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Ford Freestar/Mercury Monterey



  • 446pack446pack Posts: 7
    Not personally myself, but it shouldn't be too hard. Are you looking at a "Plain-Jane" aftermarket or a Ford unit? The Ford unit would look like factory installed without the "Tilt Wheel" feature. If Ford still offers that accessory
  • dthomasdthomas Posts: 8
    hi i have a constant pinging like bad gas. i have about 10,000 miles on my van. the dealership replace trany(they thought where noise was comming from) now back at the dealer 3 weeks out 11/2 days and then back. the trany shifts hard and hesitates. we took it foir a test drive with the tech and got out to switch places and you smelt a burning smell. i said what's burning he said your trannys hot. i know that's wrong. well weds i meet with ford rep any suggestions?
  • mlicarimlicari Posts: 4
    When we test drove one, there was a pinging/banging sound at highway speed (mostly when I let off the gas a bit) as well as a burning smell when we got back to the dealership. Turned out to be a fouled spark plug.
  • tjnbtjnb Posts: 26
    Some Freestar Ltd`s have a base of 32945 and some have a base of 33090? Does anyone know?
  • trainboytrainboy Posts: 66
    Hey, good luck and be persistent. Read back to my messages. We had a Freestar with bad paint and after numerous complaints, they took it back. They also spent half a day trying to figure out why the keyless entry had about 6" of range, instead of 35'.

    Be courteous, persistent and escalate. First the Ford zone rep offered to repaint our unit; then repaint and add more warranty (bogus value) and finally, they made an exchange. If you have trans problems, are they giving you new or rebuilt? If these guys are clueless, ask them to take an oil sample from each unit; engine, trans, etc. and sent it to an oil lab for analysis. They do this with big engines, planes, etc. The lab can tell which oil is being abused.

    If they find the final culprit and it does affects the trans, they should exchange it AGAIN, after they fix the problem.

    Push for a "discretionary replacement". This gets you a new unit. They will try to match the equipment and exchange at MSRP. We upgraded from a Freestar SE to a Merc Monterey. We had to kick in some bucks because the Merc was more, but we got a better overall deal. The Merc is sweet!

    Good Luck,
  • tjnbtjnb Posts: 26
    I got a Limited with the air curtain and active safety package 2. I really like it a lot. I have had no problems so far at 250 miles. Will check at 1000. Got A-Plan pricing and incetives($3000) with 0% interest for just under 28K plus taxes with MSRP of 35K. Much cheaper than the Sienna.
  • spartanmannspartanmann Posts: 197
    Rebates now at $5000 if you finance through Ford Motor Credit.
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    Congratulations to your new van!

    Would you like to share with us what exactly do you like/dislike? What did you expected and what did you get? Why did you choose the Freestar over any other minivan?
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    Edmunds says $5000, but only shows $4000. Who is right? We're considering buying a freestar S or SE. Do y'al think the rebates will get better now that GM offers $5000 loyalty rebates? Thanks! Trying to get a van for under $17000...
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,985
    "Ford has increased cash rebates for Freestar minivans to $5,000. The offer is good to those who finance the van through Ford's credit arm"

    Channel Oklahoma

    Ford probably just hasn't updated the web page yet.

    Steve, Host
  • tjnbtjnb Posts: 26
    I had the following features I needed:

    1) Air Canopy
    2) Leather Seats
    3) Stability Control/AWD
    4) 5 Star Crash rating

    I had the following to choose from with these features:

    1) Toyota Sienna
    2) Ford Freestar/ Mercury Monterey
    3) Nissan Quest

    The 2005 Town & Country had the air canopy but
    it did not have the best crash ratings.

    I like the Quest exterior the best but I did not like the interior and my wife hated all of the colors, so we did not consider it after an initial test ride.

    The Sienna is extremely ugly on the exterior, but it has a great luxory feel on the inside. It drove well, but I did not really get to drive it much since there wasn't many on dealer lots. I was going to have to wait for it.

    The Freestar was great looking on the outside and very nice inside. With A-plan and incentives, it was around 7-8k cheaper than a Toyota. Once I figured that out, I had to go with the Ford. I considered the Monterey, but the Ford dealer is closer and we have bought there before.

    So far I like the message center, which tells us our gas mileage and miles to empty, the compass and temp above the rear view mirror and the audio controls on the steering wheel.

    I dislike the gas mileage the most. I have been driving mostly around town and I get about 14-15 mpg. Not that good, but ok. Acceleration is great and handling and ride are exceptional. The third row seats are small and cramped but we try to only have the kids back there. The second row is very comfortable.
    The driver and passenger seats are great. Visability is exceptional as well.

    to sum up:

    Drive, ride and handling
    Audio Controls on steering wheel
    front 4 seat comfort
    message center

    small 3rd row seats
    gas mileage
  • tjnbtjnb Posts: 26
    look at, they have all of the rebates as well as ordering guides.
  • tjnbtjnb Posts: 26
    The Quest drove the most like a car and seem to have the best ride. Here is my ratings:

    1) Quest
    2) Freestar/ Town& country
    3) Sienna

    Interior Space:
    1) Town & Country
    2) Sienna
    3) Quest
    4) Freestar

    1) Town & Country
    2) Sienna
    3) Freestar
    4) Quest

    Ease of Use
    1) Freestar
    2) Town & Country
    3) Sienna
    4) Quest

    Exterior Attractiveness:
    1) Quest
    2) Freestar
    3) Town & Country
    4) Sienna

    1) Sienna
    2) Town & Country/Freestar
    4) Quest (Distant)

    1) Quest
    2) Freestar
    3) Town & Country
    4) SIenna

    At least that is the way I saw in my limited exposure to the T&C, Quest and Sienna versus the Freestar

    1) Freestar ( Pricing helps here )
    2) Sienna
    3) T&C
    4) Quest
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    Thanks everybody for the rebate information!

    tjnb: Could you tell me what price you got with the A plan, e.g. a certain amount below invoice? I'm qualified for the X-plan. Don't know if they work the same but would like to have a rough idea. Is this discount on top of the regular rebates? Thanks!

    Again, does anybody have a guess if the rebates will increase after this round?
  • tjnbtjnb Posts: 26
    was 4.4% below innvoice.
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    tjnb. Was that in addition to the regular rebates?
  • spartanmannspartanmann Posts: 197
    Apparently you didn't need the AWD as only the Sienna has it.
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    what are those A and X plans? Who are qualified for it?
  • tjnbtjnb Posts: 26
    A Plan is for current employees
    Z Plan for retirees( same price as A plan )

    X Plan is for suppliers and dealers/salesmen. has eligibility requirements.

    Also my 4.4% below invoice is before any incentives. Plus I got an extra thousand in incentives.
  • tjnbtjnb Posts: 26
    I wanted either Stability Control or AWD. I know that the Sienna is the only one with AWD, since Chrysler dropped for lack of sales. ( the Venture and other GM minivans may as well, but they lacked other features I wanted )
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