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Cadillac STS/STS-V: What's New for 2007?



  • bigjay weren't you also on the 500 forum?

    anywhay, the STS is a bit overpriced, but i don't think the interrior is underpar. Meybe they could have surrounded the rear-vents with some wood like in the front of the dash, and put more wood on the door panels, but toherwise it seems fine to me.

    the only fearutes lacking are the "turining" headlamps and a rear-parking camera.

    if you don't like the style of the STS, by all means get something else, but with all due respect, the 500 has more style going for it than the new impala. I hope all of these cars do well, but just put them side by side and the 500 will be the one to stand out.

    The STS looks like an adult, full fledged luxury car. Its not the escallade of its segment, but then again the STS never was, as far as i know.

    I have seen plenty of them around, and as soon as you notice one, it gives an air of price and stature to it. It is a very well planted car with (especially form the side view) a very expensive appearance. Cadillac should ease up on the options and lower the price though, that V8 premium is a bit high.

    Did you know the door on the STS are triple sealed, and are made with a "dutch hem" design not done my lexus or mercedes?
  • mnjoemnjoe Posts: 36
    Anyone had much luck with the Bluetooth connectivity on the 2005 STS? My Cingular Audiovox works sporadically and inconsistently at best. Any advice appreciated. How about the voice commands? Again, lots of problems. I ask for a radio station and it turns off my air conditioner. Any advice appreciated. Ride, comfort, and handling are a dream.
  • xkssxkss Posts: 722
    The new STS-V's Northstar Supercharged V-8 was recently rated at 469 hp at 6,400 rpm and 439 lb-ft of torque at 3,900 rpm.

    The new STS-V has lapped the Nordschleife circuit of the Nurburgring in 8:30. The new STS-V has more power than the XLR-V thanks the greater underhood space that allows more induction and exhaust capacity.
  • Then jusk ask it to turn off your A/C and maybe it'll turn on your radio. Reverse psychology 101.
  • bigjaybigjay Posts: 26
    Yes I was on the 500 Forum. When I first started looking for a new car I looked at everything. I eagerly anticpated the arrival of the new STS and when I finally got to drive one I was as I stated above, underwhelmed.

    It so happens that where I live, there is an auto mall. The Cadillac dealer is located directly next to the Ford dealer. On the same night that I saw/drove the STS, I ruled it out the almost immediately. Then I walked over to the Ford dealer and was astonished at the fit and finish of the 500.

    Remember, despite the Matt Lauer/AARP segment on the Today Show, I really like the 500. My gripe with it is, as I stated, the lack of horsepower and the geriatric stigma the AARP guy put on the 500.

    As far as being on two sites and having opinions about more than one current product offering, what's wrong with that? You're contributing to discussions on two sites.
  • bigjaybigjay Posts: 26
    I agree that this site is about vehicles, but when one is discussing the total package, especially when talking about premium cars, performance, image and prestige are all part of the conversation.

    My reason for posting such an acerbic message, was mostly to send a message to the guys at GM. I guess I figured that if I could tugg a nerve with a few people on this site, and if the comments that followed supported my theme, then maybe the guys at the design lab at GM would take note of the consumer "field intelligence" we're offering and work on the problem.

    Bottom line, because of the underwhelming impression of the STS made on me, GM, specifically Cadillac, lost my consumer marketshare and mindshare. Let's not forget, car companies are "for profit" enterprises. They need my business and your business, one car at a time. Unfortunately, the current STS cost them my brand loyalty.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,476
    I can hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth in the GM boardroom -

    "Dang, we lost Bigjay!”


    While I appreciate the (I presume) humor in your post, the reality is that the STS also lost me as a (potential) customer – and many others. . .

    And although the loss of any single customer may seem like a big deal, I believe that in the car business, where most customers only buy 1 car at a time, and only every 3 or 4 or 5 years, the loss of 1 customer does need to be looked at – at least superficially. . And where Caddy sells only 10% or so of the volume of Chevy (for example), every 1 lost sale is (or ought to be) even more important to Caddy.

    I believe that I fall within Caddy’s stated demographic target for the STS V8. As previously (recently) buying 2 Lincoln LS V8s (since 1999 – a Y2K and a 2003), I actually think that I am close to the ideal “conquest” STS sale. I even buy new cars more frequently than any sane person would . .

    There were several factors that drove me away from the STS. STS V8 (performance variant) pricing and option bundling were 2 issues. There were others.

    For example: If someone (today) put a gun to my head and demanded: “Choose between an Infiniti M45 Sport (no options) and an STS V8 as well equipped as possible for the same Transaction Price as the M45.” - I would choose the M45 Sport immediately without hesitation and without any reservations.

    This does NOT mean that I don’t think the STS is a good car. But I do not believe that it represents (even at GM Employee Pricing for a 2005 = $52K for a Lux. Perf. with MSRP = approx. $59K) a terrific value. For several reasons, I see the Infiniti as a better value.

    And in my test drives, more fun.

    But that’s just 1 (lost) customer’s opinion.

    - Ray
    Waddo I know???
  • baltomanbaltoman Posts: 43
    I agree the Infiniti M3/45 is a great car. It was my second choice. But Infiniti lost my sale - like GM lost your sale.

    The STS outsells the M's every month. And the CTS outsells the G series almost 2 to 1. In fact, the CTS is fast becoming a big hit with the 30 and under crowd.

    In terms of performance and quality , I saw little difference. Both had strong and weak points, I chose the STS based on style and being an American product.

    Some people like the continual, indistinct and safe generic styling of Asian cars. Personally, I like Cadillac's " in your face " look. Bold and American through and through. And as a business owner, I like spending my dollars on quality American products.
  • stilesstiles Posts: 6
    I lost interest in Cadillac after they miniturized the Eldorado in the 90's and moved over to Lincoln. The older town cars were a dream, but again the manufacturers had to fool with the design and made a big sloppy living room on wheels.
    I cannot express what a delight the STS is too drive (this comes from an old race car driver who has owned nearly 100 cars).
    I love surprising the fools at the redlight that think its a stagnent old Cadillac.
    Sure there are things that could be improved, the glove compartment is worthless,
    and dont plan on a lot of bags when you go on vacation (oh, for that Lincoln trunk!);
    you cant find the garage buttons at night and I just paid to have a connection plug put in for my radar detector, so the wire was not all over the dash.
    But the looks and handling make up for all its faults.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    The big FWD Eldorado was the 1971-78 models. But the smallest Eldorado was the 1986-1991 models. The 1992 Eldorado was a decent sized car, larger than the current STS.
  • bernsterbernster Posts: 27
    Morola Razr buetooth works flawlesssly. Can control the phone while driving using the voice commands.

    The voice command "Phone Dial Name" will have VR prompt you for the name which you assigned to a particular number. VR will repeat the name and require you to state "Yes" to have number dialed. Remember to listen forVR's beep before talking.

    I have succeeded in having the car recognize the phone consistently on startup, if phone is already on and broadcasting on Bluetooth when car is started
  • I previously owned an Eldorado. I now have a Chrysler 300M, which is of course no comparison, and with the lease coming up, I test drove the STS V6.

    I was surprised at the smooth torque of the V6 - heads and shoulders above every other V6 I have test driven. I love the steering and smooth ride. But here's the thing...

    My Eldorado had a lot of electrical and computer problems. Cadillac were not interested in accomadating or compensating me in any way. The dealer, Casa de Cadillac in Sherman Oaks, CA. was downright offensive about it, despite the many trips to their service department. Knowing that I cannot rely on Cadillac to rectify such situations, I am wondering if anyone has had any odd experiences with the STS? Any things consistantly breaking down or going haywire? I love the drive of the STS and can't find anything else like it, but am nervous about returning to Cadillac.

    Thanks in advance.
  • forzaforza Posts: 36
    I have been eagerly waiting for this car to come out ever since I saw it at the Detroit Auto Show. Of course, I'm not interested in buying the STS-V because it's price is way above my budget.

    But has anyone here driven or own an STS-V? How do you feel the interior, engine, power delivery handling is? How does it stack up to its competitors? I'd be interested in knowing, thanks.
  • baltomanbaltoman Posts: 43
    Not one problem in over 5K miles.
    I do have an excellent dealer and I am confident they will
    help me if the time comes.

    Because of past disappointments with GM, I chose to lease this time.

    My only regret is I didn't load the car up more.

    Like you, I find the V6 to be an excellent engine.
    And the trans - same as BMW's - is smooth and shifts properly.

    Do yourself one favor.
    Test drive the actual car you will lease/own.
    Drive it for a least an afternoon.

    I test drove several and one - only one - did not shift to my liking.

    So I they got me another - no questions or problems.
    It's been "spot on".
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,569
    Drove the car (V6) and thought it was awesome. The reason why I didn't buy was the bundling of packages, some things I didn't want (spoiler) and some it didn't have (magnetic ride control). It is a nice car though, but due to poor resale, you were smarter to lease.
  • Hey Bernster...can you tell me how you got your STS to recognize your bluetooth consistently on startup...i have to connect it through configuration everytime and it really makes it not worthy on short trips...also i get complaints that people cant hear me too well but i hear them just you have that problem? do you think its the phone? by the way i have a blackberry7520...thanks for your help.
  • Whore stories galore over at the Cadillac forum websites regarding trade in prices on 05' Cadillacs. Especially the STS. In excess of 35% "haircuts" when attempting to trade in an 05' on another Cadillac. The employee discount success has turned the used car market into a "depression." And Cadillacs have always depreciated more than the average. This time it's even worst.
  • very true....and this is a good thing, for me, anyway...if you like a fwd platform (i'm basically neutral to in favor of them) you can pick up an 03/04 sls for 25k with low miles. IF you're a buy and hold em type (like myself) caddys are the way to go..lots of engineering and features built into them and their value drops like a a few years, the 05 v6's will be on the lots for 25-30k. not a bad deal, in my book. jackg 90seville 98k
  • I agree 100% that a low mileage Cadillac is the "way to go." I think they make a great vehicle but DON'T buy them new. Have a subscription to the auto auctions throughout the Midwest region and saw an STS 05' V-8 with 7K miles on it recently. Have not followed up on what it actually sold for. Will pass it on when I do. Just for conversation purposes if nothing else.
  • bernsterbernster Posts: 27
    Reset the recognition process to have the phone search for the car instead of the other way around, then set that phone as the default. The car will recognize the phone automatically. Make sure phone is on before car is started.
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