless game we play between the car sales people and ourselves.
  • kohinahikohinahi Posts: 103
    Found it.....for the X3. Good to have a searcheable electronic copy of the manual....available free from BMW Ownerlink.

    Hard copy manual - Pg.29, paragraph 2

    Electronic manual - Pg.32, paragraph 4


     Electric heaters

    Both mirrors are heated automatically in

    ignition key position 2.
  • jrynnjrynn Posts: 162
    In 2004, BMW held an X3 "performance" driving event in various cities around the US. When it came through Washington, DC, they set up a short (3/4 to 1 mile) road course in the FedEx Field parking lot. Not super challenging, but enough S's, sweeping lefts, and hairpins to offer variety. They'd load three drivers and one instructor in each X3 and basically send people out to lap as fast as they could.


    BMW (and I'd guess their insurance company) had a lot of faith that the X3 wouldn't (couldn't) roll, even when cornered hard enough to wear out tires every 50 - 200 miles (depending on the outside temp.)


    The point made in the pre-drive brief was that the X3 CG is VERY low compared to most SUVs.


    Does it handle curves as well as a three series sedan? No. Does it handle curves better than most other sedans? Yes.
  • designmandesignman Posts: 2,129
    Among the critics what gets lost or not noticed to begin with is the X3's handling ability. Many people want cushy luxury utes. Harsh ride? Stay away. Bring on the sport drivers who need a little utility. No iDrive, spartan interior? Works for me. I think this is the one new-age bimmer that really hits the target. All beef, no fat.


    I always take reviews with a grain of salt and let my own driving impressions guide me but the Edmunds first-drive review by D. John Booth mirrors my thoughts almost exactly:

  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    Agreed. If you're target perception is the RX330, the X3 is not that. But if you want the handling and precision of the 3 series in a small suv package - it's a winner.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,613
    that I could see in my short time with the X3 (service loaner).. is the steering ratio isn't nearly as quick as my 325i.. Any handling deficiencies seemed more attributable to the standard higher-profile all-season tires than to a higher CG.


    It was a very confidence inspiring drive... Granted, it won't handle like a 3-series, but it gives you the same road feel and control.. Just have to turn the wheel more to get the same level of turn-in.




    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • The service department at the Dealer claimed a TSB for the car required some software re-programming. I'll see if that takes car of it.


    I've been driving for 25 years and parked on hills numerous times and have never seen a gauge react like this one. This has been the only nagging issue I've had with the car.


    BTW, after 3,500 m I'm averaging 15.2 mph with an average speed of 22mph, nearly all city driving.
  • Hi kohinahi is there any way I can touch bases with you about a copy of the E-manual. I have purchased my X3 thru Military sales in Germany, and I cannot register w/ BMWUSA to get these added perks. I would love to get my hands on a copy before i take delivery so i can "read" all about my new SAV before i pick it up. Thanks anything in the manual about a heated front windshield too?? the Germany hand outs have pics about it
  • I have PDF copy of the x32.5i 2004 manual. Would this help you?
  • My X3 2.5i Automatic has just reached about 1600 miles. Last week, it started to lose power and it seems to be shifting harder (noticable shift between down and up) and it seems to have a hard time to actually shift into the next gear. At times I have to almost max out the pedal just to get enough power to gain speed or pass a vehicle. This problem seems to come and go, as sometimes the speed and pickup of the X3 are great, and very speedy. Other times, the speed is very, very sluggish. Does anyone have any ideas about what could be causing this? I have wondered if it was related to the colder weather in the northeast, or the quality of gasoline (I have only ever used 93 octane premium gasoline). During this problem, it also seems that the engine is reving too high at times, and revs high until the vehicle is almost at complete stop. When in idle, the engines sounds normal, no excessive revving. Any clues or help would be greatly appreciated.
  • kohinahikohinahi Posts: 103
    No problem....just email me at kohinahi[at] I'll forward you a copy.


    All you really need is your VIN number....and you can register at


    I don't think there is any restriction to joining the BMW Owner's circle except that you own a BMW.
  • kohinahikohinahi Posts: 103
    How (aggressively or not?!) have you been driving your vehicle....X3's have Adaptive Transmission Management which takes your personal driving style into account and chooses the perfect moment to change gears. You could be experiencing this?!!


    Unfortunately I do not know much about this feature.....maybe kyfdx or someone more experienced could comment. I have kinda' been in your situation once where (driving in auto) I could not get enough speed. I shifted into steptronic mode and drove a little aggressive (because I was kinda' pissed with its performance) and the next time around it drove just fine! Showed the X3 who's the master ;o)
  • Thanks kohinahi, I will do that; however even though i am buying a US spec BMW thru military sales, I cannot register with BMWUSA.


    This is because the us GI's actually are buying thru a special program with BMW Germany not BMWUSA. Another thing is we dont get the North America DVD disk for the NAV sys. They cut $50 off the price of the package, but we need to buy a European DVD for around $150


    Bummer, but we do get some perks like no sales tax, and the availability of European dealer installed options.

    My build date has slipped till Feb, but I am lock into a great exchange rate price that was set back in Sept.

    Cant wait to talk it out on the autobahn, the demo i drove was so sweet with the cruise set at 100 MPH
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,936
    Will BMWUSA honor the warranty, or will it be a gray market car if you bring it back to the States?


    Steve, Host

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  • They offer 1/2 the warranty while in Europe, then it is out of pocket. However this program is primarily for people that ship back to the states after a year or so, then from what I have been told, the vehicle will revert back to the original warranty in the states if there is any left. The Military market overseas is pretty is brisk, and the feedback great, so if BMW did not honor it, it will be announced quickly. So it must be on the up and up

  • parniparni Posts: 14
    Hi guys, Have 4K miles on my 2.5 and really enjoying it. My question was: although BMW recomends an oil change every 15K, do you guys recommend something different, i have heard some folks tell me to do it at 7.5K.....please help.
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