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Cadillac STS/STS-V: What's New for 2007?

Anyone interested in the upcoming Cadillac STS which replaces the Seville? I doubt Cadillac will make it an ultra luxury sedan as the current one is mid-level, but I hope they do since they already have the mid-level Deville. I can't wait till Edmunds has some pictures.


  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
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  • fjk57702fjk57702 Posts: 539
    There has not been much information on the STS. We know that it will be rear wheel drive on the sigma platform (CTS, SRX). There has been talk of a V6 as well as the V8. May offer 4 wheel drive. The STS_V version may offer the V12 that the Cien had (but not with 750 horsepower). Price range will probably (with V6) move downward from present levels. If they use much the same interior as the SRX, the price will probably be down from present levels too. This would permit a higher end something to come in on the sigma platform later. (like a twelve or a sixteen) (Fleetwood Sixty Special)
  • cadman88cadman88 Posts: 64
    This is what I have heard from insiders on another board. It will get a V6, V8, and probably a V12. The interior will be STS only, meaning it will not look like the CTS, unique to the STS. There will be an AWD version, probably named STX, X for AWD. There could be a coupe and/or convertible, but thats just speculation right now. The DTS (2006) Deville, will move up a little, above the STS, and a S-Class/7-Series/A8, ect. model will be produced above the DTS.
  • fjk57702fjk57702 Posts: 539
    The DeVille is now marketed as 3 distinct models, so the DTS/DHS could be a bit up market relative to the STS. I would expect the high end model (S-class/7-series equivalent) to be a sigma platform RWD model. I would hope that the STS gets a different interior than the CTS/SRX. The STS should be more up market than the SRX. With both a V6 and V8 the STS will encompass a wider market than it currently does. The V6 should be a price leader.
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
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  • arennarenn Posts: 35
    Does anybody have any concrete info on this car? I've been scouring the net but coming up almost completely empty. With MB redoing the E-class and BMW redoing the 5-series both about a year before the STS is supposed to debut, this gives Caddy a great opportunity to leapfrog the competition - if they do it right. I'd be interested in knowing what direction they were going in.
  • libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
    I hope Cadillac makes the jump from the mid-level luxury Seville to a full-size STS replacement. The Deville already fills the mid-level position at Cadillac so right now at Cadillac it is a little awkward with two vehicles competing against each other. Most likely the one main reason to get a Seville is the fact you could probably get huge discounts on it. Anyway, if Cadillac wants to truly compete with Lexus, Infiniti, Audi, and BMW, they need to make a fun-to-drive FULL-SIZE luxury sedan with lots of room, lots of gadgets and a price under $60,000. IMO, the Infiniti Q45 is the best of this class and it has a starting price around $50,000 so hopefully Cadillac can do as well as the Q45 for a similar price.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    they ought to just make AWD standard on a car that expensive and not even screw with a RWD only version. Unless the folks in AZ only want RWD.
  • garnesgarnes Posts: 950
    Don't you think traction control is adequate for RWD? Doesn't it control the acceleration in snow for RWD? I have never driven RWD with traction control. I've heard it helps a lot though.

    As a side note - I think traction control on FWD is silly. I find it worthless as the FWD is pretty solid through the slippery stuff all by itself.
  • gearmangearman Posts: 30
    Here are some brief observations from a recent inspection of an STS prototype:

    As has been cited on the Catera and CTS boards, The 2005 STS is built on the same Sigma platform as the CTS and SRX vehciles. That will bring the considerable benefits of double a arm suspension geometry to the front and rear,

    At first glance, the STS appears to be a slightly larger CTS, but with some subtle styling improvements to reduce the jarring surface juxapostions so characteristic of the CTS.

    In profile, the STS presents similar volumn proportions as the CTS.

    From the front, the four stacks of vertical lights are very similar to those seen on the SRX, as is the grille treatment.

    From the rear, the appearance is more similar to the XLR than to the CTS.

    Overall, I found the exterior appearance to be more appealing and less challenging than the CTS.

    The STS features vented rotors at all four corners, but I was disappointed to note that they are single piston units as opposed to multiple piston units; I have recommended the use of 4 pot Brembos instead, particularly on the v series.

    The interior is a mixed bag. The instrument panel is a noticeable improvement over the gimmicky "home computer theme' CTS center stack arrangement and other odd bits. The proposed STS dash has more traditional appearance.

    The proposed STS instrument panel is a more coherent design than the bizarre BMW 745 arrangement (oh goody, gimme column shift again ! How many computer mouse wheel clicks to change the radio station? And unlike the silly 745 will all of that shiny brushed metal stuck to every edging, the STS was tastefully restrained. Let BMW try to recreate the 54 Mecury or the 58 Buick with their love of metal decoration. Overall, the STS did not strike me as being up to audi 8L standards in this specific area.

    The door panels on the STS were my least favorite parts: They appear to have the same shapings as the CTS panels, but with slighly improved plastics. Wood trim is applied to the horizontal sufaces surrounding the window controls, but not to the doors as is the case on the current STS, the new audi 8L, the Jaguars, etc. Instead, the use of wood trim had an unfortunate low rent Toyota / Lexus appearance. Room for improvement, but then again, this was a prototype.

    The seat tracks are improved over the current STS's exposed tracks, and the grab handles are the damped type that one finds in VW's Golf and other cars cars.

    My overall reaction to the interior is that it's a bit improved over the cheap and cheesy CTS interior, but it's far from class competitive in terms of fit/finish and material quality. The French company that supplies VW's higher end interiors should be consulted on the matter of the STS interior.

    Styling issues aside, GM's interior designers, should spend a couple of minutes inside VW's higher end products, particularly the Toureg and the Audi A6 and the new A8L, to understand what is the current standard in this price class of car. Even some lowly Toyota and Nissan products offer rear window sun shades, why not the CTS, STS, etc?

    Positive features are the possiblity of awd and a V-12 engine for the STS-V.

    considerable thought has been given to some interesting systems interfaces, including the possiblity of linking the high-beam circuit into the adaptable cruise control distance measuring system to produce a simple means to automatically dim the high beams when approaching slower cars from the rear.

    The proposed Bose sounds system will again be class leading, so that's another terrific feature.

    Seat shaping has been given some careful thought. The seats are wonderfully contoured, and have a very similar feel and multiple density cushioning as found in the Catera (!) and in the new Maybach sedan, and to my rear end at least, more comfortably shaped than in the BMW 745 or Toyota's Lexus 430 (Having spent some time in all four of those cars last weekend).

    As is the case on the Catera, (not the CTS), the current STS, the 5 & 7 series BMWs. the E & S class Mercedes, Toyota's larger Lexus products and Renault's higher end Infinity products, The STS offered rear ventilation with a rear compartment control panel for use by rear seat passengers. Unlike the E mercedes, the vents are limited to under seat and the end of the cener consul; there are no B pillar rear vents which are becoming a class standard. Unlike Toyota's LS430 product, the STS did not appear to offer the sort of sophisiticated rear control panel accessible in the center armrest. Rear seat cushion and seatback adjustments did not appear to be offered, which is a curious absence in this class.

    To be confirmed is the availability of fold down rear seats, but they are expected in this class and likely given that the Sigma structure permits their provision on the CTS.

    Unknown at this point is whether the awd version will employ the sophisticated and effective awd software that Ford developed for use on the Volvo R sedan and other upcoming higher end products. That software permits rapid changes in torque distribution front /rear and side / side based upon multiple measurements including speed, rate of longitudinal acceleration / deceleration, rate of lateral acceleration / deceleration, rate of yaw acceleration / deceleration, speed of gas pedal release and brake pedal application, and rate of steering wheel movement. As a result, the car will seamlessly transition from an oversteering mode at corner entrance into an understeering (and yaw acceleration damping) mode upon throttle application at corner exit. Terrific stuff, and if Ford's using it on a $38k Volvo, GM should be using it on a $50k Cadillac.

    Overall, I thought that the STS is off to a very good start, with some obvious room for improvement in the areas of brake caliper design, and interior materials / fit / finish.
  • arennarenn Posts: 35
    Thanks for the informative posting. I'm not sure where Caddy plans to position the STS yet. I guess I see it probably as a 540i/E-class competitor. So it would probably not have all the refinement of the 7-series for example. But some of your comments are troubling. What is the world would it take to get GM to create a class leading interior? With BMW and MB having all new versions of their mid-luxury sedans, the STS has to be at the top of its game in every respect. Or it will fare poorly compared to the E 500 et al.

    I consider the revamped STS to be the key product of the Caddy revitalization. If they get it right, they'll have huge momentum behind them with what will finally be a broad enough base product line to compete with the Germans and Japanese. If they come out lackluster, they could really stumble. The shortcomings of the initial CTS were forgiven because the expectations were so low. With the very positive reviews the XLR and SRX are getting, as well as the sales momentum of the CTS, the bar has been raised. The STS should not leave the factory until it has been nothing less than perfected to the point where it is class leading in every respect.

  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I too think that was a very good review if I buy it.......kidding. How did you get a look???

  • libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
    is very cheap on all their makes from Chevy to Saab besides Cadillac. Looking inside a Deville, Seville, or CTS, I see excellent quality that works well too. I, for one, refuse to complain about Cadillac quality as it is great. However, GM needs to improve their other brands' quality starting with Saab, then Buick, then Pontiac, then Saturn, then GMC, then Chevy, and lastly Hummer. I believe the quality of the Deville AND Seville is ABOVE the quality of an E Class, 5 Series, S80, and A6 and equal to that of the Town Car.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    eehhh what?

  • msgreenmsgreen Posts: 67
    Many thanks for the review. Can you tell us where you were able to see the prototype? I fully agree with your comments about the interior. Cadillac MUST get this right. I am constantly amazed at auto companies trying to save a few bucks on the interiors of their cars only to turn off many buyers. It cannot possibly cost much more money to put in higher quality materials and those cost could be passed on. No one looking at such a car will balk for a couple of hundred bucks more. You did not say much about engines. Can you tell us what the prototype had? Horsepower or any other details? Thanks
  • libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
    I don't think much engine information is available yet; I'm interested in that too.
  • libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
    you had BETTER put a whole darn lot of wood (definitely as much as Seville or even more) in the STS or else this one current advantage (lots of wood) of the Seville and Deville in my mind will vanish and I will forgot about Cadillac. I wish the CTS had more wood trim than it has. The Ford Taurus SEL has more wood trim than the CTS, LOL!
  • eaton53eaton53 Posts: 356
    Maybe you should be looking at Jags.... they got a whole plank across the dashboard.

    I want Cadillac to concentrate on performance, not maximum wood content.
  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433
    I hate wood in cars. High quality metal. Fine. Wood. Maybe if I want my car to look like a '70s era rec room.

    At the very least, maybe Caddy could do like Mercedes and its AMG varients and offer a wood interior on the base model and pure metal and plastic interior for those of us who pay big money for cars because we happen to like machines.
  • msgreenmsgreen Posts: 67
    I stopped in at my local dealer yesterday to look at a new 04 CTS on their lot; however, I spent most of my time talking to the rep about the upcoming STS. He claims that it will be out in late Spring next year and will have both the 3.6 V6 and 4.6 V8 engines available (260 and 320hp, respectively). Otherwise, it will be a slightly larger CTS, with some styling tweaks and higher grade materials inside. May also have a six speed auto transmission, and an AWD option. He said that no prices were out yet, but that the V6 would probably be somewhere under 50K and the V8 over 50K. I have read similar stuff on other boards and in car mags, so we'll see....
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