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Cadillac SRX



  • hootch1hootch1 Posts: 12
    The Escalade and the SRX are not in the same category, but at first the dealerships were given loaded SRXs with V8s at near $60K. Escalades have a certain cachet and the '03s were being offered at $8-$10K discount when the SRX was introduced. So the price was considerably less than the SRX.

    I prefer the SRX and did not consider the Escalade. We bought ours last November and picked it over the MDX and the XC90.
  • Hooch1, yes, I've read that at the launch the only SRXs available were fully loaded. Kind of like the Chrysler Pacifica which also had a slow start.

    So, what do the marketing gurus say? Launch a vehicle with lean pricing and then move up by adding options and pricing levels later? Or start high to establish a price point/status level and then expand down AND up? (Like the Porche Cayenne).
  • hootch1hootch1 Posts: 12
    with a wide array of options? It appears Cadillac did not anticipate the market well. On my first visit I was told that the V6s would not be available until January. The salesman told me then he thought it was a mistake. Then the MRC was bundled in the luxury performance package. Now they've broken it out as an option and next year will offer on RWD vehicles.

    So why not produce an initial run with some variety so that if you are wrong there will be some on the street?
  • quemfalaquemfala Posts: 107
    I've just started to shop around looking at SRX's, and appreciate the info on this site. It is a bit frustrating to try to find a vehicle with the options that I prefer. Also, to find that some items "not available" unless you take an expensive, and not desired, package; i.e.- no HID headlights unless I want the navigation system. Anyway, I'll keep reading and searching. Thanks for the help
  • adp3adp3 Posts: 446
    Volvo made the same mistake GM made. Cadillac lots had lots of V8s and few V6s. Same with the volvo XC90: lots of the 6-cyulinder, few of the 5. All the smaller engine ones sell, and the big engines sit. So much for the American love of horspower (not rally). With the SRX, the price of the V8 was just too much, even though everyone loves that V8. At least with the Volvo there were many people who preferred the 5 to the 6 from a driveability standpoint (the 5 has 5 gears; the 6 has only 4 gears).
  • adp3adp3 Posts: 446
    it's too bad GM doesn't have a factory delivery option like Volvo, where you can pull the option packages apart and buy whatever you want.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    A V6 SRX with Luxury package and Sunroof is over 43K.
    You can buy a V8 Toureag for 42K.
    A base V8 SRX is 46K.
    SRX's are piling up on dealer's lots. Even the V6s are sitting.

    This is what I would like to see:
    Current V6 is $38,690.
    Change to $37,200.
    This will make V6 lusxury package just over 40K.

    Drop V8 pricing 2K.

    SRX will now be more competitive and NO incentives will be necessary.
  • mbukukanyaumbukukanyau Posts: 200
    Pricing Cadillacs uncompetitively, with some products seems to be part of Cadillac's strategy.

    I read somewhere Lutz saying, they will kill incentives slowly and Charge more for their vehicles, sometimes limiting production. Cadillac is no longer going for Volume in sales, but price premiums. I think its going to take more than 10 Years to get there for Them. But, if you are driving a VW and someone is driving an SRX, and you know the SRX owner paid more for it than your VW, then there is Prestige.

    I think that is Cadillacs thinking.

    Buick is supposed to eventually cover Cadillacs back on Value luxury. If they can Turn Buick around with a theme like the Velite, then they can move Cadillac further up. So far its only a dream. We are yet to see.
  • IMO, the SRX is a superior vehicle to the Toureag. I'd also dare say most V8s are loaded up with options and not had for $42K. Speaking of euro SUVs, what do you think about the Cayenne? Despite the fact it is hard to swallow Porsche and SUV in the same line, I've seen a few lately and they are not bad looking. Just for kicks I checked them out on the web. Not bad at all inside. But man, they really get expensive with options. And the new V6 model which starts in the low 40s doesn't seem all that powerful.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Cayenne and Toureag weigh well over 5000lbs.
    I think some of them are close to 5500lbs!

    My SRX weighs about 4150lbs and has more power than the twins.

    0-60 for them is 9-10 seconds.

    Mine is about 7.5 secs and is quicker than my Intrigue was.

    It gets on down the road, especially off the line and in the midrange.

    Acceleration above 80 mph is not that strong, but at 65 it takes off.

    SRX will likely have fewer repair issues than the VW/porsche.
  • rplumrplum Posts: 48

    My business is currently leasing an SRX (V6 AWD) and this towing package (coded as V92 I think) is becoming a bit of an amusing problem.

    When we ordered the car up front, it was very clear that the towing equipment was imperative to us(raises the capacity from 1000 to 3500lbs I believe). Dealership/Cadillac indicated no problems.

    The car arrived without the towing package, and as it turns out, we were the first party to order the towing package (hard for me to believe after multiple months of sales but....).

    The Towing package includes an automatic transmission cooler (which had to be installed by the dealer, and presumably the receiver/hitch assembly). Finally the parts arrived for the A/T cooler, our vehicle was essentially the "trainer" for the dealership. But when they called us and said we could pick up our SRX, we found that there was still no hitch receiver assembly. Huh? As it turns out,Cadillac had never developed this hitch assembly, they were counting on the aftermarket (Draw-Tite/Reese, etc) to provide this.

    Guess what? 4-5 months later and there is still no hitch assembly available to fit the SRX! I am pretty amazed that Cadillac would accept our money towards the trailering package up-front and they gave us absolutely no indication that it was "not yet available". I just got back from the local dealer, and they are still telling us that the SRX hitch assembly is "under development" with no promise date for production.

    Cadillac Customer Service will be receiving a phone call shortly regarding this matter. I am still shaking my head over how badly this was/is turning out.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    SRX AWD V8 pulled a 0-60 time of 6.4 secs. and a
    0-100 time of 16.3 secs. 1 sec. faster than the
    Porsche/VW/Infiniti competitors.
  • rplumrplum Posts: 48
    This is a brief update to post 467 above.

    After a 30 minute call to Cadillac Customer Service (who also claimed to have no knowledge of a factory hitch assembly), I sutmbled upon some part numbers at another Caddy Internet forum.

    88961322 (Hitch)
    88963947 (wiring harness)

    I contacted my local dealer and gave them these part numbers to look up, let's hope the information is good. Still seems strange that I have to be the one giving Cadillac part #'s (if they are legit)to an official Cadillac dealership.

    We'll see what happens.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Does the bumnper have to be cut to fit the hitch?
  • mbukukanyaumbukukanyau Posts: 200
    A sedan based SUV is not the best tow vehicle. I am not surprised that GM had no tow equipment. There is a lot of truck Based GM alternatives to look at if you want to tow.
     The rainier is a good vehicle to look at. Its quite inside, premium quality leather, navigation and V8 option, with a good truck Chassis to towing.
  • wfwiiwfwii Posts: 2
    I had the towing package installed last week by Sid Dillons Cadillac in Fremont, NE. Looks clean, a nice design, but have not towed anything yet.

    I also had a meltdown of my Power Stearing system. Had to replace all the seals, they were installed improperly and the fluid went out in a matter of minutes. Have had 7000+ trouble free miles, until this event. Anyone else have this problem?
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    If I read the "Online Ordering Guide" correctly, a sunroof and XM radio will be standard equipment on the 2005 V8 models. This is interesting, since most dealers in our area have been ordering very few cars with these options, presumably due to the high cost (of the sunroof, anyway). It will be interesting to see if there is a commensurate MSRP price increase, or whether GM will seize this opportunity to effectively lower the price of a V8 SRX.
  • 01_hoe01_hoe Posts: 273
    Would anyone know where I can find out the Wheel size and brake rotor size of the SRX? I know the wheel size is 6 lug, but is it 6 X 5.5 or 6 X ?
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    I was talking to a Cadillac dealer's salesman today, and he said that there is currently a $1500 rebate on cars without a sunroof, in addition to the $1000 rebate on all SRXs. (Maybe this only applies to V8s, I'm not sure.) This suggests to me that the sunroofs are going to be included with the '05 V8s at little or no additional cost. He said that there is also "conquest cash" available to those who can prove that they own some other brand of car. Looks like they're getting serious about moving the SRXs.
  • I went to take delivery of my new SRX with the optional trailering package and I too was minus a trailer HITCH and when I asked they had NO idea. Turns out they went on the internet and found someone who had to add the HITCH and they told me they would have to cut out a part of the bumper - hmmm what does that do to the warranty if there were an accident? Well, I paid GM up front the money believing I would get a HITCH as you do on the Trailblazer and Escalada. Heck - I should have ordered the Escalade but I was ASSURED that the trailer hitch was available. I even had them write it into the contract. The dealership will do nothing for me... I can not tow anything.... but they were willing to take my money up front for the "TOWING PACKAGE" V92.
    The dealership was stupid enough to show me the posting they pulled off the internet - where another owner ordered the hitch and the dealer sold it to him at cost... but they won't make that same offer to me.
    I have not yet taken delivery of my SRX and have lost my enthusiasm for it - as I can't tow anything or add the bike attachment unless I fork out another $500-700 CDN (approx.) (Hitch parts plus labour)
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